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How to Track Current Location of Cell Phone with 3 Easy Ways

author_icon Megan Evans time_icon Last updated Aug 27, 2020 06:33 pm

Whether your child is in school or away from home, a cellphone current location tracker is the most effective way to keep them away from danger. With system settings on different devices, you can do the job directly. In case you want to track the whereabouts of your loved ones in real-time without them knowing, we've also prepared a top current location tracker app to meet your needs.

1. Track Current Location of Cell Phone Using KidsGuard Pro Location Tracker


Upvote: Up to now 90% users approve KidsGuard Pro.

KidsGuard Pro is the leading current location tracker which is used by countless people from all over the world. This is because it offers groundbreaking features for an unbeatable price. You are able to track current location of a cell phone in real-time and even the location history. More details down to street info will be shown accurately and you can view the live location on a map. It is equipped with Geofence feature which means you can set a virtual zone of your target and get alert when he enter or left that area.

It is much more than a current phone location tracker as can also be used to constantly keep a watch on the target cellphone activity. You will not only know where the person is, but also so many other valuable data like calls, messages and social media apps. The best part is that this app runs 100% secretly. So the target user has no chance of finding out his cellphone is being tracked.

How to track current location of mobile using KidsGuard Pro within minutes

Step 1: Create an account on KidsGuard Pro website.

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Step 2: Head to its downloading site provided in the photo below with the browser of target phone and download this app. Then finish the setup according to the easy on-screen wizard step by step.


Step 3: After finishing the basic settings on the Android device, wait for a while to upload the data on the control panel. Then click on the "Locations" tab to track a phones current location.

track current location

Why KidsGuard Pro is the best current phone location tracker

  • Real-time update: It will upload the data you need constantly every second. You can check the data at any time from any device.

  • Web-based interface: You can access KidsGuard Pro dashboard on any web browser without any installation on your PC or cellphone to monitor someone's location.

  • Ease of use: It has an easy setup guide which can be done within 5 minutes. You don't need any technical knowledge to use the app and all you have to do are a few clicks.

  • Stealth mode: As mentioned before, it will disappear from home screen after the configuration is complete and work without someone's knowledge.

  • Rich features: It is packed with 30+ features which monitor every detail happened on target phone.

  • Free update lifetime: You can get free updates all the time and its developer is striving to fullfil more functions and improve the product.

  • Compatible with multiple devices: It is available for Android running Android 10 and iPhone running latest iOS 13.

2. Track Phone Current Location Using Android Device Manager (For Android)


Upvote: 40% users' pick.

If the device you need to track is an Android device, Google provides a free platform to check its location. This is called the "Android Device Manager". Any Android device can be tracked through "Find My Device" page of the Android Device Manager. Aside from just tracking the device's location, this app can also help you set up a new password remotely, erase the phone remotely or make it ring. Here's how to enable and use Android Device Manager to track current location of an Android device:

Step 1: Check whether Android device is running the latest Android version. If not, upgrade the system to the latest version.

Step 2: If everything is already, sign in to the Google account.

Step 3: Turn on Location service on the target Android device.

Step 4: Open the Google Settings app on the Android device and click "Security." Ensure that the "Remotely locate this Device" is checked. The option of "Allow Remote Lock and Erase" shall also be enabled.

Step 5: Now open on the browser and log in with the same Google account.

Step 6: Select the device you want to track and you'll be able to view its current location.


Limitations of this way:

The target phone must be turned on and connected to Internet. You have to enable some settings and sign into the same Google account before.

3. Find Current Location of Cell Phone Using Find My (For iPhone)


Upvote: 30% users' pick.

Like Find My Device is for Android, Find My is a free service provided by Apple that let you track phone current location of your friends and family, share your location or find a lost device in iOS 13. But if you don't have iOS 13, you have to set up and use Find My iPhone and Find My Friends of Find My. It is an ideal way of tracking current location of my phone. Here's how to enable Find My in iPhone or iPadOS with latest iOS 13.

Step 1: Get target device and open Settings, then tap target's iCloud.

Step 2: Choose Find My, turn on Share My Location, then tap Find My iPhone.

Step 3: Turn on Find My iPhone and Enable Offline Finding.

Step 4: You can leave target device and hold your device, open Find My app and click People in the bottom (please make sure the previous settings have made on it).

Step 5: In the 'To' bar, add your target's name from the list or type it in. Then they will receive the request.


If target device is running iOS 12 or earlier, follow these simple steps to send a request to share their location.

Step 1: Open "Find My Friends" app and then tap Add.

Step 2: In the To bar, add your child's name from the list or type it in.

Step 3: Tap Done and they will receive the request.


Limitations of this way:

The target user can refuse your request of sharing location or hide their current locations.


Now that you know three ways to track current location of cell phone, you must be thinking of getting started already. However, before you do, you might have noticed that Find My(for iOS) and Android Device Manager are free and you wonder how to track my phone current location. However, there are a lot of non-ignorable limitations of these two ways. While KidsGuard Pro is able to automatically and secretly track current location of cell phone even when you are sleeping or busy. Further, it offers so much more than location tracking. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about. You can try its demo first by clicking the button below.

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