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How to Set up Instagram Parental Controls and Keep Kids Safe

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Aug 26, 2020 08:30 pm

Instagram was launched in the year 2010 and since then it has become one of the most popular social media apps. With the number of users exceeding 400 million from all over the world, the daily active users post about 90 million pictures everyday which shows that Instagram is their most loved social media website. Most teens use it to share photos and videos online, and also stay in contact with their friends and loved ones as it comes with the chat feature. However, not all the contents on Instagram are age-appropriate, and some of them are not suitable for teens. There is an obvious chance that they could get exposed to some vulgar content or get in contact with some shady person. If that raises your concern, you should consider using Instagram parental controls. Now, just read the article below to know all about Instagram and its parental control features.

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What Parents Need to Know About Instagram

Instagram is still gaining popularity among teens. These days what we tend to ignore is that a child need to be at least 13 years old to use such social networking sites without their parent's consent. However, the truth is even the children under the age of 10 are accessing such apps. Mentally they are actually too young to understand the impact of their actions online.

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It's unfair to say Instagram is not safe for kids, but we should also pay attention to the negative effects. Here we have discussed both pros and cons of using Instagram, written only for your reference.


  • The teenagers can use Instagram as a platform to share the photos and videos of their daily routine. They can share with their friends and loved ones so they can engage with them.

  • The users are capable of sharing photos of any subject. Very informative and interesting if used properly. This provides great flexibility!

  • The users can use hashtags with their photos so they can get connected with other similar content.

  • They can also tag their friends, even if the user is not following them. All that a user needs, is their friend's "@username".


  • The users can share any photos and videos on Instagram but they are all open for public viewing and they are also geo-tagged automatically. So, anyone who is following your kid will know their current location at any given moment, which is very risky.

  • There is always a risk of getting exposed to pornography or any inappropriate images. So, parental supervision is required to inspect the content.

  • The photos can be uploaded with hashtags, including the ones that are abusive for someone's self-esteem. They can be very damaging.

  • If your kid is tagged in any photo, it will be shared automatically. Any cyber bully can take advantage of such settings very easily.

  • The social media site is filled with users who are practically boasting their cool experiences or activities like magnificent parties and travelogues. But our kids do not have the maturity to understand such exposure on Instagram. They may consider this is the right thing to do.

Does Instagram Have Parental Controls

As a parent you may have considered this before, how can parents monitor Instagram. Unfortunately, there is no such feature available for Instagram. But don't worry, even if there is no Instagram monitoring for parents, you can still take actions if you see any inappropriate content on the website. If your children are bothered by any vulgar comments, then you can easily complain or report the abusive or inappropriate behaviour to the Instagram authority. Basically, if you see a picture on the Instagram that is not appropriate for public display; you can also report it to the Instagram authority. If you don't want the kids to be contacted by the strangers, you can easily setup a private account to protect their privacy. Some other ways are discussed in detail below.

How to Put Parental Controls on Instagram for Kids

So here is a detailed parent's guide to Instagram. Read it and learn what you can do to protect kid's safety on Instagram.

How to report a photo

If your kid is using a Windows phone or an iPhone you will see "3 Horizontal Dots" but if it is an Android device then you will see "3 Vertical Dots" just above the photo you want to report. A drop menu will open and tap on "Report", then choose "Spam or Inappropriate".

report photo on instagram

How to report a comment

If you child was bothered by some bad comments, then you can tap on "Comment" just above the photo. If it is iPhone then swipe left but if it is an Android device then tap on the comment you want to report. Again, tap "!"and select "Spam or Scam or Abusive content".

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How to report an underage child on Instagram

If you has stumbled upon an account and believe that it belongs to someone who is under the age 13 then you need to fill out a form on Instagram and the Instagram authority will investigate your concern.

How to set up a private account

All the Instagram accounts are available for public viewing, it is the default settings. So, anyone will be able to view your child's profile and posts. So, if you can make the account "Private" then only the people following your kid will be able to see the profile.

Setting up the "Private Account" is very easy, just tap on the "Profile Pic" at the bottom and then click on the "3 dots" at the top. After that, scroll down and click on "Private Account".

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How to remove unappreciated followers

On Instagram, anyone can follow your kid. But it is possible that your kid may not like the presence of some of the followers. If this is the situation, then tap on "Followers" tab, followed by the 3 dots next to the follower you want to delete.

eliminate  unwanted followers on instagram

How to hide offensive comments

The Instagram comments can be very appreciative and also be very nasty and offensive. You can hide those comments by tapping the 3 dots on your profile. You can also tap "Comment Controls" and then activate "Hide Offensive Comments". The website will detect such comments but it will not be accurate all the time.

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How to unfollow a user

If a user is bothering your child, then, he/she can just choose to unfollow that person. The people they are unfollowing won't be notified of the action so, don't worry about being confronted by them. Go to the "Following" section and then tap on the "Following" button.

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So, if you are wondering "can you put parental controls on Instagram", the answer would be "NO". There are no specified parantal control options available in Instagram. But the guide has provided a few options in case your kids are in a compromised situation on the app.

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You can block and report the virtual abusers with the Instagram privacy controls but the online world is huge and not just restricted to Instagram. There are so many avenues which can pose a threat on the safety of your kid online. And there are no proper ways to report, you have to take care of your child and for that you will need significant help in the form of parental control especially for cellphones. A kind of help that can only be provided by a specialized parental control app like KidsGuard Pro!

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