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How to Track a Cell Phone in Different Scenarios

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There might be many scenarios during which you may need to track a cell phone. The reason may be as simple as knowing your child's whereabouts and can be as serious as reaching out to them during emergencies in the minimum amount of time.

This feature of tracking phones can also help in recovering a lost cell phone with ease. If your phone is stolen, the culprit would be caught and if it is just misplaced you can get it back by locating it through this feature. This article would detail out the different ways in which you will know how to track a phone. All the common scenarios which would require you to find thephone would also be given here.

Part 1: How to Track a Cell Phone Location

There are different ways in which you can track a cell phone location. Each of the methods mentioned below can be used in different scenarios.

Method 1: By Carrier

All the leading telecom companies come inbuilt with a paid feature which allows tracking of mobile numbers which are linked to your account. These carriers are great for parents who are a little apprehensive about the safety of their kids and want to know their whereabouts on a regular basis. Some of these cell phone network operators which offer this service include AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, among many others.

Method 2: By Using Third Party Apps

If you want to know how to track a mobile phone, read on! There are some third party apps which allow cell phone tracking with the help of GPS. These apps must be installed both in the device which you want to trace and also on the device which you are using to trace. Some of the best location trackers are given below.

1. KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is a well known parental control app which is highly recommended for all those parents who want to track Android phones of their kids. If you are ever worried about your child's whereabouts, this app will help you get the real time location of your child's cell phone and it also gives out a detailed location history. The location tracking can be done in 2 ways, by GPS and by Wi-Fi logger.

Other than that, all incoming and outgoing calls, texts, photos and videos which are shared through the several messaging and social media apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Kik etc, can also be checked through this app.

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kidsguard pro

This app can be tried out for free for a period of 3 days after which based on your experience you can decide to download the full version of this app to keep your kids safe and secure.

2. Spyzie

Compatible with both Android and iOS, Spyzie is a useful parental control app that can help you track your kid's cellphone activity from any of your own devices. You can block certain apps, restrict time and even track real time location and geo-fencing as well.

spyzie app

3. Glympse

Similarly, compatible with both Android and iOS, Glympse is a quick and free app that can help you share your real-time location using none other than GPS, to any family members, friends or even co-workers!

glympse app

4. Life360

Life360 is the modern digital way of staying connected with people you value the most. It comes with a state of the art GPS location tracking with the help of which you can stay connected by sharing real time location in your own circles. Anyone can accept your invitation to your circle and share their own location with you.

life360 app

5. HoverWatch

Available on only Android, Hoverwatch is another premium cell phone tracker that can track real time location by GPS and Wifi logger. The GPS is more accurate than the Wifi logger here. Apart from that, it is also capable of tracking internet browsing history, text messages, social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat etc.

hoverwatch app

Part 2: How to Track a Phone Number Location

Many times you might get a call from an unknown caller. Receiving those calls can be very annoying and an absolute nuisance for anybody. These calls are most probably telephone scams and what not. Most importantly, all of this means your personal information may have been leaked. If you want to find out the location of these callers to report them just by knowing their phone number, you can try out these free third party apps.

1. Truecaller

This is one of the most used and one of the well known call location trackers which is pretty popular among several cell phone users. You can easily download this app on Google Play Store and use it to track the location of unknown callers. This app is very effective in avoiding spam calls; spam messages and is also capable of blocking any number.

truecaller app

2. DU Caller

DU Caller can track the location of the caller and also allows you to block the caller if in case he/she is bothering you. This app has one of the largest databases of phone numbers all over the world and this is why it is so popular.

du caller app

3. Mobile Number Locator

This app lets you find out who is calling you and from where very easily. With the help of the caller ID function, it instantly gives out the caller details including their name and location. Even the city, state and country details are also given out by this app. All these details will be displayed on the map with the help of coordinates.

mobile number locator app

4. Caller ID - Who Called Me

This potent app has a huge database of almost 15 million users. It has some excellent features which makes it very popular among its competitors. It works great as a location tracker, call blocker and number locator app. It immediately recognizes calls from an unknown number and also automatically blocks all the spam calls as well. Sometimes, even the photo of the caller is displayed along with the other details of the caller.

caller id app

5. Showcaller

Even this app functions the same way as the other apps mentioned in this list. By just knowing the number, this app gives out the details of caller like his/her location, name etc. This way you can get to know any detail of the person who is bothering you.

showcaller app

Part 3: How to Track a Lost Cell Phone

Apart from the need to find the whereabouts of your child and identify unknown callers, location tracking can even be used in cases when you have lost or misplaced your cell phone. Many of the smartphones these days come with an inbuilt feature which helps the users track the location of their misplaced or lost phone.

For Android: Find My Device

Any Android phone, if lost, can be found easily with the help of Find My Device feature which is available for free in every Android phone. This feature is connected to the Google account as well as the GPS tracker using which the cell phone is securely located. All the Android phones can be located with the help of this in-built feature and absolutely free to use.

find my device

For Samsung: Find My Mobile

If in case you have a Samsung phone, you can make use of Find My Mobile feature which is inbuilt in all the Samsung phones specifically. This can help you find your lost Samsung phone easily for free.

For Apple: Find My iPhone

This is also a free feature which is available on every iPhone if you don't know how to find your own misplaced iPhone or how to track someone's phone. Majorly this feature is used for locating the iPhone when it gets lost or stolen. This feature can be used only when it is set up completely on the device which you want to locate.

Part 4: How to Track Phone Calls, SMS, Contacts and More

You can track phone calls, texts, and contacts obviously using a 3rd part app. In some cases, like when you want to impose good parental control, location tracking feature is not the only thing which is required. For this purpose, you would need some more additional features like phone call tracking, message tracking as well as access to the contacts stored on your child's phone. This way you can completely keep your children safe from the potential dangers online.

The best app for this purpose would be KidsGuard Pro which is an excellent app for parental control. This offers the most secure and safe platform for keeping a check on the kid's cell phone activities. It stands out in its call & SMS tracking features and also comes with the option to screenshot everything. Not to forget it also offers keystrokes as well.

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Location tracking apps can be a great help in many cases. You can turn to these apps whenever you lose your cell phone or when it gets stolen and when you find yourself wondering how can I track a phone to get it back. Another significant purpose of these apps can be tracking the real time location of your child so that you can reach them at the earliest in case of emergencies. The best app which has an accurate location tracker and comes with an extensive list of other features as well is KidsGuard Pro and hence is highly recommended!


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