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10 Best Kids Learning Apps That Parents Shouldn’t Miss

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Feb 21, 2020 05:23 pm tips_icon Parental Control

Over the last few years, the education industry has taken an interesting turn. With the arrival of several apps the ways of educating children has wonderfully transformed. These applications use fun-filled methods to educate children which make it more interesting for them when it comes to learning. Since these applications are full of fun activities, kids are generally drawn to such apps and they ultimately learn better. In a way, these educational applications act as a communication barrier between parents and kids and even teachers and kids. With the constant growth in technology, kids are becoming more and more smarter due to which advanced learning methods need to be employed. Listed below are the best educational kids learning apps available for download. Have a look!

kid is learning  on the tablet

1. ClassDojo

This educational app for kids offers a simple way in which an amazing classroom community can be built for a happier experience. Parents, teachers and kids come together in a positive community to communicate and learn through the extensive features of this app.

Teachers can encourage the kids to pick up a certain responsibility or improve their skill to shape the kid's values. Students can showcase their learning and post updates on their portfolio in the form of videos and photos. This app also helps the parents in viewing the classroom activities with a single click on their smartphone through the various photos and videos updated by their kids.

classdojo app

Compatibility: Android and iOS phones and tablets

Price: Free

2. DragonBoxApp

This is one of the best learning apps for kids which offer a way in which you can empower your kids to learn something new through the attractive range of games. DragonBox has an extensive list of apps each dedicated to a different stream of education. All these apps have been categorized based on their type as well as the age group for which it is meant.

With these applications, the learning experience is enhanced and kids will be able to grasp things in a much better way.

dragon box math app

Compatibility: Android and iOS phones and tablets

Price: The price of the gaming apps range from $4.99 to $7.99

3. Duolingo App

With this free educational app for kids, your kid can learn different languages from every part of the world. The young minds generally grasp better so it is always better to start teaching them different languages from a young age so that it can benefit them in the future.

This application is fun and addictive and will keep your kid hooked to it till he/she learns the particular language. The kids can earn points whenever they give a right answer by racing against the timer and level up with each successful completion of test.

It lets you read the lines from different languages, listen to the pronunciations and speak with the correct accent. This application gives a boost to the learning process of languages.

duolingo app

Compatibility: iOS and Android phones and tablets, Windows OS

Price: Free

4. Khan Academy Kids

This is an interactive application which improves learning fluency of kids without sacrificing their playfulness and their joyous nature. The application comes with a number of premium educational activities, songs, games and books mainly for pre-schoolers and toddlers.

Your kid can learn maths, language, drawing, coloring, storytelling, how to read and how to write etc. with the help of characters who will guide them accordingly. It can definitely improve problem-solving skills and especially motor development. The app certainly encourages creativity and kids can learn at their own speed! It is very important to start putting in the knowledge at a young age as it can shape up the kid's future.

Overall, it is a good app for kindergarteners who are just stepping their way into learning. It is completely free to use and is devoid of any ads as well.

khan academy kids

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad

Price: Free

5. Kahoot App

Kahoot is a special app which is dedicated for a fun-filled experience for the kids. Through the several quizzes known as "kahoots", your kids can learn and create their own quizzes. They can play these kahoots anytime and anywhere on the go! This application is purely dedicated for kid's learning but in a different way.

Other than quiz creation, it also comes with live games which are hosted live. There is a Trivia app for challenging friends and Homework app with the help of which teachers can assign kahoots ditching the traditional paper homework. There is also a Remote training app as well.

Basically, this is one of those free educational apps for kids where you can find everything to enhance their learning experience without burdening them with traditional learning.


Compatibility: iOS and Android phones

Price: Free

6. Hit The Button Maths App

This application can be ideal for those kids who are interested in learning about numbers. The simple and vivid teaching methods employed in this application make the experience of learning the numbers very interesting.

Several questions are fired at your child based on the different concepts of mathematics and they have to compete against the clock to finish answering all the questions. It will work for the age group 6 to 11 years. The mathematical ability of the kids can be improved to a great extent with the help of this application. It makes the math learning experience fun and interesting.

hit the button

Compatibility: iOS and Android phones and tablets

Price: $2.99

7. Endless Numbers

This is an application which is meant to be introduced at an early age to the kids to make their understanding of number better and easier. The focus of the child improves to a great extent with the help of this application. Along with focus, the working memory of the child also improves through this application.

Extensive use of animated cartoons makes the interface of this application very fun and interesting which make the kids enjoy the experience of learning through this application. This application is ideal for kids who are in the age group of 3 to 6 years.

endless numbers

Compatibility: iOS and Android phones and tablets

Price: Free to download after which you will be charged $4.99

8. Teach Your Monster To Read

This is an application which can majorly enhance the reading skills of your child. The reading material on this application covers everything regarding the different sounds and letters and frames them into interesting sentences to be read by the kids.

It has been designed after collaborating with some of the leading academics. You can either introduce this application at home or wait for your kid to learn about the phonics system before introducing this app, either way it will go a long way in helping your kid master the reading and pronunciation skills.

teach your monster to read

Compatibility: Android and iOS phones and tablets

Price: $4.99

9. Octonauts App

This application has beautiful 3D animated characters which make the learning about the underwater world very interesting. This is the award winning learning app for toddlers which is perfect for the preschool kids.

It has several missions and mini games which will keep the kids occupied in doing something beneficial. Through this application, your child can interact with the world underwater and learn more about the creatures living there.

octonauts app

Compatibility: Android and iOS phones and tablets

Price: $3.99

10. Stack The Countries

This is one of the best educational apps for kids which make the kids aware about the different geographical states and countries of the world along with their shape and location on the map. It also tells about the different flags and the capital cities of all the countries.

It has several interactive games where in the kids would have to read the question and choose the answer from the available options. Six different player profiles can be stored on this game and there is an option of being a guest player as well.

stack the countries

Compatibility: Android and iOS phones and tablets

Price: $3.99

Overall, here are the 10 best learning apps for toddlers or kids. Some of these are totally free to use and some are paid. You can choose any one of them or you can try each one and make a selection after you see your kid's reaction and progress. Best of luck!

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