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Screen Time Parental Control Review and Similar App

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ScreenTime app by ScreenTimeLabs is an unique parental control tool. Since parents are becoming more and more concerned about the safety of their kids both online and offline, more and more parental control tools are surfacing in the market.

The main objective of a parental control tool like ScreenTime is in its name itself. It basically helps to balance screen time and restrict it whenever necessary. It can also block specific apps and you can set and schedule tasks as well. It also allows a way for parents to monitor their kid's online activities by proving internet browsing info and app usage.

So, in this article, we will give a proper Screen Time parental control review, and also introduce a possible alternative to it, if you aren't satisfied with the functioning of Screen Time Parental control.

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What is Screen Time Parental Control?

Screen Time Parental Control or ScreenTime commonly is a premium parental control tool developed by Screen Time Labs. Right now, it is one of the most well-known parental control tools in the market, that is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app and some of the basic features of the App are available for free, but the most advanced monitoring and parental control features need to be unlocked by payinga subscription.

Price of Screen Time Parental Control

The basic version is free to use and comes with basic features like app usage, web usage, daily reports etc. Users need to pay $4.99 /month as subscription fees to unlock the premium features of Screen Time parental control app which includes time limit, app blocking, schedules, pause etc.

Moreover, once you sign up, you will get a 14-day trial period for free which will include all the premium features.

Features of Screen Time Parental Control

Set time limit - As you can conclude, the main point of focus of Screen Time parental control is on managing your kid's daily screen time. You can set daily usage limit for each device as per the day of the week and also schedule limit in which you want to block child's device, like school, bedtime etc.

App blocking - Using Screen Time parental control, you can block inappropriate apps on your child's device. Android users can block individual apps, but iOS users can only bock or unblock all apps(except for the default iOS app) at once.

Web and search history -This feature is only available forAndroid users and allows you track visited websites as per their content categories. You can also keep an eye on the search history just to be safe.

Pause apps -The pause option allows you to block apps on the child's device. In Android, you can block all apps on the device, whereas you can only block non-native apps on iOS.

Homework and Tasks -using this feature, you can allow your child extra time for using apps or games on the condition that they fulfill certain tasks like finishing their homework, tidy their room etc and promote healthy habits. Also comes with a Free Play Mode to temporary override settings.

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  • Screen time parental control has an intuitive design and interface.

  • It is the only program with a task-reward system.

  • Best features for limiting screen time.

  • You can monitor unlimited devices on a single subscription.


  • It doesn't have text or call monitoring features.

  • Screen time app for iPhone has limited functionalities and doesn't the allow web filtering feature.

  • No geo-fencing or location history feature yet.

  • Cannot set screen time for individual apps.

  • Child may be able to get around the limits and still use the phone.

Rating and Review

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Though Screen Time parental control offers some really good time limit and scheduling feature, web filtering and app blocking feature are not something to boast about. The functionality of even these features is limited on iOS. Moreover, you can't track the text messages, call logs and social apps like Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. So, aside from the Screen time feature, there isn't much that this app can offer. So, you should only consider Screen time parental control appif your only priority is limiting screen time of your kids, otherwise, you would be wasting your money.

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If You Want More Parental Monitoring Features

As you have read above, Screen Time doesn't have much to offer to its users aside from its time limiting feature, app blocking, pause phone usage etc, which are the only redeeming feature in it. So, in its place, you could try KidsGuard Pro. It is a very functional app with a user-friendly interface that focuses on a different idea altogether. It basically focuses on parental monitoring and it is available for Android users.

Unlike Screen Time parental control app, KidsGuard Pro allows you a well balanced parental control tool that isn't too focused on a single feature. Moreover, it also has better location tracking feature than Screen Time and also has text messages and call monitoring enabled. The user interface is also smooth and intuitive and doesn't feel wobbly like Screen Time. Thus, if you are looking for good parental control that can replace Screen Time, then KidsGuard Pro is the obvious choice.

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Why choose KidsGuard Pro?

  • KidsGuard Pro can track text, contacts and call logs on the child's device, which isn't possible on Screen Time.

  • Parents can also track social media like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Kik, Line,and QQ.

  • It also enables parents to take a screenshot of the child's device remotely and discreetly.

  • Location tracking with GPS and Wi-Fi logger is easier and accurate.

  • Easy to install and setup with an intuitive interface.

  • Parents can also check the websites visited by their child on their device.

Overall, as you can see, Kidsguard Pro is a much better app in terms of overall features and usability. And when it comes to proper parental control, Kidsguard Pro should be the first choice as it is an all-rounder with good performance and efficiency.


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