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How to Put A Tracker on A Phone with 4 Simple Steps

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You might wonder "how can you put a tracker on someone's phone?" Well, for the most part, this is very tricky. Putting a tracker on a device without informing the user is the most difficult part of the procedure. But you may ask why go through all these trouble? Well, by installing a GPS tracker you will be able to know the whereabouts of the target device at any time. It basically means you will be aware of the geographic location of the user of that device. This need of GPS tracker apps arises if you are worried about someone or you just tired of keeping texting "where are you?" or "what's your ETA?". These apps are very effective and some of them even provide additional features, which could be of great use to you.

Background Info: What is GPS Tracker

The GPS or Global Positioning System is a service that tracks the location of any target remotely. This technology basically pinpoints the longitude, latitude, ground speed and even the direction of an object.

The GPS service was invented a long time ago. Although the idea remained the same, the speed and the accuracy of the procedure have changed significantly. Now, it is even accessible to common people as well.

The service is provided by specific satellites orbiting the earth. These satellites receive the information and pinpoint the geographic location of the said object. So, a GPS tracker works similarly. It is the medium that sends the request to satellites and then, receives the data. With recent technological developments, the process is now very fast with instant response.

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Requirements to Install Phone Tracker

There are obviously certain requirements if you want to put tracker on phone as the target device maybe someone else's. Here, they are;

  • First of all, you must have a potent tracker application. As without it you won't be able to track the device effectively. Currently there are many GPS tracker apps available on the market, both free and paid. We will also recommend one in the following sections.

  • Most of the effective tracker applications require one-time access to the target device. This is inevitable in order to successfully complete the installation. The said device will most probably be protected with a password or some sort of security, so you have to know a way to bypass it or just enter the proper password.

  • The target device also has to be connected to an internet connection in order to upload location info.

  • Some tracker applications require procedure like rooting in order to monitor the current location of the target device. Avoid such apps, rooting is a very reckless procedure and it can damage the smartphone permanently. So, choose an application that does not require rooting or jailbreaking.

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How to Put A Tracker on A Phone: 4 Steps

As we've discussed, putting a tracker on a phone is a very intricate procedure. It requires planning and the most important thing is, you need to choose the right tracker application which can fulfil all your tracking needs. We have detailed the procedure below and split it into 4 easy steps. Now let's check how can you put a tracker on someone's phone.

Step 1: Determine the Right Tracker App

There are numerous trackers available on the internet but not all of them are equipped with the right qualities to help you in the process. As a good tracker app, it should meet a few requirements:

1. The core feature must include location tracking.

2. The app is easy to use, even for beginners.

3. The price is friendly. It's worth noting that free apps are not necessarily a good solution. Paid apps tend to offer more features and better performance. You get what you pay for.

4. The customer support should be timely so that you can instant help if encountering any technical issues related to the app.

So, after due consideration, we have selected KidsGuard Pro for this purpose as it is the best tracker application that you can go for right now! Let's have a look at its great tracking features:

  • KidsGuard Pro is capable of locating the target device in real-time using its effective and accurate GPS.

  • After completing the installation of the app on the target device, you can check the location remotely via the online portal of the application without accessing the target device.

  • This app will keep track of all the visited places and provide the location history for you to look over.

  • Even the GPS is turned off on the target device; you can get to know the approximate location by reading Wi-Fi logger.

  • The Geofence feature is also added. This feature helps you to create a virtual boundary on the map, and you will be able to track enter and exit times to that particular area.

  • Besides location tracking, the application comes with other features as well, which includes social media monitoring, keystroke recording, calls and SMS tracking, multimedia files accessing, etc.

  • Any sort of rooting or jailbreaking is not required for the installation of this app.

  • The app can be installed and operated with ease.

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Step 2: Download the Tracker App on the Target Device

So, if you choose KidsGuard Pro here's how you can you put a tracker on someone's phone. You don't have to do much, just go to and simply download the said app on the target device.

download the app

On the other hand, if you have selected other apps then visit their official website and download the app on the target device.

Step 3: Complete Installation and Configuration

Now, after the download, it is time for installation and the configuration of the application. Taking KidsGuard Pro as the example, tap on the downloaded APK file on the target device to initiate the installation of the app.

Then sign in via your KidsGuard Pro account and complete all the basic information criteria. There will be a setup process to go through. Don't worry, the on-screen setup wizard will provide you with detailed information and guide you through the whole process. To take advantage of all the GPS tracking features, these apps need certain permissions. Just allow them and finish the configuration process.

configure the app

After you complete the configuration, the app icon will disappear from the main screen as the app will start to work in stealth mode. This way the target device will not be bothered.

Step 4: Go to the App Dashboard and Start Tracking

As you can see, it is very easy to install GPS tracker on phone and the previous part of the procedure is the proof of that.

Now you have already installed the app on the target device and even configured it, you can just leave the target device and log in with your credentials to the web control panel of the app. This is where you can check all the activities of the target device.

dashboard start tracking

With these 4 steps, you can easily install phone tracker on the target device. You just need one-time access to the said device. Here, we used KidsGuard Pro as an example as it is one of the best tracking apps and it has been recommended by many. But the steps are more or less same for all tracker applications. If you already made decision to use another app, you can refer to the user guide provided on its website.

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