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Find out all the topics about parental control, kid tracking, mobile phone monitoring and more.

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Featured Articles

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp? Truth Revealed!

There are a lot of ways to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp. However, I'm sure you can still check someone's about on WhatsApp who blocked you with a 3rd party tool.

userBy Megan Evans|Nov 23, 2020

How to Listen to WhatsApp Voice Notes Without Sender Knowing

Here're 3 ways to help you listen to WhatsApp voice notes without sender knowing. You can also play WhatsApp audios without the blue tick being ticked.

userBy Megan Evans|Nov 23, 2020

Best Hidden WhatsApp Status Viewer Without Someone Knowing

Wonder how to view someone's WhatsApp status? Here is a hidden WhatsApp status viewer that can restore disappearing and private WhatsApp status without them knowing.

userBy Megan Evans|Nov 23, 2020

3 Different Ways to See Someone’s Activity on Facebook

If you want to know someone better, checking his/her Facebook activities is a good starting point. So this article focuses on telling readers about how to see someone’s activity on Facebook.

userBy Cody Walsh|Nov 23, 2020

3 Easy Ways to Hack WhatsApp Number (Can't Miss)

In this article, you’ll find the 3 easy ways about WhatsApp hacker by number. I recommend you to look through all of them and learn the guidelins of how to hack WhatsApp number.

userBy Megan Evans|Nov 20, 2020

How to Know Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile Picture and Status

Wondering who viewed my WhatsApp profile picture or status? Looking to find WhatsApp stalkers? A handful of apps available for Android and iOS can help you out.

userBy Megan Evans|Nov 20, 2020

10 Best Couple Tracker Apps of 2020

Couple tracker apps are primarily used to monitor spouses and keep a close eye on their mobile device. In this article we have listed some great couple tracker apps available for iPhone and Android.

userBy Cody Walsh|Nov 20, 2020

How to Hack a Twitter Account? It's Easy in 2020

Don’t know how to hack a Twitter account? It is one of the most sought after social media platform; so, hacking won’t be easy. But there are a few modified methods available that can be helpful to you. Read our article for more details.

userBy Megan Evans|Nov 20, 2020

How to Check Boyfriend's Text Messages for Free without His Phone

Want to check boyfriend’s text messages for free? Here is the best way to remotely track all sent and received text messages even without touching the target device!

userBy Cody Walsh|Nov 20, 2020

4 Ways on How to Hack Instagram Account Without Human Verification

Hacking Instagram account without human verification is quite achievable. There are 4 major ways for doing so, so make sure you learn all details in the article.

userBy Cody Walsh|Nov 20, 2020