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FlexiSPY Review 2019: Things You Should Know Before Choosing It

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Jun 25, 2019 12:01 pm tips_icon App Reviews

These days there are a lot of monitoring or tracking apps popping their head in the market. But we must not forget about the app that has been around for a long time.

FlexiSPY, introduced a long time ago, is one of the oldest monitoring apps ever. It also has a very solid user base, making it still has kept its place as one of the best monitoring apps. However, compared to modern apps, it lacks a few useful features. And during our research, there are a certain number of users complaining that FlexiSPY doesn't work as they advertised. So, here is our honest FlexiSPY review for you. Hope this can help you make a wise decision.

flexispy monitoring app

Part 1: What is FlexiSPY?

So, what is FlexiSPY? This is a question asked by a lot of users over the years, but the answer is very simple. In recent years numerous phone monitoring apps are introduced and FlexiSPY is one of the oldest apps that the market has to offer. It is a great app available for computers, mobile phones and tablets.

It has been running since before monitoring apps were in trend. Being there for such a long time was good for the app, as it has already created a huge user base. While the newer apps have evolved greatly, they are smaller in size, easy to operate and equipped with advanced features, FlexiSPY stayed the same.

1.1 What Can it Do

Being one of the best device monitoring apps, FlexiSPY is capable of many things. Although, its capability varies depending on which version of the app you are using. There are two versions available, Premium Version and an Extreme version.

So, basically, the app is capable of tracking calls and texts, monitoring instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook etc. The Extreme version is capable of intercepting calls and even the recording option is also available. In a word, the selection of features provided by the said app is fairly strong compared to similar products on the market. Here's a quick look into it:

Tracking SMS

All the incoming and outgoing messages from the target device will be monitored by the app. You are also capable of targeting the emails.

Intercepting Calls

One of the most important features of this monitoring app is call interception. Well, this app is capable of listening to calls. The app can record it as well in the Live Mode.

GPS Tracking

As a locator app, FlexiSPY is equipped with a GPS system. It is capable of finding out the exact location of the target device at any moment.

Monitoring App Activity

The activity monitoring or the app activity monitoring is available. You can monitor the activity of very popular messaging apps like Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM, Skype, WeChat etc.

Record Surroundings

One of its unique features is to record anything and everything that is happening around the device.

1.2 How to Use FlexiSPY App

This procedure is simple. The app needs to be installed on the target device and you need to monitor from the portal. But from the many user feedbacks, we realized that it is not easy to use FlexiSPY for the first time and the customer support is also not there to help.

There are two versions of the app is available. In order to install both Extreme and Premium versions of the app; jailbreaking is required on the iOS devices and rooting is required for Android devices. These invasive procedures let the app use its most advanced features.

The Premium version is not equipped with features like call interception or recording or the ambient noise recordings.

Part 2: Common FAQs about FlexiSPY

2.1 Is it User-Friendly?

Well, No! There are several monitoring apps available in the market and we are acquainted with a lot of them, but we have to say that FlexiSPY is not user-friendly enough. The app interface is outdated and everything is not levelled and on point.

Functions and notifications are available but it will be difficult for users to find the app guide. The installation and setup are also complicated. In most reports, users have said it took almost 2 hours to finish the installation. Also, the customer support is also lacking. Overall, you can't expect good user-experience!

2.2 Does FlexiSPY really work?

Now, the most important question is, does FlexiSPY really work as it says? Well, the app does seem to work but not effectively. The positive reviews are there on some reports saying the features do work in some cases. According to Trustpilot, a famous consumer review website, 41% users think FlexiSPY sucks.

flexispy user review 1

But most of the FlexiSPY real reviews from the users are negative. Some reports even suggested the app is not working at all.

flexispy user review 2

Another problems many users complain about are the untimely customer service and high price.

flexispy user review 3

2.3 What is the cost

The Premium version will cost you $68 per month, $99 for 3 months and $149 for a year.

The Extreme version will cost $199 for 3 months and $349 for a year of subscription.

To be honest, the price is quite high when compared to other similar apps. Also, it doesn't seem to provide effective monitoring as well.

flexispy pricing plan

So, the above are our objective FlexiSPY app reviews for you. They will help you get a keen insight into the capabilities and user-response of the said app.

From the real users review you can notice that customers are not exactly 100% satisfied with the performance of the app. Some of them are very disappointed as the app is not really working as they expected. So, they are also in the lookout for a FlexiSPY alternative.

If you also do not like the performance of this app or you think the price is on the high side, there are several alternatives for you but we have chosen the best alternative and it is none other than KidsGuard Pro.

Part 3: FlexiSPY Free Alternative - KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is a FlexiSPY free alternative and it is one of the modern apps with similar monitoring capabilities but with better overall performance. The best thing about KidsGuard Pro is that it keeps up with the demand of the users, unlike FlexiSPY.

KidsGuard Pro FlexiSPY
Price $8.32/month Premium Plan: $12.4/month
Extreme Plan: $29/month
Monitoring Features Keylogger, calls, contacts, images, videos, calendar, texts, browsing history, app activity, etc. Keylogger, browser activity, photos, videos, messages, calendar
Social Media Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, QQ, Kik, WeChat etc. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, messenger, Kik, Skype, Viber, LINE etc.
Customer Support 24*7 support is available Non-responsive
Location History Yes No
Real-time location tracking Very accurate Delay
Screenshot Yes Yes
Compatibility Android Android & iOS
Free Trial 3 days Not provided
Difficulty Easy to use Not easy
Detectability Undetected Gets detected by the users

So, the KidsGuard Pro app works really well and in most cases, it works better than FlexiSPY. One of the key issues here is the performance, where KidsGuard Pro trumps the said app. KidsGuard Pro also disappears from the target device as soon as it is launched. This helps the app to work undetected unlike in FlexiSPY where it can be detected. This is bad because if the user of the target device detects the tracking or somehow suspects that they are being tracked, they will either uninstall it or they will try to manipulate the tracking results in their favour.

Try It NowView Demo

kidsguard pro web portal interface


Therefore, FlexiSPY is a great app but it hasn't been updated in the last few years. So, the app basically lacks the modern touch and the lacking customer support does not help its reputation either. So, we would recommend you to get KidsGuard Pro for cell phone monitoring. It is a better performing app and cheaper too. A 3-day trial is available for this app; so, trying the app will cost you nothing, if you like it, purchase it later.


By Cody Walsh

Posted on Jun 25, 2019 ( Updated: Jun 25, 2019 )

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