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8 Best Spy Apps for Android Without Target Device

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Feb 21, 2020 05:23 pm tips_icon Mobile Spy

Everyone has different requirements for cell phone spy apps, but one thing in common is that is it would be perfect if the spy app could be installed remotely without accessing the target device. But do such apps exist? Even though the technology is so advanced, it's extremely hard to download free spyware without touching target phone. But if you are asking, are there any spy apps that can work remotely without the target phone nearby? The answer is yes. There are some spying apps readily available on the internet and some of the best ones are discussed in this article in detail. Check out and find your favorite one from the list of 8 best free spy apps for Android without target phone.

Can You Spy on A Phone without Access to It?

Of course, it is definitely possible to spy on the target phone without the need to access it. But it is only possible when you have already installed a third-party Android app. For a spy app for Android without target phone to work in the first time, you would have to access the target phone once to install the app on the target phone.

Generally, for all the spying apps, you need to first register your account and select a pricing plan. After this, you would have to access the target phone in order to install this app using the registration details. Once this is done, the app goes incognito on the target phone so that the one you want to spy on does not know that their phone is being monitored. When the connection is established, you can monitor the target device remotely without the presence of the target device any more. Now, using the registration details, you can login to the app's web-based portal from any devices, wherein all the details of the activity on the target phone will be displayed by category.

How to Make A Wise Decision Before You Invest in A Spying App

There are many such apps available in the market and without exception; each of these apps comes at a price. This is why it is very essential that you make the right choice before investing in a spy app without target phone. You would need to consider the following factors displayed in the table prior to making your purchase choice.

Apps Spying Features Difficulty Compatibility Support Safety Pricing Refund Policy Payment
KidsGuard Pro 4.9/5 0/5 Android 24/7 No rooting $29.95 30-day money-back guarantee Credit
mSpy 4.5/5 1/5 Android
24/7 Rooting and Jailbreak required $69.99 - Credit
Wire Transfer
XNSPY 4.2/5 2/5 Android
24/7 Rooting and Jailbreak required $35.99 10-day money-back guarantee Credit card
Highster Mobile 4/5 1/5 Android
- Rooting required $39.99 30-day money-back guarantee -
SpyBubble 3.8/5 1/5 Android
Chargeable - $24.95 60-day return policy -
PhoneSheriff 3.7/5 3/5 Android 24/7 - $49.00 - Credit
TheTruthSpy 3.6/5 2/5 Android
24/7 Jailbreaking required $30.99 5-day money back guarantee Credit Card
MamaBear 3.2/5 3/5 Android
- - $5.99 - -

After careful consideration of all the above-listed factors, we found that KidsGuard Pro is the best spying app among all the other available spying apps and hence it is highly recommended.

Our Picks for the 8 Best Spy Apps without Target Phone

In this section, you can the essential features of each spy app without access to target phone. Only after knowing these can you decide which one is the best option for you amongst all.

1. KidsGuard Pro

kidsguard pro

This is one of the best spy apps of this generation. KidsGuard Pro was launched quite recently, it is significantly newer app compared to most of the apps on this list but the app is equipped with several advanced spying features and impeccable performance, making the app the top contender on our list. You can even get to know the real-time location of the target cell phone whenever you need. You do not need to root the device for spying on the target cell phone which is not the case with several other spying apps.

    Reasons to buy

  • 100% hidden from the target device.

  • Easy to install and use.

  • Rooting is not required.

  • Remote device spying is possible.

  • Real-time data uploading.

    Reasons to avoid

  • The pricing plan only supports one device.

  • Not compatible with the iOS device.

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2. mSpy

mspy app

mSpy is one of the ultimate tracking apps which can be used for spying on the activities of the target phone to ensure that they are not doing anything inappropriate. With the help of this app, you can remotely monitor the calls, messages, social media activity, on the target device. Apart from this, mSpy app can be used for tracking the real-time location of the target phone as well.

    Reasons to buy

  • Very easy to install.

  • Has a user-friendly interface.

  • Online demo provided for free trial.

    Reasons to avoid

  • Some advanced features are missing in this app.

  • Customer support does not have much knowledge about the app.

  • The iOS version doesn't work.


xnspy app

This is one of the leading spy apps for Android mobiles. The app is equipped with numerous advanced spying features and 24*7 customer service, which helped them get the 3rd position on the list. XNXPY is equipped with the capability to track the target device in real-time. The app is also capable of monitoring browsing history, recording phone calls and also monitoring WhatsApp. Basically, the app is equipped with all the necessary features for spying on Android devices effectively, and even more.

    Reasons to buy

  • You can put screen time restrictions on the target phone.

  • Intuitive user interface.

  • Track real-time location.

  • Offline tracking is available.

    Reasons to avoid

  • No guide for installation

  • Location tracking can expose the app in the first place.

  • Need to jailbreak the iOS device for this app to work.

4. Highster Mobile

highster mobile apps

With this free spy app without target phone, you can easily gain access to the activities and content on the target phone. You can remotely access all this information through this app. This app works very well with all the iPhone versions and the Android phones as well. Even if the target phone user deletes any text message, the deleted messages would still be logged. At regular periodic intervals, the GPS logs the positions of the cell phone on Google Map.

    Reasons to buy

  • User-friendly live control panel.

  • Can extract files from even a broken phone.

  • Can be used on 3 devices.

    Reasons to avoid

  • The installation and download of this app take a very long time.

  • You would need to root the target device.

  • Getting communication logs is a problem.

5. SpyBubble

spybubble app

SpyBubble is one of the simplest and powerful apps which can be used to spy on any target device. It is compatible with Android, iOS as well as the Windows and Mac systems. Just like the other spying apps, once it has been downloaded on the target device, it goes into stealth mode instantly. It has a variety of useful spying features including the ability to take screenshots on the target phone, record phone conversations, read emails and text messages, social media monitoring, and so much more.

    Reasons to buy

  • Intuitive user interface.

  • Phone call recording feature is unique and helpful.

  • It works in stealth mode.

    Reasons to avoid

  • Does not come with the advanced spying features.

  • The target phone's battery drains much faster with this app installed on it.

  • You would have to pay for priority support.

6. PhoneSheriff

phonesheriff app

PhoneSheriff has been one of the most widely using spying apps. This app was basically developed to help parents know if their kids are abusing their cell phone access privileges. If you are one of those parents who are worried about their kids using the cell phone for inappropriate activities, PhoneSheriff can help them out. With the help of this app, you can track the real-time cell phone location of the target phone, access the internet history, monitor the incoming and outgoing calls and text messages, check the call history, check the apps which are being installed and do so much more.

    Reasons to buy

  • Screen time controls are excellent.

  • Powerful real-time location tracking feature.

  • The price is lower than other apps.

    Reasons to avoid

  • Installation is difficult.

  • It doesn't support with iOS devices.

  • Applying filters does not always work.

7. TheTruthSpy

thetruthspy app

TheTurthSpy is a potent spy app for Android devices. It app is equipped with several spying features and they are also very simple to use. The tracking capability of this app is excellent and very accurate. The app works discretely and at the background of the target device without notifying the user.

    Reasons to buy

  • It works in invisible mode.

  • Many advanced features provided.

  • Location tracking is very accurate.

    Reasons to avoid

  • The app is just too complicated to use.

  • Poor customer support as well.

  • Too expensive

8. MamaBear

mamabear app

As the name suggests, this app is designed to make parenting easier for all the parents out there. With the help of this app, you can protect your kids and be at peace knowing that they are safe at all times. This app comes with a lot of exciting features including family news, location sharing, social media monitoring, speeding alerts and so much more. All the data about each of your family members can be shared in a single place with each other.

    Reasons to buy

  • Locate your family member anytime from anywhere.

  • The installation is very easy.

  • One-time payment for all features.

    Reasons to avoid

  • Limited spying features.

  • You cannot track the target phone without the target accepting your track request.

  • Hard to get a refund on the app if the user is not satisfied.

Ending Words

Although all the above 8 best spy apps without target phone are great to keep an eye on your loved ones, KidsGuard Pro still remains at the top with its varied useful features. You can try its online demo for free and then decide wether to buy. The powerful spying features and competitibe price make it the one of the most popluer spying apps for Android phones.

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