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[Issue Solved] How to Spy on iPhone without having the Phone

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Aug 31, 2020 04:48 pm

Spying on someone else's iPhone has always been a hot topic for the iOS users. Well, most of us believe that it is impossible as Apple has a very strict policy, but contradictory to that belief, it is definitely possible but with the right tool. The emergence of spy apps is bliss for those who wonder how to spy on iPhone without having the phone. Keep reading and you will find details about the feasibility of spying on an iPhone and how is it achieved using a powerful app.

1. Is it Possible to Spy on iPhone without Having the Phone?

Well, yes! It is possible to spy on an iPhone without its physical access. This is actually made possible with Apple's own iCloud service.

apple's icloud  keeps lots of user data

If the said cloud service gets set up on iOS devices, you will be able to take advantage of its syncing capabilities; providing you access to contacts, calendars, mail, documents, photos, videos and more. But the iCloud sync method is quite different from that of iTunes.

It is a seamless process. You won't have to select the files you want to sync manually. Just enable the data sync feature from iCloud settings and not only the existed files will be synced but if you add any new files, even something as simple as a contact; it will be synced with iCloud. And all these files will be stored in the iCloud database.

So, with iCloud, you will be able to get all-around understanding of the target iPhone. You will be able to update, sync photos, calendars and all the contacts from all your devices. You can even sync reminders and the notes made on the Note app. But keep in mind that, iCloud provides only 5 GB of storage space for free. This is the default space provided to every registered iCloud users. So, to get more space, you have to purchase.

2. Prepare Well Before You Decide to Spy on an iPhone

To make things go smoothly, there are a few things you need to check out. Without these preparations, it's extremely hard to spy on iPhone without access to phone.

2.1 Make Sure iCloud Syncing is Enabled

First, you need to make sure iCloud syncing is enabled on the target phone. Basically, it is enabled by default, but you'd better have a double check otherwise you won't be able to check the latest data. So, tap on user name from the 'Settings' of the target iPhone, and then Tap 'iCloud' and make sure the files you want to check is on.

enable icloud  syncing

2.2 Make Sure There is Enough iCloud Storage

Now, it is also essential to make sure that there is enough space on the target iCloud Storage. The first time you set up iCloud, you will get 5GB of storage for free, but it is far away from enough to store the increasing files. If there is limited space on iCloud, the data will not upload, which means, you may not able to view the latest data. Simply go to 'Settings' and tap on 'iCloud', then navigate to 'iCloud Storage or Manage Storage'

check icloud  storage

2.3 Select a Good Spy App - KidsGuard Pro

Last but not least, you will need a reliable app to get the job remotely done. If you search online, you will find a lot of free spy apps for iPhone without target phone. All of them advertise their spying app as the best one in the market. But the reality is far from it. There are genuinely a few apps available that are as good as they are claimed, but that position depends on a few factors.

The app has to be budget-friendly, effective, equipped with advanced features, and most of all the operating procedure has to be as simple as possible. So, considering all those factors, we found KidsGuard Pro to be the best to spy on iPhone without having the phone. This is a great app with advanced features.

  • You are not required to download or even install the app on the target iPhone. KidsGuard Pro removes all the possibility to be discovered.

  • Process like iPhone jailbreak is also unnecessary.

  • You can have a full access to the contacts, photos, videos, calendars, reminders, notes & attachments, iCloud drive, etc of the target phone.

  • It tracks the GPS of an iPhone in real-time and provides very accurate results. You will also check the whole location history. This is also anonymous.

  • You can monitor the iPhone for a long time, and each time you don't have to touch the target phone. Just sign in your KidsGuard Pro online account and check everything.

  • This app has excellent customer service, and the developer is constantly improving the stability and user experience.

Monitor Now View Demo

As you can see, the listed functions of KidsGuard Pro are excellent. These features enable you to spy on iPhone without touching it. You can also peen into the operational procedure of the article in the latter part of this article.

kidsguard pro  app interface

3. How to Spy on iPhone without Having the Phone

KidsGuard Pro is a multi-platform app; it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The features are more or less the same, but the operational procedure is quite different.

But we are only here to discuss, how to hack someone's iPhone without having their phone via KidsGuard Pro. Let's have a look.

Step 1: You need to register an account with KidsGuard Pro and get the Premium version of the app.

register for  kidsguard pro

Step 2: Walk through the setup wizard, where you need to choose the correct operating system and verify the iCloud ID associated with the target iPhone.

type  the icloud details of the target iphone

Step 3: You will be directed to the web control panel. Wait for the app to sync all files. That's what you need to do. You can check every details without having access to the iPhone.

spy  on the target iphone

There is no way the user of the target iPhone ever being able to detect the presence of the application.

Monitor Now View Demo


After reading this article, you should confirm that it is possible to spy on iPhone without access to phone. After taking the necessary steps, you can use the KidsGuard Pro app to do it. During our research, we have also seen some spy apps with more powerful features, but they can only work for jailbroken iPhones. We will certainly not recommend you to choose they as jailbreaking the iPhone will to a large degree will damage the device.


By Cody Walsh

Posted on Dec 09, 2019 ( Updated: Aug 31, 2020 )

An experienced technology blogger and editor who has spent more than a decade writing about software, gadgets, and computing etc all over the Internet.

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