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How to Spy Instagram? 3 Ways Are Discussed Here

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Oct 16, 2019 05:03 pm tips_icon Mobile Spy

In today's digital world, Instagram has changed the dynamics of social networking. People can post, comment on and share pictures and videos on this app with an interesting chat feature called DM i.e. "Direct Messages". Millions of users around the world are getting entertained through it, but the other side of the picture is a bit gloomy and hence cautious. It provides a superb platform for sexting, cyberbullying and various other abusive online activities. So nowadays, especially for the parents, it has become essential to spy an Instagram account of their children to avoid them involving in obnoxious and scatological stuff. The good news is that you can spy on Instagram account and track Instagram activity easily. There are several ways discussed here to spy Instagram i.e. using spy apps available online, spy on Instagram account through phishing or hiring hackers. In the following part, We'll take a closer look at these methods

Instagram monitoring

Best of All: Spy on Instagram Account Using KidsGuard Pro

The most recommendable and convenient method to spy Instagram is obviously using 3rd-party apps. These apps are undetectable, and this edge of spy apps makes them completely safe to use. A normal Android or iOS user can operate these apps easily and can spy on Instagram without involving in complex coding required for spoofing and hacking. Last but not least, spy apps are cheaper solutions. Buying a spy app will not hit you hard financially. The best of all the spy apps is KidsGuardPro.

Among all the options available, we come across KidsGuard Pro. It is a dynamic app providing protection to your loved ones in the cyber world. Through this app you can supervise their Instagram account and track them remotely, anywhere they are on this planet. There are other apps for the same very purpose but the KidsGuard Pro is the best due to its pronounced and remarkable features, which makes it convenient and efficient to deal with all the hurdles and allows you to get informed of everything on the target phone, including social apps, calls, messages, locations and more.

A Thorough Insight to KidsGuard Pro App

As we've said, KidsGuard Pro is an excellent spying app especially for Instagram as it minimizes your worry about your beloveds and provides you peace of mind. It records all the activities of your target and acts as the best spy to keep a silent eye on your children, girlfriend, spouse, etc. Let's have a look at some of the useful features of KidsGuard Pro that makes it captivating

Features of KidsGuard Pro in Instagram Hacking

  • It supports to spy on Instagram messages. These include all the incoming, outgoing and deleted direct messages.

  • It allows you to spy on Instagram photos or Instagram videos so that you can have a clear idea of what the target user is viewing, posting or sharing.

  • If you want to spy on someone's Instagram without knowing then this app is the best, because it stays 100% hidden on the target device. You just have to make it installed successfully in the device you want to spy.

  • It doesn't require any Instagram account username or password as it monitors the whole device instead of a single app.

  • This is also a versatile spy app that allows you to spy contacts, call logs, messages, pictures & videos, current locations and so much more.

  • Furthermore, KidsGuard Pro is not only to spy Instagram but to spy any popular social apps. Whether it is WhatsApp or Snapchat, Facebook or Telegram, you will have the chance to check chat history, current screen activities, app notifications and more.

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Steps to Use KidsGuard Pro

How to spy on someone's Instagram has become quite easy if you use KidsGuard Pro; you just have to follow the following 4 steps. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes even for a beginner.

Step 1: Start by signing up with the KidsGuard Pro and purchase a premium plan.

Step 2: Now get hold the target device and visit to download the app.

download  kidsguard pro

Step 3: Install the app on the target device and configure it properly. The app will show a clear instruction, you just need to follow it to enable some necessary settings. Once you complete the installation, the app will become invisible.

configure  kidsguard pro app on the target device

Step 4: Now you can open KidsGuard Pro website on any other device and login in the dashboard using your sign in details. Then select "Instagram"

use kidsguard  pro to spy on someone's Instagram

By completing the above-described steps, you'll come to know how to spy someone's Instagram. Rather not only Instagram but it will help you spy everything about the target device.

Way 2: Spy on Someone's Instagram by Phishing

Phishing is the easiest way to hack an account because its reliability is incredible. At the same time, it is a fraudulent practice too, of sending emails and fake logins in order to induce passwords, credit card numbers, etc. Due to its high success rate, most of the people come across phishing method when they search online about hacking an account.

If you are interested in cracking the password of the Instagram account by this method, you have to make a fake Instagram login page and get the target to sign-in to that page with their username and password. Once the target enters its username and password to your fake Instagram page considering it to be the original one, the password along with the username of the target will be induced and your mission will get accomplished. Obviously, through the target's private information specifically the password, there will be easy access to his account and can spy on Instagram-account.

Instagram phishing

Normally the password is set similar by the users for all the social platforms. The possibility that getting one password will probably provide access to other social apps is villainous and for sure it can cause skepticism and suspicion and once there is a doubt in the target's mind, then you will not achieve the results. Indeed, a fraudulent practice must always be avoided because sincere people do not fraud with their loved ones. Hacking an Instagram through Phishing must always be avoided unless and until you really need it.

Way 3: Instagram Spy Online via Some Instagram Hacking Tool

The third method of how to spy on Instagram DM is ironically the most interesting one because in actuality this method doesn't work. There are numerous websites claiming to provide you Instagram details and help you to spy on someone's Instagram. In fact, all these websites with online hacking tools are simply worthless and do not provide any of the detail regarding anything because it's not that easy. Instagram has strong security walls and it's not that easy to break them. So, it is useless to spend your time on such websites claim to hack someone's Instagram.

Instagram hacking  tools


So, after discussing so much, you can easily find that KidsGuard Pro is the best if you want to spy on someone's Instagram. It helps you, not to spy on Instagram only but keeps you aware of all the social platforms, tracks and records location history, monitors call logs and provides you with some of the best features like screenshot and geofencing.

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Posted on Oct 16, 2019 ( Updated: Oct 16, 2019 )

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