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How to Monitor the Phone of Couples Separated by Coronavirus Restrictions

author_icon Megan Evans time_icon Last updated Aug 28, 2020 07:57 pm

While the Coronavirus keeps sweeping, governments across the world are putting several measures in place to stem the tide. Since the outbreak begans, more than 330,000 infections and over 10,000 deaths have been recorded globally and the number is increasing every day.

Restrictions, self-isolation and quarantine policies have become one of the most prominent measures employed by governments to stop the spread of Covid-19. But while this makes sense, it also brings a lot of challenges. On the one hand, many couples or family members have to be separated from each other. On the other hand, people addicted to phones to spend time, especially are children. So, there is need to track and monitor family's phone to overcome these challenges.

1. Who Needs Such App Most?

To overcome these challenges, the best and easiest solution is to have an app to keep them in tracking and monitoring. Just like we mentioned above, such an app can be widly applied to couples and children. Here we are going to introduce what challenges faced for this two groups.

For couples or partners:

  1. Couples'/partners' worries about each other's safety;

  2. Keeping an eye on each other's movements and whereabouts;

  3. Keeping tabs on partner's activities from text messaging to social media, and more.

It's no longer news that divorce rates have increased since the outbreak of Coronavirus. In the UK, experts have warned that self-isolation can 'very likely' cause a rise in divorce cases.


Being able to keep tabs on your partner while in isolation or somewhere far away will be critical to saving your marriage or relationship from threatening challenges. These problems can be solved by digital monitoring apps that will give you better visibility of your partner's activities.

For children:

  1. After shool closure, children should study at home. But are they focused on books or addicted to their phones?

  2. Will they browsing porn websites or cheated by online scammers?

  3. Will they keep a good sleep schedule or staying up late on their phone?

So, you realy need an app to supervise your children to let them improve the productivity and keep both mental and physical health when stuck at home during Coronavirus.

2. What Features Should Such a Monitoring App Have?

Many apps on the internet promise to help you monitor your kids and loved ones so you can get a better knowledge of their web, phone calls and texts, and social media activities. However, not all monitoring apps are created equal.

Along with being very easy to install and use, the monitoring app you choose should have a variety of sophisticated features that will make it easy to monitor your partner on different platforms. Some of the best features you should look out for in any monitoring app include:

Stealth Tracking: Many times, you don't want your partner to know they are being monitored. That's why you need a monitoring app that can operate in stealth mode so you can cover your track. The stealth tracking feature will help you track your partner's calls, messages, chats, and locations without being detected.

Real-time Data Syncing: You must be able to get access to data and information from the app in real-time.

Online Dashboard: A good monitoring app for use during this Coronavirus outbreak should have an easy-to-use online dashboard. This dashboard will be used to display information about the partner being monitored.

Data Exporting: There are instances where you may need to send the tracking data to another device or platform. This will only be possible when your tracking app comes with a data exporting feature. This feature makes it easy to share or send tracking information to designated channels that could include an email address, a phone number, Whatsapp, etc.

Wide OS support: It should have wide iOS and Android support for most recent versions for improved compatibility. This will ensure it works perfectly and hitch-free on most devices.

3. Track Your Family on Coronavirus Time with KidsGaurd Pro!

KidsGuard Pro, however, is one of the few monitoring apps you can consider to keep an eye on your loved ones during this Coronavirus pandemic. The app comes with powerful and sophisticated tracking features for both iOS and Android. But for the said topic, only iOS version is applicable. Because the Android version need to install an app assistant on target device.

The Android version can track from Samsung to LG, Motorola, Huawei, etc. It can work with 100% secret on target device, because the app will be renamed and the app icon will disappear after launching. This app is capable of monitoring more than 30 different files from SMS to calls, Facebook, Whatsapp, LINE, and a host of other social and communication platforms.

KidsGuard Pro android has benefits that include:

  • 100% secret tracking to help you track the target with 100% invisibility, i.e the target will never know they are being monitored unless you tell them.

  • Support for 30+ files tracking from phone call recordings to call history, real-time location, text message tracking, chats, and social media tracking, screenshots capture, browsing history (even the private browsing history), remote control, keylogger, photos, videos, etc. All the online activities of your partner during Coronavirus breakout will be monitored.

  • Easy installation and setup process that makes the app very easy to use

  • Multi-platform compatibility with support for different Android OS        (including the latest Android 10)

  • Responsive and professional tech support to help you attend to issues 24/7

  • Competitive pricing makes it very cheap and inexpensive to keep an eye on your spouse, kids, and employees, as applicable.

  • Support for different languages to cover many users

  • 100% safety and privacy protection since all the data being tracked are encrypted.

Monitor NowView Demo

Steps to Use KidsGuard Pro iOS to Track Couples or Kids

Here is the 30% off coupon code during theis special period: Covid-19

  1. Register a valid account and then buy a paln.

  2. Download the app assistant and then login with the account to finish the configuration.

  3. download kidsguard pro

  4. Go to dashboard to start monitoring.

  5. track couples with kidsguard pro

4. How to Use KidsGuard Pro iOS to Monitor during Coronavirus Breakout!

Although the Android version of KidsGuard Pro shines the brightest, the app can also be used on iOS devices for iPhone and iPad. The iOS version even have no need to install any app on target device. That means if family members are seperated due to restriction, then the iOS version covers your need.

KidsGuard Pro supports the latest iOS 13 for superb performance on apple devices. Its online dashboard and configuration make it super simple to use, even for novices and non-techie users.

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What Makes KidsGuard Pro a Good Choice?

Wondering what it is that makes KidsGuard Pro different from the rest? Here are a few of the many reasons why you should consider using KidsGuard Pro to keep an eye on your kids, spouses, and loved ones during this outbreak:

  1. Secret tracking feature (100% undetectable) means you can always track and monitor the target undetected. The iOS version does not require access to the target phone before you can track them. If you don't want your partner to know they are being monitored, this is your best bet!

  2. Real-time data syncing allows you to have direct access to your partner's location details.

  3. Data exporting feature of KidsGuard Pro makes it easy to export tracking data and info to a designated web address, email, and more.

  4. Easy installation and setup take less than 3 minutes so you can start tracking the target as soon as possible.

  5. Online dashboard that displays all of the tracking information and data with ease. This is easy to navigate and use even by non-techies and novices.

  6. Wide support and compatibility with many iOS (iOS 9.0 to iOS 13).

Steps to Use KidsGuard Pro iOS to Track Couples or Kids

One of the common reasons why KidsGuard Pro is loved by many people across the world is down to the easy setup, installation, and use. With the iOS version, you won't even need access to the target's phone to install any app before you can start monitoring their activities.

There are 2 very simple processes involved;

1. Register an account

The first step is to register a KidsGuard Pro account. You'll need an email address at this point.

After you've signed up with the email, you'll need to choose your preferred subscription plan (Here is the 30% off coupon code during theis special period: Covid-19). While the packages are priced competitively, the online payment method is also very safe and secure.

2. Verify iCloud account (about 2 minutes)

After having a verified account, then you need to enter the iCloud account to finish the verification. The process can be very easy done with just 2 minutes. Then, you'll be led directly to your KidsGuard Pro online dashboard where you can start syncing and accessing real-time tracking data such as location, notes, reminders, calendars, contacts or data on Cloud Drive.

track couples with kidsguard pro

With KidsGuard Pro, you'll get better visibility into the activities of your partner or lover even with the Coronavirus restrictions and isolations threatening your relationship.

In Conclusion

Whether it is the recent Coronavirus outbreak or anything that threatens your relationship, it's important to always know about your spouse's activities. But while there are a lot of apps that promise to help with this, only a few like the KidsGuard Pro live up to expectations.

If you want to have more visibility of your partner's whereabouts and activities during this time of restrictions, you can never go wrong with KidsGuard Pro. Want to try out KidsGuard Pro? Go to demo to get started!


By Megan Evans

Posted on Mar 23, 2020 ( Updated: Aug 28, 2020 )

A certified content marketing specialist with great passion for Internet and online safety. She is bent on educating the audience about cyber safety tips and tricks.

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