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How to Set up Netgear Parental Controls and Time Limits

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Mar 14, 2019 04:40 pm tips_icon Parental Control

Internet is a world where you get to learn more, see more and know more. It's a world where virtually you get to experience all the good things including bad things also. So not only for the kids but also for the adults, internet has become something that you should use with proper control. As one of the biggest computer networking company, Netgear also cares about online security. It provides great parental control features in its routers that protect kids from accessing adult, gaming, gambling or other dangerous sites. In this article, you are going to learn the step by step guideline on how to set Netgear live parental controls and Netgear parental controls time limits. If you have no idea about Netgear parental controls before, then this should be your great chance to learn about it.

Part 1: How to Configure Netgear Parental Controls

It's really easy to configure Netgear genie parental controls if you have a proper guideline. Here is what you need to do –

Step 1: Select Parental Controls on Netgear Genie App

First you need to connect your computer to the Netgear router. Then launch the Netgear genie app and click on "Parental Controls".

netgear parental controls


If you aren't logged into the router, use the default username and password which are "admin" and "password" to login first.

Step 2: Login with OpenDNS Account

On the next Parental Control window, click "Next" and you will need an OpenDNS to continue. If you don't have one, just create a free OpenDNS account.

create opendns account

Step 3: Select a Filtering Level

Next you need to choose the filtering level for your network and then click on "Next" to apply the filtering settings.

choose filtering level

Step 4: Create a Bypass Account (Optional)

1. First you need to go to the Netgear genie "Status" window and click on the "Change Custom Settings" option.

change custom settings

2. Then you will be redirected automatically to the bypass account adding page. The link is – Now click on the "Add a bypass account" option to proceed. You also need to install the Netgear genie app to each and every device where you want to use the bypass account.

3. Next create a new username and password for the bypass account, and then click on "Add Account".

add account

4. Now you just need to customize the filtering level for the bypass account. Just choose "None" and click on "Save Filtering Level".

customize filtering level

Finally just add time block by going to the "Add a Time Block" option and set time limit. Then click on "Add Time Block".

add time block to bypass account

Netgear parental control is an amazing feature offered by Netgear routers. With the step by step guideline, you will easily be able to set up Netgear genie parental controls in a few clicks. This advanced parental control system will help you block unwanted websites and protect your children online.

Part 2: How to Set up Parental Controls on Child's Phone

Your kids are not always home to use the Wi-Fi connection from Netgear router. So Netgear router parental controls won't work on their phone when they are out using their phone's data connection. That's why you need KidsGuard Pro app to set up parental controls on child's phone. This is one of the most advanced and simple ways to set up parental control in your child's mobile device. As kids are always using their cell phones so they are easily vulnerable to all kinds of cyber-attack and bad contents of internet. You will always need the KidsGuard Pro app to protect your kids from any kind of cybercrimes, unwanted risks and inappropriate content.


  • It will let you know what your kids are doing on their devices all the time by viewing their activities.

  • You can track the time to time location of your kid view all the location history.

  • It will help you to check the incoming and outgoing calls & SMS to prevent any danger.

  • It will help you to see files like contacts, notes, photos, browser history, keystroke and also capture a real-time screenshot on the child's phone.

  • It runs invisibly in the background.

  • You can start with 3-day free trial.

How to use it:

Step 1: First you need to create your own KidsGuard Pro account by using your email. You also need to get a licence to use the app.

Try It NowView Demo

create kidsguardpro account

Step 2: Then you need to install the app on your target device and complete some necessary settings to track its activities.

install app on target device

Step 3: Finally you can just log into the web panel of KidsGuard Pro and check the activities on your child's device and work on parent management.

track activities and control


By Cody Walsh

Posted on Mar 14, 2019 ( Updated: Mar 14, 2019 )

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