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10 Teen Dating Apps Parents Should Know About

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Mar 06, 2019 03:20 pm tips_icon Parental Control

Being active on social media is the latest ongoing trend. There are many apps which take the interaction on social media to the next level. One of them is the several dating apps which has piqued the teenagers' interest. The idea of meeting someone interesting with just a click has got everyone downloading these apps including the teenagers. They have broadened their idea of socializing on apps like Facebook and Instagram and have opted to try out the trending dating apps.

While it is generally interesting and helpful for slightly older people, it can be harmful for the teenagers. This is because, teenagers are not mature enough to figure out and handle difficult situations. This has given rise to the need for the parents to know if their teen has in fact downloaded these teen dating apps. Here are some of the most trending teen dating apps which all parents should look out for.

1. Datetivity App

This teen meeting app makes the matches based on the activities which the users love involving themselves in. A background check is done as a must while making the profile on this app to ensure that there are no fake profiles. If any person has ever been committed a crime in his/her life, their user profiles are not approved at all, this ensures safety of the users to a large extent. Here, the members ask each other on a date which would involve any kind of activity the user is interested in. If the other person also enjoys the same activity, then it's a match!

datetivity app

2. Skout App

This is one of the dating apps for teenagers under 18, which is pretty popular among the teenagers to meet new people and interact with them. This application has a separate setting all together for teenagers where everyone is in their teen years. The minimum age requirement for any user to set up their user profile in this app is 13 years. It is a bit safer compared to the other teen dating apps. Through this app you can share information on the feed and comment on others posts as well. This app mainly focuses on building new friendships rather than finding a match in the first go.

skout app

3. Hinge App

This is one of the best teen dating apps where in the chances of interacting with a fake person is hardly a possibility. Only the authentically verified users can create their profile. So, the teenagers are slightly under lesser risk as they can be sure of whom they are talking to. However, some caution must be undertaken. Another striking feature of this app is that it lets you interact with only those people with whom you have at least one mutual friend. This additional feature goes a long way in ensuring authenticity of the users to some extent.

hinge app

4. Coffee Meets Bagel App

Unlike the usual dating apps where you get multiple numbers of swipes in a day, this app provides only a limited number of matches in a single day. This makes the process of dating through apps less superficial and more personal as teenagers cannot get overwhelmed with too many choices.

coffee meets bagel

5. Bumble App

Bumble is a bit similar to Tinder App and people on this app look for more of serious relationships rather than just hook ups. The users can set their preferences and the app will show matches based on those searches. For signing up on this, users would have to link their Facebook account to it. After this, all they have to do is upload a few pictures and the app will start showing match results. In this app, the girls will have to make the first move and only then the boys will be able to interact with them.

bumble app

6. Taffy App

This is a fairly new app in the market which focuses more on building real relationships rather than just hook up based on looks. Even this app uses Facebook account to authenticate the details of the user. In this app, the users have to create a blurred image or ad of them which keeps slowly revealing as you keep chatting. This is why the real person's nature is what is used to build relationships on this app.

taffy app

7. Hot or Not App

This application initially started making its mark as a website, with time after several iterations; it has released an app which is widely used by teenagers. Here, there are several dating profiles and you can make your choice by either swiping left or swiping right. The main thing is that even the location of the dating profiles gets shared and based on that the nearest people available. They are all featured in the screen with "Swiping" function.

hot or not app

8. Kik App

Kik is similar to the other social media apps wherein you can interact with friends as well as make new friends. Kik is one of the dating apps free for teenagers and is very popular. Through this app they can easily share a variety of content online. Unlike the other app messengers, Kik does not require the user to provide their phone number to start using the messaging feature.

kik app

9. MeetMe App

This app offers several ways to interact with friends. You can either directly send a message or go live in front of your friends. This app also includes a "Quick" feature which can be used to meet anybody in real immediately. This app also allows its users to give gifts virtually which cost real money.

meetme app

10. Tinder App

The reputation of Tinder among the parents is pretty bad, but there are many users who have had long term relationships after meeting on Tinder. It is one of the teenager dating apps which offer the ideal platform for the users to ask each other out on date in a quick and simple way. Once your profile is created, you have to swipe left or right based on your preferences, if the other person also swipes right on you then it's a match and then you can go ahead and interact with each other.

tinder app

Guidelines to Keep Your Teenager Away from Potential Dangers

No matter what your kids age is, it is always better that you instill some amount of guidelines before they start using the dating apps. A few mindful guidelines to keep a check on when your teenager enters the dating app circuit are given below.

teen dating  online

1. Be Aware About the Age Restrictions

There are several dating apps which specify the age limit as 18 years and above. This age limit is given for a reason. Some dating app software have a valid authentication network through which they verify these details and only after verification can a person create their profile. However, there are many apps which do not include a verification process. Regardless of these verification processes it is important that you make sure that your teenager is made aware about the repercussions if they do not follow the age restrictions, after all they are put there for a reason.

2. Be Cautious as Many People on Dating Apps Use Fake Profiles

The fairly newer apps have begun implementing a sign-up parameter to nullify the fake profiles. Even though these apps have so many verification processes to ensure that there are no fake profiles, there is still a bunch of people with fake profiles. Educate your teenager about doing a lot of background checks before starting a conversation with a stranger. They should check all the social media accounts linked to the profile to make sure that it is an authentic person and when in doubt it is always better to refrain from talking to that person.

3. Do Not Give Out Too Much Personal Information

Before being absolutely sure, teenagers should never give out any kind of important personal information like their location as that can be pretty dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. It is totally okay to talk about their interests and hobbies to get to know each other but it is never advisable to give out important personal details. Parents should intervene and take necessary steps if this happens.

4. Never Agree to Meet a Potential Match in Private

Your teenager shouldn't be encouraged to meet their match in private. If you kid randomly connects with a stranger and agree to meet at a private place, there are several things which can go wrong. It is totally not safe and all the fallbacks must be explained to your teenager in details.

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Even after all the talks and discussions with your teenager regarding the dangers of misusing dating apps, there are still chances that your teenager might be using it without letting you know about it. But, there is still a way through which this can be fixed. You need a proper parental control app which can help you monitor your kid's online whereabouts. You can basically supervise and control your kid' device usage.

And for that, KidsGuard Pro is an application that is perfect for the job. It provides the parents with the upper hand of controlling their teenagers' usage of mobile phones.

This application stays incognito, so your teenager won't even know that they are being tracked. With the help of this application, you as a parent can easily check the activity of your teenager on several apps. This includes several social media apps like Kik, WhatsApp, Viber, among so many others. Not only can you check the activity of your teenager on their phones, you can even take a screenshot of their phone whenever you feel it is necessary. Even if your teenager has gone out on a date with a person whom they met online, you can track their location through the real time location tracking feature of this app. Apart from this, this application also includes a set of other parental control features like viewing message and calls, accessing the stored data and files, keystroke recording and so much more.

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