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Is My Wife Cheating? How to Catch A Cheating Wife

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If you suspect your wife of cheating, then it is probable that your relationship is about to end. Whether it is true or not, unless you confirm it, you will not be able to sit still.

So, if you are asking; is my wife cheating? You'd better be patient and wait for a few weeks in order to gather some evidence. Sometimes shadowing your wife for weeks may give you a different perspective of her and you are proven wrong and she didn't betray you. However, if you still suspect your wife is cheating, tracking her movements and cell phone activities will be very useful. To do this, you may need a professional spy app for cheating spouses. More detailed info are discussed below.

6 Signs Show Your Wife is Cheating on You

When you find your significant other is cheating, it will not be easy to deal with. But of course, they will also not be forthcoming about their infidelity. So, you need to be aware and look for the signs. So, if you are wondering how to tell if your wife is cheating? You must look for the signs. Spotting them is the very first step.

catch wife cheating

Change in Appearance: There will be changes in her appearance. She will start regular exercise, eat healthily. A desperate need to appear attractive to someone.

Secretive: She will be very secretive. She will start by putting passwords on her phone and computer so she will put aside another separate device for her interaction with that other individual.

She will be unreachable: Either it will be specific hours daily or specific hours once every alternate day, she will be unreachable. It could also a day weekly.

Loss of interest in you: She will not show interest to be with you or be intimate with you.

Hostile towards the relationship: At this moment she will look at the relationship with you as a burden. She will be hostile towards you. Such behavior is intentional but often it can be accidental, she may not want to hurt you but she may have lost it for a moment.

Unexplained Expenses: There will be a sudden increase in expenses. There will be odd charges if you check her Credit Card bill.

These are among a few signs your wife is cheating on you. Be very careful, don't overreact and try to spot for these behavioral changes.

How to Catch A Cheating Wife? - 5 Ways Provided Here

You have to keep a close eye on your wife if you want to catch her in the act. Otherwise, she will deny everything as you lack the evidence. So, you have to stay calm and keep tracking her movements intricately for weeks or even months. Here are some possible methods you can try.

Way 1: Spying on Cheating Wife with 3rd Party App

Let's begin with the most effective way of spying on cheating wife or any person with a smartphone. This method calls for a professional monitoring application that must be installed on your wife's mobile and that app will gather activity data, providing you with her location, calls, chats, and everything.

The spy app we are recommending here is called KidsGuard Pro and it is equipped with several advanced features. These features enable you to successfully track her movements, let's have a look at the details;

You can check her calls, messages, and contacts

After you have installed the app on her mobile, the app will provide you with remote access to all her contacts. You will be able to check on all the incoming and even the outgoing calls, and read the text messages. The contact info and time stamp will also be provided.

You can track her current location and also know where she went

Every modern smartphone is equipped with a state of the art GPS system. KidsGuard Pro effectively tracks that GPS in real-time and keeps you updated on the locations your wife is visiting or ever visited by her in the past.

You can monitor social media platforms and know the chat history and activities

The social media platforms are a great place for communication but they are also very secure and difficult to track. But that isn't a problem with KidsGuard Pro. After installation, all your wife's social media accounts will be monitored and that data will be delivered to you. These include WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, Line, Telegram and more. You don't even need to have her account & password as KidsGuard Pro monitors the whole device instead of a single app.

Also, remotely capture the screenshot of her phone without knowing

The app is also capable of taking screenshots of the target mobile screen at any time you want. The screenshot process will not be noticed by your wife, and these files will be removed automatically after uploading.

The main advantage of using KidsGuard Pro is that the app works covertly. It stays completely invisible on the target device after the installation. The app is cost-effective and easily accessible as well. You don't need to have professional skills to handle this app. The whole process of installing KidsGuard Pro and setting it up takes less than 5 minutes.

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Now, as mentioned that KidsGuard Pro is quite easy to operate. So, let's have a look how to catch a cheating wife using KidsGuard Pro;

Step 1: You have to register an account with KidsGuard Pro using your valid email ID and purchase it.

Step 2: Now, download KidsGuard Pro-Assistant on your wife's mobile from

download the app on your wife's phone

Step 3: Then, tap on the downloaded APK file for installation. After that, log in to the account and complete providing the basic info. Then, the on-screen setup wizard will appear and you have to provide necessary data access.

lest the app access phone's data

Step 4: After completing the instllation and cofiguration, the app icon will disappear from your wife's phone and you can leave her phone. To check all her mobile data and activities, log in to the web control panel of KidsGuard Pro form your device.

track your wife

As you can see, KidsGuard Pro will be the most effective way to catch a cheating wife. But there is also another measure you can take to do the same.

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Way 2: Install Wireless Home Camera

Installing a wireless monitor device on your home is also a way to keep tabs on your wife's movements but it will be very expensive.

On the other hand, there are maintenance costs and the camera will be able to monitor specific places. So, if your wife ever figures about its existence, it will be much easier for her to avoid the coverage area of the camera and continuing the affair.

The main limitation of this method is that it will cost you a lot of money and you can't be sure about your wife's movement unless she is within the coverage area.

hidden spy camera

Way 3: Computer Monitoring Software

A computer monitoring software will be really helpful to catch your cheating wife red-handed. We talked of a similar product in the previous point but KidsGuard Pro is only equipped to monitor Android devices, basically smartphones.

So, in order to monitor the laptop or desktop used by your wife you are required to install an effective computer monitoring software and it will provide you with all the necessary details regarding the online activity of your wife. You will get alerts, review playbacks, and recorded activities etc.

There are several such programs like WebWatcher, Spector Pro, SpyAgent etc.


Way 4: Hire a Private Investigator

In most cases, husbands can hire a private investigator in order to follow their wives and gather details on the man she is cheating. This is probably the oldest way to catch a cheating wife.

Many people make good living just by following someone's wife. But this isn't a proper way of doing things. The private investigator who takes these sort of cases is not essentially a good person. They can provide you with false information, keep leading you another way so that they can get paid.

It is also possible that your wife found out about the investigator and offered them more money so that they provide you with false information. Basically, one way or another, the result will not be too reliable and the offered money will be huge.

Hire a Private Investigator

Way 5: Comprehensive Background Check

If all else fails, you can always get a comprehensive background check. These background checks are excellent, they reveal many important details. Usually, they are all about your wife's past but you will get to know who she is, how she talks, her friends and family. Basically, her past behaviour will tell you a lot of stuff about her.


So, how to know your wife is cheating? This is a very big question but there is always a sign if a person is cheating in a relationship. You just have to keep a keen eye on her movements and behavior. But in order to track her successfully, we have provided you with multiple ways but using KidsGuard Pro seems the best option. As the app will not only track her physical movements but also online movements as well.


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