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2019's Top 3 Facebook Tracker Available Online

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People from all over the globe spend a significant amount of time on Facebook sharing pictures, sending messages and posting personal info as well. But if someone close to us is hooked on that website every single day, it is normal for us to get curious about what is going on. We will definitely wonder, with whom they are talking to and what they are doing online for this long. For parents, this will be very concerning if they see their kids spending long hours on Facebook. But if they use a Facebook tracker they will be able to keep a close eye on their children, preventing any online dangers. So, whatever the reason is, a Facebook tracker app is the best way to track someone on Facebook. We have compiled a list of the top 3 Facebook tracker applications below, have a look.

Top 1: KidsGuard Pro Facebook Tracker App

There are several apps known for their capability to track someone's Facebook account. But among all those, we have chosen KidsGuard Pro as the best Facebook activity tracker on the basis of its performance and ease of use.

This is a great application specially designed for parental monitoring. It is equipped with dedicated social media monitoring features capable of monitoring Facebook messages and activities in detail. There are several key Facebook monitoring features that make KidsGuard Pro one of the best. Let's have a look.

Monitor all messages sent and received from different chats

The app is easy to use and monitors Facebook comprehensively. After completing the installation, go to the dashboard of this Facebook message tracker. Look at the left-hand side of the opened panel and you will find the option marked as "Facebook". Click on that option and all the Facebook messages regarding that account will be visible on the right-hand side.

facebook messenger app monitoring

Supports with Facebook and Messenger app

Unlike several other monitoring apps, KidsGuard Pro monitors both the Facebook app and the Messenger app. This particular quality is not visible on most of the applications with a similar portfolio.

Access all the Facebook notifications

When you use KidsGuard Pro to monitor a certain Facebook account, all the details will be available to you. Even Facebook notifications will be accessible.

View the images saved from Facebook

All the pictures downloaded from Facebook will be visible to you. You can have an idea of what type of pictures are being downloaded by your kids and what type of images they are being sent.

monitor photos

Check the Facebook usage on a daily basis

You will also be able to check how much time Facebook is being used for on the target device. The app helps you to gather a clear idea about Facebook usage, so that you can intervene if it concerns you.

check app usage on the target device

Search for keywords in Facebook chat history

Using KidsGuard Pro, you will have full access to the Facebook chat history and you can even search for specific keywords, as the app records everything.

As you can see, KidsGuard Pro is an incredible Facebook messages tracking app, equipped with a set number of features. So, let's have a look into the advantages of using KidsGuard Pro:

  • Procedure like device rooting is not required in order to install this application.

  • Remote tracking is available via the online portal.

  • The app works discretely, it gets hidden on the target device.

  • It is 100% secure and no risk of personal info leak.

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Although we are discussing the Facebook monitoring capabilities of KidsGuard Pro, there are also other features of this app that makes this the best.

  • The app is capable of comprehensive social media monitoring. Other 3rd party apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, WeChat, Line, Kik, and QQ all can be monitored.

  • Real-time location tracking is available.

  • Facilities like Geofence will alert you if the target arrives or leaves somewhere.

  • You will be able to track all the incoming and outgoing calls and SMS.

  • You can view contacts, browser history, photos, calendar and other files from the target device.

  • Keystroke recording is available.

  • You can even capture a real-time screenshot on the target device.

KidsGuard Pro is also recommended by many tech sites, so you can totdally trust it.

kidsguard pro media reviews

Top 2: XNSPY App

Our third and final choice for Facebook messenger tracker is XNSPY. This is also a great application designed for device monitoring. The app is very powerful. It lets you view all the Facebook messenger chats remotely. XNSPY is equipped with some of the best features for Facebook monitoring; let's have a look,

  • The app lets you track all the Facebook messenger chats related to the account.

  • You will have access to all the saved multimedia files.

  • You can easily view date, time and even contact stamps.

  • Exporting Facebook chat data will become easier for you.

xnspy facebook monitoring

So, using XNSPY you will be able to track someone on Facebook conveniently. But besides Facebook monitoring, the app is also known for its other monitoring features as well.

  • You will be able to view call logs and text messages on the target device.

  • Capable of monitoring multiple chat platforms like iMessage Chats, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Kik, Tinder, Skype Chats and Line.

  • The app also tracks the GPS location of the target device.

  • You will also have access to the location history.

  • You can read sent and received emails.

  • Monitor Wi-Fi Network logs and Bookmarks.

  • Monitoring Browser History is also possible.

Top 3: FlexiSPY App

The second best app on our list is called FlexiSPY. This also a magnificent application with excellent Facebook monitoring capabilities. The multiple effective Facebook tracker feature of this application helped it to reach the second position of our list. Let's have a look at this app's great Facebook tracking features.

  • FlexiSPY will give you access to all the incoming and outgoing Facebook messages.

  • You can view all the contacts with date and time stamps.

  • You can even download and save messages which you regard important.

  • You can even search for specific keywords if the message is too big.

  • All these information will be accessible very easily from the online portal of FlexiSPY.

flexispy app

FlexiSPY is a very capable Facebook online tracker but the app is also equipped with other features as well. Lets' have a look;

  • The app is capable of monitoring 3rd party messaging platforms like hike, Kik, Instagram, LINE, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, hangout, QQ, Tinder and WeChat.

  • Easy access to SMS, MMS and Address book.

  • You can read emails on the target device.

  • Access photos, videos, audio files, calendar and apps.

  • Keylogger feature is available.

  • You can also record calls, intercept them.

  • Viber, Hangout, LINE, Skype call recording is also possible.

Comparison of 3 Facebook Tracker Apps

KidsGuard Pro XNSPY FlexiSPY
Compatibility Android Android & iOS Android & iOS
Facebook chats monitoring
Messenger chats monitoring
Facebook usage tracking
Facebook call recording
Facebook photos
Facebook notifications
Messages export
Keywords searching
Difficulty Easy Medium Difficult
Customer support 24x7 support and live chat Good Not very timely
Price Starts from $29.95/month Starts from $49.99/month Starts from $68/month
Overall rating 4.7 4.5 4.3


Therefore, all these 3 apps are excellent for monitoring Facebook activity. They are effective and packed with multiple features. But after comparing all the features we still conclude that KidsGuard Pro is the best among them. It is cheaper and comes with effective Facebook monitoring features, superior customer support and very easy steps. Just go for it if you want to know how to track someone on Facebook.

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By Cody Walsh

Posted on Jul 19, 2019 ( Updated: Jul 30, 2019 )

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