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What Parents Should Know about Screen Time for Kids

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Feb 12, 2019 10:49 am tips_icon Parental Control

Is your kid addicted to smart devices like a computer or mobile phone? Well, don't worry you are not the only one who is worried about the same. In this advanced and fast era, it is quite difficult to keep kids away from such devices. Thanks to screen time control that makes this possible. Using screen time control tools, you can analyze and reduce the screen time for kids. In this article, we will discuss how to set up limitations on child's screen time and prevent addiction.

Part 1: How Much Time Do Kids Spend on the Screen

Since the inception of smartphones, people spend most of their time with them especially kids. According to the recently done survey, kids under the age of 2 spend almost 42 minutes with a mobile phone. Whereas, kids under age 2 to 4 years spend more than 2 hours a day! Kids from the age of 5 to 8 years spend more than 3 hours which is more as compared to other age groups. In this survey, we have also found the average mobile media usage is increased up to 50 percent as compared to 2011. By analyzing the above situation, we found it is very dangerous for your kids to have screen time of more than 3 hours. Parents need to be careful and make sure their kids are not spending more than 2 hours a day with a mobile phone or any video console. Want to limit screen time for your kid? Try parental control tools to get full control of your kid's device and set restriction if you want.

phone addiction among kids

Part 2: Is Too Much Screen Time Harmful for your Kids

Yes! It is harmful. There is no doubt today's kids are growing up with an array of smart electronic devices around them and some on their fingertips. It is quite impossible for them to live without smart devices like mobile phone, computer, television, and much more. Since the way of living has completely changed, too much screen time is also harmful to kids. Some negative side effects are given below.

Sleep Problem: Watching the television, using the mobile phone, or playing video games overnight leads to sleep problem. It is even more dangerous, especially for school kids. It affects sleep cycle and leads to insomnia.

Obesity: Engaging too much with such smart devices lead to obesity. These days, people are getting lazier and spend most of the time with their smart devices.

Violence: Engaging with violence from TV shows, movies, games, and music leads to various mental problems. If you think your kid is becoming violent from the past couple of days then, first check which games he/she is playing and constantly monitor his/her web activities.

Education problem: If your kid's marks are getting lower and lower from the past few semester exams or school test then, maybe more screen time is the reason behind it.

kids are addicted to play phones

Part 3: How Much Screen Time is Healthy for a Child

Too much screen time for children can adversely affect their behavior. Since smartphones and other gadgets have become an irreplaceable part of a person's life, that's why it is important to develop healthy screen time habits in kids from their preschool years. According to most recent guidelines from AHA, the children aged 2-5 years should only be allowed at most one hour of screen time, even that under the watchful gaze of an adult. Parents should teach their kids how to make the most out of their screen time with good-quality media and healthy screen time habits. Healthy screen time can also help develop creativity, problem-solving ability, communication and social skills in your child.

Part 4: How to Limit Screen Time on your Child's Phone

So, in case, you are wondering how to limit screen time, here is a guide that can help you for both Android and iOS devices:

iPhone Parental Controls Time Limit:

iOS users can use the inbuilt iPhone parental controls Time Limit feature called Screen Time on their device to limit screen time for their children. This feature also allow parents to view how much time their kids spend on their device and then apply appropriate screen time limits. Parents can limit the apps usage time, block inappropriate content from browser or App Store, internet usage, App purchases, and downloads etc.

If you want to know how to limit screen time using Screen Time feature, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Screen time on your iPhone.

Step 2: Turn on Screen Time toggle by tapping in it once and then Continue.

Step 3: Select This is My Device and This is My Child's device to setup screen time on both your own and your child's device.

setup screen time

Step 4: After that, you can choose the several options available to exercise screen time control on your child's device for limiting App usage time, blocking content, purchasing and downloading etc.

set time limits

Android Parental Controls Time Limit:

Android doesn't have a built-in screen time feature like iPhone. So, Android users need to download screen time apps to limit screen time. These apps allow users to set screen time limits for various apps. Parents can use these apps to limit the screen time their kids get on their Android devices so that they can minimize the distraction that these have on their child. Some apps even allow other features like blocking apps, calls, texts, and internet access etc. remotely.

Top 5 screen time control apps for Android are given below:

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Limiting screen time will only help in preventing kids from spending too much time on their devices. But, it doesn't tell parents what their kids do on their smartphone. So, if you want to know or monitor your kids' smartphone activities during their allowed screen time, then you can try KidsGuard Pro. It is a parental control tool that allows parents to keep track of all activities of their kid's smartphone. A detailed activity report is available to parents on their KidsGuard Pro web panel. Some other outstanding features are listed below:

  • The tracking and monitoring of the child's device activities can be done remotely without accessing the device.

  • Using KidsGuard Pro, parents can view their kids call logs, contacts, text messages, and messages on social apps like WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Kik, etc.

  • Parents can also track the real-time GPS locations to ensure that their kids don't venture into dangerous places.

  • It is also possible to view media files like photos, videos, and notes stored on the child's device.

  • KidsGuard Pro also reports web browsing history on the child device, so that parents can view what kind of websites their kids browse.

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