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How to See Every Google Search History Both You and Others Made

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Right after the invention of Google, we never miss to get any new information through it. And this happens a lot of time when we read something vital but then again want to visit that page. We find a lot but to no avail. At such times, we feel the need to know how to see Google search history. If you also want to know about this thing, we are here to help you. Read this article carefully and you will learn to view your past activities on Google. You will also learn how to see someone else's Google search history through this article.

Part 1: See Google Search History You Made

People always ask me how do I find the web page I visited last time, or can't find the website visited last time when I open it again after accidentally closes. To some extent, this reduces the work efficiency and also interrupts the work thinking. But don't worry, the core of this article is to show you how to check your browsing history.

1. On Desktop

To get insights of your own search history, the Google's My Activity page is going to help you. You will get to know the pages you have visited and the searches you have made. Here are the steps to do this:

see history google desktop 1

  • You will get a page like this and you will notice that everything searched is remembered by Google.

see history google desktop 2

  • You can use the search bar and type in what you want to search. Moreover, click "Details.Search" to learn the info of your search results.

see history google desktop 3

2. On Phone

In order to check the Google search history on your phone, here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Open Chrome on your phone and tap on the menu which is three dots vertically located at the top.

see google history phone 1

  • Tap on "History" and you can access the previous searches now.

see google history phone 2

  • When you find the entry you were searching for, tap and hold on it for a second and from the three dots again, tap on "Open in new tab". You will successfully get to access the same page again.

see google history phone 3

Part 2: How to See Someone Else's Google Search History without Their Phone

Is Possible to See Someone Else's Google Search History Remotely?

In true sense, to see someone else's Google search history is to be doing an illegal activity. But if you are intended towards parental guidance and make your kids protected from any harmful online content, you can go ahead and see their Google search history. This is certainly the right action if you are concerned about your child's behavior and they are glued to their phones every time.

Before you wonder how to see someone else's Google search history, we would like to introduce KidsGuard Pro. It is a professional parental control tool designed to assist parents in keeping their kids safe from any unsuitable content available online. They can easily track the Google history and gain knowledge on what their kids are up to. On a plus, it can help in tracking location of the kids as well as checking the social apps including WhatsApp, WeChat etc. To learn how to see someone else's Google search history using this tool, follow the steps below.

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Step 1: Create Account in the First Place

One of the key things to see Google search history via this tool is to create its account. Simply click on the "Sign Up" button and then move ahead with the registration process by entering the needed email address.

Then, you have to fill in the required details in order to fulfill the setup process. Just enter the name and ages of the target person and choose the operating system as Android.

creat an account for kidsguard

Step 2: Make Significant Settings on the Target Device

In the target phone, visit browser and enter Visit it to download the KidsGuard Pro assistant app. Ensure to delete the recent browsing activity from the history so that the kid won't be able to detect any suspicious activity on the phone. Also the downloaded APK file should also be deleted for safer side. You can check the steps below, if you have any questions then you can go to the official guide for more details.

  • Go to "Settings" > "Fingerprints & Security" > Unknown Sources" and disable it.

  • In "Settings", tap "Google Services"/"Google" > "Security" > "Google Play Protect" > turn off "Scan device for security threats".

  • Stay there in "Settings" and go to "Sound & Notification" > "Apps" > "Google Play Store" > enable "Block".

Step 3: Get the KidsGuard Pro Assistant Installed

Install the KidsGuard Pro assistant app by clicking on the downloaded file. Sign in using the credentials and follow the setup prompts. The app will be invisible now on the target device.

install kidsguard

Step 4: Start to see Google search history

Post doing all the necessary setup things, make sure to get to the Control panel on your phone or computer. From the dashboard, choose the data type you want to monitor, in this case, browsing history. Lastly, begin to see what your kids search on Google and take actions accordingly.

get started

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We made you familiar with a practical way through which you can see someone else's Google search history if the need be. There are lots of ways available in the market which may confuse you. Therefore, we would like you to trust us and this software to get the task done in minutes. If you want information on such topics more, stay tunes with us!


By Megan Evans

Posted on May 31, 2019 ( Updated: Oct 14, 2019 )

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