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2020 Top 8 Family Locator Apps Free for Android

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Aug 26, 2020 06:24 pm

It's always nice to be aware of where your family is at all times. Family locator apps are a simple and secure way to find or more specifically locate your family on each other's phones from your main mobile device. Basically, it can bring the whole family together!

Right now, there are tons of family locator apps that you can use to make sure your family is protected and safe in any event. These applications use built-in GPS to help you take a better look at where your loved ones are at any moment. Here, we've chosen some of the best family locator apps from which you can choose the one that suits you best.

KidsGuard Pro – Best Family Locator App

When it comes to the best family locator app, you can't go wrong with KidsGuard Pro. It is one of the best parental control apps that can help you locate your kids' location from the convenience of your own cell phone. This app is designed to track the real time location of your kids or any family member and also capable of providing comprehensive location history whenever you want.


  • It comes with 2 location tracking modes:

  • GPS tracking: Tracks location with the help of GPS.

  • Wi-Fi logger tracking: Analyses the location with the help of Wi-Fi logger. The target device needs to be connected to Wi-Fi for this one to work.

  • It provides the all the location history of the target device with exact date and time.

  • It is extremely easy to use and can track the location without your family knowing.

  • Other than offering all the necessary features to be your family members safe, it has other features as well like checking messages, contacts, social media monitoring, calls, screenshots, photos, videos etc.

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kidsguard pro location tracking feature

Life 360-Family Locator

Life360 is a proper family locator gps tracker app that can help you to keep an eye over your family members. It comes with a map display and timely alerts when one of your family members reaches a location. You can create a group of your loved ones known as Circle and take care of them by real-time location tracking. You can create several Circles and track them accordingly. So you can basically separate family and friends if you want to.


  • Create Circles to track location and keep everything at a one place

  • It can help find stolen or lost cell phones.

  • Comes with a Crash Detection service in case of any emergency,

family locator life 360

Foursquare Swarm: Check In

This is an app that will definitely appeal to your kids. Foursquare Swarm allows the target device to achieve points by checking into certain locations. You can turn collecting the points into a game or give the kids prizes for getting points to get them to participate. It can be a communicative affair for your kid when his/her friends that also have Swarm can message using the application when they check in at a location.


  • Comes with very easy life-logging features.

  • You can keep track of all the places you visit

The downside is that you do not get real-time tracking on this app.

foursquare swarm app

Find My Friends

You can get Find My Friends on Android and use it for family or friends. The map on Find My Friends shows police stations, fire departments, and hospitals which are very helpful for kids to get to someplace safe when their parents aren't around, or if they are lost. The application can act as a biggest aid to you in an emergency since it has the feature to broadcast your own location.


  • Keep in touch with family and friends with the help of the messaging feature.

  • Keep your family members informed about your own. You can also share the meeting location instantly.

  • Get your own personalized icon on map.

The application is free but you can always upgrade to the premium version after completing the trail period.

find my friends app


As the name suggests, Glympse is a potent location tracker app which can be easily used to locate family members. You can get real time coordinates of the target device and you can also share it with your family members and friends. It is a great app if you want to know if your kids or any family member is safe and sound while they are outside attending school, cycling, riding, or simply walking etc.


  • Easy to use and very intuitive.

  • You can expect accurate real time locations with no form of downloads.

  • Share live coordinates with family members anytime.

  • No sign up needed.

Overall, a good app but some reports claim it tends to hang and crash sometimes.

glympse app

Family Locator by ZoeMob

ZoeMob is a family locator app with special features in terms of family assistance. Along with providing the location services, like past location history, real time tracking, and monitoring, the app can act as your assistant when you need to communicate, organize and plan with family members. The app can actually help your family members to locate each other, get organized, and easily communicate on the move.


  • Other than location tracking it comes with a family calendar, permissions for children and comes with shared annotations as well.

  • It also offers private communicator feature and a panic button in case of emergencies.

zoemob family locator

Sygic Family Locator

Another excellent family location tracker is Sygic. It comes with real time location tracking feature which doubles up as a family locator which can help staying connected. You can locate the exact coordinates of family members and stay in contact with its instant messaging service. The cross platform compatibility is commendable and you can also mark safe or unsafe zones especially for your kids. This particular feature sends an alert instantly if your kid tries to enter it somehow.


  • Come with effective location tracking and instant messaging

  • SOS alerts in case your kid enter an unsafe zone marked by you.

The app is free but comes with limited features. By using the premium version, you can see the entire location history for the past week. It provides all the details like date, time and full address etc.

sygic family locator

Google+ and Google Maps

Got an Android? If yes, then you already have Google+ installed. Google+ actually came after a location tracking app called Google Latitude. The app provided good location accuracy within a few yards, and so does Google+. If Location Sharing is turned on, you can check the Locations option in the menu to view your contacts on the map. The more natural app for this purpose is Google Maps. The app let's you share your location easily.


  • Accurate real time location.

  • Get transport directions, traffic info and ETA.

  • SOS alerts in case of crisis.

  • You can list the favourite places and locations with your friends

google location tracking


Keeping an eye on your loved family is one of the most important things you should do. You can use any of the applications mentioned above but our recommendation is KidsGuard Pro. What makes it the best family locator app for Android is that it gives you a deep insight about everything that is going on with your child's mobile device: locations, calls, messages, etc. Go ahead and start your 3-day free trial of KidsGuard Pro right now!

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