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2020 The Best Way to Spy on Cheating Spouse Text Messages

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Nov 18, 2019 09:56 am tips_icon Mobile Spy

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your spouse is cheating or they have some secret activities you unwanted? Then you may want to track spouse text messages, containing a lot of sensitive information, and get several clues.  But the problem is that, how to spy on spouse cell phone for free? If you have your partner's permission to access their phone, then you can simply unlock the phone and read the text messages. But in most of the case, this is impossible, that's why we are looking into some cheating spouse apps to track spouse text messages for free. In the article below, we have discussed such an application that can monitor the target device remotely without them knowing, have a look.

Part 1: Why You Should Choose Spy Apps to Track Spouse's Text Messages

There is a lot of untold secrets in any relationship. As you know sometimes a small lie have the power to destroy the whole family. Quite likely, if you suspect your spouse of cheating but you don't have complete access to your partner's device to verify your doubt, the suspense will get even greater but it won't fix the issue.

In this case, nothing is better than a text spy app to read cheating spouse text messages free because it can be of great help to confirm the issue. Using such applications you will have several advantages, such as:

  • You will be able to track spouse text messages without them knowing.

  • The app provides a remote operational procedure via the internet.

  • You can obtain all the latest text messages in real time.

  • In addition to text messages, online chatting from  popular social  apps can also be monitored.

There are actually a number of applications available for spying on text messages but KidsGuard Pro stands out even among them. You will get to know about  its irresistible attraction and pretty simple operaton if you read the rest of this article.

Part 2: What Can KidsGuard Pro Do in Text Messages Monitoring

KidsGuard Pro is among the well-known spying apps that has been ruling the market since its launch. The monitoring features implemented via this app completely satisfy to track spouse text messages. Surprisingly, it can be operated very simply. Without further ado, let's have a look at KidsGuard Pro's contribution to the field of text message monitoring.

  • You can view a complete record of all  sent or received,  deleted text messages and shared content from both sides of a conversation, as the data on the target device is being updated to KidsGuard Pro in real time.

  • Even unsent text messages in the input box can be monitored and you are able to check them in keystroke history.

  • This tool also provided comprehensive details about contact name, date, time info, and you can search for any keywords from the chat history.

  • Besides tracking text messages, the app is also capable of tracking instant messages frome popular social apps, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat and more. As a matter of fact, you won't miss anything that's going on.

  • After the installation is complete, this app works in incognito mode on the target device, so  your spouse won't be able to find out!

kidguard pro text messages monitoring feature

All these features have made KidsGuard Pro an ideal choice for spying on cheating spouse text messages. It's hard to know why people cheat, but if you discover something unusal, like your spouse suddenly becomes possensive of their phones, you might as well use KidsGuard Pro to discover the truth.

Part 3: Only 3 Steps to Use KidsGuard Pro to Spy on Cheating Spouse Text Messages

Despite the extraordinary features, it will be very easy to use for you to track cheating spouse text messages with KidsGuard Pro. Considring that many users are not tech-savvy, this app has an attractive but user-friendly interface. Also, the installing procedure can be done within 5 minutes, appreciated by a number of users. So, only 3 steps are required to get your spouse's text messages with KidsGuard Pro.

Time needed: No more than 5 minutes.

Difficulty: Simple

Compatibility: Android

Step 1: Create an account with KidsGuard Pro using your email ID and buy a premium license in order to access advanced features.

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Step 2: Download the app on the target device by visiting via any browser. After that, log in to your account and follow the on-screen setup wizard correctly. Once the installation is complete, KidsGuard Pro will work in incognito mode.

install the app

Step 3: Eventually,  open KidsGuard Pro official website and login to your  account, here you will be able to spy all the text messages activities made on the target device. Although, you have to sync the device for the first time, and the first time sync may take some time.

monitor text messages

As you just experienced, KidsGuard Pro is an extremely potent spying application and helps you to catch cheating spouse text messages free. Best of all, this app is invibile on the target device after installation, so nobody knows its existence unless you admit it.

Part 4: More You Can Get Except Text Messages from KidsGuard Pro

If you think KidsGuard Pro can only spy on cheating spouse text messages, then you may look down upon this app. With the growing popularity of social apps, your partner may be more likely to chat with others behind your back. As we discussed earlier, KidsGuard Pro has already been equipped with online chatting monitoring. In addition, this amazing application provides more extensive monitoring features to help you catch a cheating spouse, let's have a look at them:

  • You are able to track accurate location in real time with the help of a high-quality GPS or Wi-Fi logger.

  • Besides text messages and online chatting messages, you can also monitor the contact list, call logs, browser history (even the incognito search history), photos, videos, and calendars, etc.

  • Geofence is also present, it lets you create a virtual fence around the area where you suspect your spouse may show up, and lets you know immediately as soon as it is crossed by the target device.

  • This app will record all the keystrokes happened on the target device, even the words unsent in the input box will be captured.

  • You can also remotely take screenshots of the target device screen without being discovered at any time if you want to know what they are doing.

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Part 5: 5 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

Few people build up a relationship with the intention of committing infidelity, but the truth is cheating happens for too many couples. Fortunately for some though, if you properly catch cheating spouse text messages free or other online activities and take actions, you may  at least minimize the possibility to hurt yourself.

Your Spouse Is Cheating

1. They will be very secretive about their mobile phone and computers. As they communicate with that other person via those devices, they will surely try to safeguard any form of information or data that might pose a threat. A vital sign of cheating!

2. There will be a particular time in the day, where they will be completely unreachable. They will act strange and they might need a sudden need for privacy. This is the time where he or she is probably spending time with the new partner through various means. The most common being online messengers and texting apps.

3. Your partner will stop spending intimate times with you. This is the first warning sign of infidelity. The base of any relationship is the emotional connection. If there isn't any, there won't be any form of intimacy left

4. He or she will be very inappropriate towards the relationship itself. His or her schedule will become completely different. If your partner suddenly changes the schedule and needs to work late and this happens very frequently, they may be lying for the most part. A cheating partner will start to give excuses and change schedules to avoid you.

5. You might also experience legitimate sounding excuses from time to time. This is a very common sign and this is probably the easiest to understand if you know your partner inside out. Any unusual thing like schedule changes, sudden work travels, reaching home late after work, etc will lead to excuses which may sound legitimate but in reality, it isn't!

Basically, if you notice these changes, we strongly recommend you to try a spy cheating spouse app like KidsGuard Pro to confirm your suspicion and gather evidence. With this easy to use spy tool, you will be able to see exactly what your spouse has been texting online and know their whereabouts, online activities and more.


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