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Updated - Top 12 Coronavirus Rumours You Should Know About

author_icon Megan Evans time_icon Last updated Aug 28, 2020 08:28 pm

Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak in December 2019, we have been trying to keep the panic down.  There have been a lot of half-truths, blatant lies, and conspiracy theories about this disease that has gone on to affect more than 270,000 individuals globally and the number is rising every day.

If you're keen about separating the rumors from the truth, this post has been compiled to help you identify what's true and what's not as the whole continues to struggle with keeping covid-19 under control.

1. Can antibiotics Treat the Coronavirus Disease? No!

No, antibiotics do not work against viruses, only bacteria. The new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is a virus and, therefore, antibiotics should not be used as a means of prevention or treatment.

2. Will Dogs and Cats Catch Coronavirus and Spread it to Human?

The World Health Organization says there is no evidence of cats' and dogs' susceptibility and transmission of Coronavirus although the agency admits that further studies are still needed.

However, it's better to be safe than sorry. You'll be better off sticking to proper hygiene and particularly washing your hands after you have come in contact with pet wastes.

can pets get coronavirus

3. Can the virus be spread by takeout or express delivery? Low probability.

There's only a very low possibility that that takeouts and express delivery services can aid the spread of Coronavirus. But since there's that slight possibility, wearing face masks and washing your hands after these should help erase this possibility.

4. The thicker the mask, the better the anti-virus effect? No!

Face masks have become a necessity since the Coronavirus outbreak and people over the world are divided on its effectiveness in preventing Coronavirus. The thing is that this mask works as a barrier that protects the mouth and nose from respiratory droplets which are one of the main modes.

There are two main types of face masks, disposable face masks that are very breathable and would do a good job of preventing large particles from entering your nose or mouth, and the N95 respirator masks as well, which is more tight-fitting and very effective at preventing airborne diseases. The main purpose of face masks is to act as a barrier so nothing touches or enters through your mouth or nose. More people prefer disposable face masks, however.

can pets get coronavirus

5. If you have no symptoms of fever, cough, or runny nose, that means you did not have the virus? Not True!

There are many symptoms of Coronavirus infection.

Most people have symptoms such as fever, cough, or runny nose. But the absence of these symptoms does not mean you're free from the virus or have not been infected. Other symptoms may include diarrhea, shortness of breath, sore throat, etc. if you notice these symptoms, you'll be better off getting medical help as soon as you can.

6. Will cured patients not be reinfected? Not sure!

It's good news that a lot of people have recovered from Coronavirus infection. In China alone, over 70% of people infected with Covid-19 have recovered and have been discharged.

But is there a possibility that cured patients can still be reinfected?

Well, while their body may have built an immunity against the Coronavirus, medical experts still don't know for how long this will last. The best thing is that you maintain good hygiene and prevention measures to stay safe after recovery.

7. New Coronavirus can be transmitted by aerosols, so windows cannot be opened for ventilation? False!

The truth is that aerosol transmission of Coronavirus only happens when there's a high concentration of virus in the environment. As with the SARs study, it was found that the virus was highly concentrated in the air inside health care wards, putting workers at risk of being infected. But this risk was greatly diminished as windows were opened for ventilation. Therefore, keeping your windows open for ventilation won't put you at any significant risk of Coronavirus infection.

8. Can you steaming, boiling, heating in a microwave, spray alcohol to disinfect mask? No!

Face masks are made from ultrafine fused spray polypropylene fiber.

This fiber is very fine and can't stand high-temperature levels higher than 80℃. Above this temperature, it will shrink and deform and become structurally damaged. The same thing happens when it comes in contact with water. Water contact will destroy the charge in the filter layer to significantly reduce the mask's filtration effect.

boil face masks

9. Smoking can prevent new Coronavirus infection? No!

Don't make the mistake of thinking smoking will prevent you from Coronavirus infection. The new Coronavirus is largely a respiratory illness and smoking will even increase your susceptibility to severe infections.

10. Whiskey and honey will cure the Coronavirus? No!

A British teacher recently claimed that he was cured of the new Coronavirus with hot whiskey and honey. But the truth is that while the majority of people infected go on to recover, there's still no cure at the moment for COvid-19 infection. If you fall sick, seek medical help as soon as possible and don't take to gulping bottles of whiskey and honey.

China is winning in the fight against the new Coronavirus with the last patients in Wuhan now recovered and discharged. But the truth is that the battle is not yet over as the disease still continues to wreak havoc across the world.

This is a period where most people, couples, partners, and more are caught between different government restrictions and quarantine policies. For couples like this, there's need to keep an eye on each other to have knowledge of each other's activities. For this, most people rely on a reliable and effective monitoring app like KidsGuard Pro.

11. Can eating garlic help prevent infection with the new coronavirus? No!

Garlic is a healthy food that may have some antimicrobial properties. However, there is no evidence from the current outbreak that eating garlic has protected people from the new coronavirus.

12. Can Cold weather and snow kill the new coronavirus? No!

There is no reason to believe that cold weather can kill the new coronavirus or other diseases. The normal human body temperature remains around 36.5°C to 37°C, regardless of the external temperature or weather. The most effective way to protect yourself against the new coronavirus is by frequently cleaning your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or washing them with soap and water. And, if you have the necessity to go out, be sure to wear a mask and don't have too much contact with strangers. Actually, in this special time, home isolation and protection is the most effective method of prevention.

Protect and Monitor your Loved Ones with KidsGuard Pro to Discover the Truth

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Features of KidsGuard Pro

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  • Real-time location tracking: If you worry about that your family hang out during Coronavirus, you can track their real-time locations to remind them not to go to somewhere crowded and increase the risk of infection.

  • Social media monitoring: You can use KidsGuard Pro to track all the instant messaging app on target phone. You can check all the texts and notifications, even the deleted ones can show to you. Besides text monitoring, the app can take screenshots automatically.

  • Phone call recording: Not only check the target phone's call history, you can use the app to record the phone calls.

  • Track 30+ files: In addition to the features we mentioned above, this app can track multiple files, platforms, and activities from calls to messages, photos, videos, social media, and more.

  • Easy-to-use online dashboard: KidsGuard Pro has a very easy-to-use online dashboard where you can check all of the tracked information.

  • Easy installation and setup: It takes no more than 5 minutes to set up and start using KidsGuard Pro to start tracking information.

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kidsguard pro phone monitoring

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In the End

The threat of Coronavirus continues but it's important that we find ways to adapt while we are still trying to win the war against the virus. Luckily, KidsGuard Pro should help you fulfill all of your monitoring needs so you can always keep an eye on your partner, kids and more who may have been caught in the web of government restrictions.


By Megan Evans

Posted on Mar 23, 2020 ( Updated: Aug 28, 2020 )

A certified content marketing specialist with great passion for Internet and online safety. She is bent on educating the audience about cyber safety tips and tricks.

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