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How to Clear Google Search History and Track It Remotely After Clearing

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If you wanted to check and clear Google search history to keep your children away from getting into wrong websites, this is for you.  Clearing the Google search history is thankfully still a mostly straight-forward procedure for your child to escape from your eyes. To start, when you search in your browser, the search will be stored in multiple locations.

Since children already do their searches using Google, you can bet everything they are doing is being traced if they are using Chrome or a Chromebook or an Android phone that demands them to be logged into their Google account constantly. But there is an option that they can view all of that history and delete it either selectively or delete everything.

One more option which is used recently is using their browser in private or incognito mode. These modes usually don't track anything locally on their computer. In this term, parents will have no access to track their history online. Luckily, some third-party tools can help you. Let's start to learn how to check and clear Google Search History.

check and clear google history

How to Clear Google Search History on Computer

Google holds a record of Your entire Search History. There are many things that internet users want to keep private, ranging from the sites they visit the information they enter into online forms. With increased concerns over privacy and security, it is nice to be able to check and clear search history, so to speak, when you are done browsing.

Step 1: Sign into your Google account.

sign into your google account

Step 2: Observe your "Web & App Activity."

view web activity

Step 3: In the top right edge of the page, click the settings icon and select "Remove Items."

delete activity on google

Step 4: Choose the time period for which you desire to delete search history. To delete your complete google history, choose "The Beginning of Time."

Step 5: Click "Delete."

click delete

There are also choices to delete individual search history, searches that have appeared in recent periods, and searches from mobile or tablet devices.

Delete Google Search History on Android Phones

Like a computer's web browser, the Android device's browser will hold a list of all the websites that you visit. This can make returning to major websites easier, but can also create potentially unsafe situations. If you're concerned about someone looking at your history, or you are intending on selling or donating your Android device, see Step below to learn how to delete Google search history.

If you need to know how to delete search history on Android, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Start Google Chrome on your Android device and go to

2. Tap on the three horizontal lines and select Delete Activity by.

3. Tap on All products and select Search.

delete activity on phone

4. Below Delete by Date, tap the down arrow and select All Time.

5. Hit the Delete button. A warning popup will appear. Tap on Ok to delete Google search history on Android without a trace. Remember, the deleted items can't be recovered!

If I Want to Track Children's Browsing History But They Cleared It Already or Using Private Mode

Children will also know these ways to clear Google search history, but what if parents want to track their records but have been cleared? Or maybe the kids are using private browsing, and parents can't track any information at all. But don't worry, we've found that there are a lot of great tools out there that can help you with this.

Private browsing mode is a feature that is created into the Google Chrome website browser, despite whether you are using a computer or a mobile device. It's a form that you can initiate within the Google Chrome browser where you can protect the websites you visit from your Google search history. Any cookies, history or search sessions used within this mode will not be tracked or saved. It can also create some obstacles, especially if you are a parent trying to ensure your child's safety online. Now find how to check Google private browsing history and the cleared history below.


  • Track the real time location and view location history

  • Check all incoming and outgoing calls & SMS

  • Monitor app activities and know which app is frequently used.

  • Remotely access the files on kid's phone, like contacts, notes, photos, keylogger, etc.

Using KidsGuard Pro to Check Other's Google Private Browsing History without Rooting

KidsGuard Pro is an all-in-one remote phone monitoring solution that's ideal for anyone and everyone, especially for parents as it acts as a perfect parental control app. KidsGuard Pro is easy to download and install onto Android device.

You'll be able to check all your target's private browsing history on Google Chrome but also much more. This covers keylogging functions, the facility to trace and record instant messenger conversations, check and record all call details and text messages, monitor social media practices as well as browsing modes and download history. As you can get, this is an all-in-one safety solution for everything you could demand.

How to use KidsGuard Pro?

Step 1 - Sign up for an account. Make your way over to the KidsGuard Pro website and click the sign-up link on the website.

Sign UpView Demo

Step 2 -Download and Set up the Device

Now open the browser of the target phone and type and download the KidsGuard Pro assistant and complete the necessary settings on the target device.

download kidsguard pro

Go to Settings >> Fingerprints & Security (Lockscreen & Security on some other devices) search for "Unknown sources" option, switch it on if it's off.

set up device

Step 3: Installing KidsGuard Pro and Sign in with the Account

Sign in to your KidsGuard Pro account on either a computer or your own mobile device, and you'll be driven to your own control panel.

login kidsguard pro

Step 4 -Tracking with KidsGuard Pro

Here, you can access all the browsing history reports along with webpage and download history. You can also log conversations, messages, and call details that are addressed to and from the device.

track history with kidsguard pro

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As technology becomes more advanced, trying to keep the browsing history private will become very difficult. There are lots of actions you can apply, but remember that nothing is foolproof, so always be happy that you can, however, find what your child doing online and if they try to clear google search history. Then a professional tool is essential to help you, that's why we recommend KidsGuard Pro to you.


By Megan Evans

Posted on Jun 12, 2019 ( Updated: Jun 12, 2019 )

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