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8 Best Free Navigation Apps for Android & iPhone

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A solid navigation app provides precise directions, available routes, traffic updates, several POIs, also photos and details of specific locations. When you are travelling to unknown places or driving a car, you don't have to rely on the directions provided by the locals. All the directions and locations of rest stops will be available on your mobile via navigation apps.

So, if you are looking for the best navigation app that is available for free, you don't have to look any further.These apps are available for free of cost and they are very effective if you want directions for a specific location or simply lost in an unknown place and just want to reach home safely. Read the list below and decide which one you want to download on your mobile device.

1. Google Maps

Considered the best, Google Maps is used by a large percentage of the population as their go to navigation app. Even before the release of Apple Maps, the company used Google Maps as their built-in map application. Google maps has the most up to date database and some exciting features which initially attracted a large number of users. Google also provides a Street view, which means you get to see the location even before you reach there. Route customization is also available just make sure that you have storage available as the Maps can get huge.

google navigation app

Without any doubt Google Maps is the best navigation app for Android/iPhone, some of its features are listed below;

  • Access to real time traffic conditions and you will save time by using the automatic rerouting depending on the updated traffic conditions.

  • Lots of POIs are available like bus stops, restaurants, fuel-pumps etc.

  • The offline mode is also available. Here you can also search and navigate even if network is not available.

  • Excellent Street View is available. You can also get indoor imagery for places like Airports, Museums, Stadiums, Shops, and Restaurants etc.

Keep in mind, some of the features may not be available in all the countries.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

2. Waze

Waze is another excellent addition to this list. It is a free navigation app and well suited for users who lives in a big crowded city. You will be able to search for locations you want to visit and the results are pretty fast as they are provided by Google and when you find a location that you want to check out, just select it and the directions will be provided. But the best part of using Waze is that it is updated on traffic data, construction and police activity and more. The data is primarily collected from other Waze users.

free navigation app for iphone

Some of the features of Waze navigation app is listed below;

  • With Waze you will get precise alerts for traffic conditions, police, constructions, hazards and even more.

  • The ETA to your desired location will be based on collected live traffic data and it will be very precise.

  • You will always find a way with Waze, several alternate routes will be provided to you and voices to guide is also available if you are driving.

  • You can find faster routes, avoid traffic and even find the cheapest Gas Station along the way.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

3. HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo is also a great free option for navigation apps. You can directly look for the location and even type the address. You will get a list of possibilities on how to reach your desired location. The list will include public transportation and even the duration. You will have the option to download maps if you are willing to view it offline. It is very effective if you are out of mobile data or not sure about the location you are visiting will have proper network coverage or not. This is one of the best offline navigation app available for free.

best offline navigation app

  • With HERE WeGo getting around a busy town is very easy.

  • You can use your Bike or car and you will be able to select the best routes for you.

  • Using its huge database you will have a hassle free experience and you will basically know how the journey will go even before it begins.

  • The GPS navigation and the voice guide will make it easier for you to roam around.

  • The offline maps for more than 100 countries are available

Compatibility: Android and iOS

4. MapQuest

It is not very surprising that MapQuest app is still around. Being one of the oldest navigation apps, it was able to keep its own weight around all the up and coming new similar apps. There were a few reasons that made this app very unique, it could be the real-time traffic updates or possibly the access to the live footage of the traffic cams. Nonetheless, both of the features will be very useful in a crowded city. Basically, you will have up to date information on what is happening on your regular commute and based on that information you can set alternate routes to avoid congested roads. A speed limit display is also included in the app, so now there is no excuse for you to get stopped because of speeding. It is considered the best navigation app for iPhone.


  • It comes with the latest satellite images.

  • The directions and voice navigations are excellent.

  • The real-time traffic updates helps a lot and helps selecting an alternate route.

  • You will also have access to live traffic camera footage and with the help of that you can adjust your route. It will save time and money.

  • A speedometer is also available so that you can adjust the speed of your vehicle.

Compatibility: iOS only

5. Sygic

The Sygic navigation app claims to be one of the premium navigation apps ever created and for valid reasons. The app consists of maps of countries from all over the globe, and the information is gathered from sources like TomTom and others. The maps can also be downloaded for offline use only if you have space available on your mobile device. The app receives more than a few updates every year so the map are up to date and the directions are very useful and precise. This is a goodAndroid navigation app with a potent features list.

sygicgps navigation app

  • You can easily avoid traffic jams with very accurate traffic details collected from all the users of the same app worldwide.

  • It includes offline maps of all the countries in the world.

  • The maps get updated several times in a year so they are very accurate.

  • There are several advanced safety features and real-time navigations available.

  • Millions of POIs are available in a single map.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

6. MAPs. ME

MAPs. ME is an excellent navigation app. All of the available free maps are included in the app and you can also download them offline. The offline access of the app comes equipped with the latest updated database which is filled with searchable point of interests. The users can even get a view of small hiking trails which are usually not available on other maps.

under budget navigation app

  • You can save your mobile data but downloading the maps and using the offline.

  • All the map features are free.

  • The maps are heavily detailed with POIs, hiking trails and other locations.

  • The maps get updated all the times so they are very detailed and up to date.

  • You are free to use it worldwide and very useful if you are travelling.

Although there is an issue with the pop-up ads coming up, they are not too intrusive to ruin your experience.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

7. CoPilot

Currently, the CoPilot app is used by more than 16 million users from all over the globe and most of them are either drivers or emergency service individuals and even the delivery boys. Offline mode is also available and with lots of fluid options. Voice guided navigation is available and instructions are very effective.

navigation app with worldwide users

  • It comes with 14 day free voice navigation.

  • Available for various vehicles.

  • The navigation is excellent, you can choose alternate routes and the traffic details get updated automatically.

  • Filled with POIs and other details. The real time traffic updates saves a lot of time during a journey.

  • Offline mode is also available, does not require any internet connection.

The app is available for free but additional maps will cost you

Compatibility: Android and iOS

8. Polaris GPS Navigation

Another amazing app with high GPS performance and easy to use! Polaris is very useful for travelling and you don't have to set up any accounts or subscribe to use it. The maps are very detailed, and very useful for off road driving as well as hiking trails.

best hiking navigation app

  • The app is known for its stability, reliability and flexibility.

  • The offline support is also available.

  • One of the best hiking apps ever designed.

Compatibility: Android only

Overall, here are the best navigations apps for 2019. These navigation apps get updated every year and that too several times. So, you can be sure that every app on the list is up to date and the maps are very detailed. All of these apps are free, very effective and extremely easy to use. So, it is completely up to the user to decide which one of the app they are going to use for their requirement.

Bonus Tip: Best Location Tracking App for Android

With the ever changing world, people have started embracing the power of location tracking. Unlike the navigation apps, location tracking apps are designed to track a particular location of a device. So basically, you can get the exact GPS coordinates of a cell phone.

The tracking can be used for emergency services. It can also be used for child's safety and protection.Larger business chains use the tracking feature to track the devices of their employees, just to see how much time they are spending on their jobs. These days there are lot of location tracking apps available but KidsGuard Pro is one the best apps that is out there. Itis basically a parental control app which comes with a lot of unique features. The performance is steady when it comes to accuracy and effectiveness.

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Advantages of using KidsGuard Pro:

  • You can view location in 2 ways: GPS tracking and as well as with Wi-Fi logger tracking.

  • Capable of tracking real-time location and provides complete location history whenever needed.

  • Remote access and stays hidden from the target device.

  • Various phone tracking and monitoring features.

kidsguard pro location tracking feature


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