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Net Nanny Review: Pros, Cons and Similar Parental Control Apps

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Apr 28, 2019 06:27 pm tips_icon App Reviews

Net Nanny is a popular parental control app which was first introduced in the year 1996. Due to its extensive list of features, it has been employed by millions of parents all over the world. With the increase in the number of activities in which your kids can indulge in online, keeping a check on these activities has become a necessary action.

net nanny

Through this app you can easily monitor, protect and limit your child's actions on their cellphone to a large extent. This way you can make sure that they are safe at all times. We present to you a detailed Net Nanny review which will help you in making the right choice in choosing the most perfect parental control app for ensuring the safety of your children. You may wonder how does Net Nanny work in order to provide the effective parental control. Read below and find out how the advanced features of this app help in parental control.

Part 1: Features of Net Nanny Parental Control App

1. Screen Time Management

Spending a lot of time in front of the phone screen can lead to many severe conditions like addiction, obesity, problems at school, psychological issues, sleeping disorders, and attention issues. This becomes a major concern among the parents. Net Nanny helps to some extent in this regard.

With this app you can set a time restriction for the usage of phones by your children. You can set up a certain time when the internet works on your child's phone so that they can use it only during those hours. Only you as a parent can make changes to the time restrictions so you can easily avoid your children becoming addicted to their phones.

screen time

2. Remote Control

As a parent you can always have a peace of mind wherever you go as you can remotely monitor your child's phone activities through Net Nanny app. Any adjustment to the profile of your child or any other restrictions you want to employ on their phone usage you can easily do it from any device which is connected to a stable internet connection.

net nanny dashboard

3. Internet Filter

With unlimited access to the internet, your child can easily be exposed to inappropriate content floating around on the internet. This may not be suitable for their age and it can lead to a lot of problems in future as it would impact them psychologically.

With the help of this app you can easily control this by using the internet content filtering feature. You can prepare a whitelist which would include all the websites which are okay for your child to view and a blacklist which would have all the sites which are to be restricted or blocked. Since there are new websites being added to the internet on an everyday basis, Net Nanny has come up with an advanced internet filter which takes care of this for you.

web filter

4. Pornography Blocking

One of the major concerns which all parents have is their child getting exposed to the adult content online. Net Nanny is counted among the top porn blocker software and can be very useful in this scenario. This way you can avoid the situation of your child getting exposed to porn accidentally.

5. Alerts & Reports

With the Net Nanny app, you can be aware of your family's activities at all times from anywhere. You can get notified instantly as soon as your child tries to access any site which is inappropriate for them. Even if there are any dangerous internet searches attempted by your child even then you would instantly get notified. This way you can prevent any kind of risky behavior or self-harming of your child and can even keep them away from predators online.

The dashboard of the Net Nanny app is also pretty simple to use and from here you can access and view all alerts, top blocked domains, week's activity and the web events as well. You can set up for email alerts as well through this app.

Part 2: Pros of Net Nanny App

1. This app can be used on various devices including Windows laptops or PCs, Mac systems and Android phones and tablets.

2. The configuration and adjustments to the settings can be made through a platform on the web which makes it easier for the users to access this from anywhere at any time.

3. It has a very powerful internet filtering feature.

4. The reporting and alerting feature works almost instantly and is pretty efficient.

5. Features an excellent internet time allowance cross-platform.

6. The app control feature works pretty well on all the Android tablets and phones.

7. With the profanity settings, instead of blocking every kind of content, you can mask only the offensive language.

Part 3. Cons of Net Nanny App

1. A major drawback of this app is that it has not been updated for several years now so any bugs and fixes which needed to be done has not been taken care of.

2. All the major parental control apps feature a location tracking feature which is completely absent in Net Nanny app.

3. The advanced settings for managing screen time is also absent.

4. Although the version of Net Nanny for Android is great, but it has limited features for the iOS devices.

5. No text or call tracking feature.

6. Net Nanny app also does not feature the social media platform monitoring. Since social media is one of the platforms which are accessed by the majority of the kids, it requires effective parental monitoring which cannot be done through this app. For making use of this app one would have to download the Net Nanny Social app and this doesn't seem practical as there are several parental control apps out there which support social media monitoring along with other parental control features in a single app.

Part 4: Net Nanny Alternative Apps for Parental Control & Monitoring

Even though Net Nanny is a great parental control app, it lacks some of the major parental control features which are available in various other parental control apps. Some of the best alternatives to Net Nanny are listed below.

1. KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is one of the best parental control apps out there which ensures efficient parental control and tracking. It also features all the functions which is absent in Net Nanny making it the perfect alternative. With KidsGuard Pro parents need not worry about the whereabouts of their kids and their activity on their phones. An easy to use dashboard makes it very simple for the parents to keep a check on their kid's phone activity.

kidsguard pro

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Features of KidsGuard Pro:

  • All the files and folders stored in your kid's phone can be accessed including photos, videos, audio files, calendar content and notes.

  • The incoming and the outgoing calls and messages can also be viewed which can help the parents in keeping their kids safe from predators.

  • With the location tracking feature using GPS and Wi-Fi logger, you would know where your child is at all times.

  • All the major social media platforms like WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, Snapchat etc can also be monitored through KidsGuard Pro.

  • With the keylogger function you can check what your child is searching on web and can also know what they are typing on the several messaging apps.

This app features a free 3-day trial which can be used by the parents to judge the app and its usage before purchasing the full version.

2. FamilyTime App

This is a very powerful Net Nanny alternative as it works efficiently in protecting your kids online. It helps your kids find a balance in their life with the time supervision feature. You can teach them about the safe habits online by monitoring their online activity and talking to them about it. In a way it gives the parents a peace of mind as they would know what their kids are upto online.

familytime app

3. FamiSafe App

FamiSafe is a wonderful app by Wondershare and is counted among the most reliable parental control apps. With this you can prevent your kids from getting cyber bullied. With the location tracking feature you can know about the whereabouts of your child at all times. Any app which you feel is inappropriate for your child can be blocked through this app. It also has a set of advanced parental control features like screen time restrictions, web filtering etc.

famisafe app

4. Qustodio App

This app has been designed to manage and supervise the activities of your child on their phones. This way you can protect them and keep them safe from any kind of dangers lurking in the online world. With the online dashboard which can be accessed remotely, you can easily see all the reports and alerts on the go. You can set healthy screen time limits, use the web filtering feature and do so much more with the help of this app.

qustodio app

5. ESET App

Internet is a pretty unsafe arena for kids of young age. This app gives a way for parents to control the inappropriate content and provide a safe environment for your kids to venture into. You can manage the time your kid spends on the various apps on their phones and avoid them getting addicted to them. Any inappropriate web content can also be easily controlled with the Safe Search. With the child locator feature you can create a personalized zone and get the alerts if they venture into any unsafe area.

eset app


Overall, we hope this article answered your question on "What is Net Nanny" It is a pretty effective app in providing internet safety to your kids with a set of comprehensive features which can be used and managed easily. However, it lacks certain other important features which are expected out of a parental control app. KidsGuard Pro is a powerful app which can be used as it includes all the features which the Net Nanny app lacks. Therefore, it is highly recommended!


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