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How to Use Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Feb 21, 2020 05:23 pm tips_icon Parental Control

Is your little one spending too much time on his Nintendo Switch? You want him to do other important things but also don't want to forcibly take away the Nintendo from him?

Well, kids are easy to indulge in games but taking the console directly away from them will do more harm than good. First of all, he will be disappointed and rebel again the parents. So, the most peaceful way is to limit a certain amount of time for your child to play with the Nintendo and when that time is over he needs to shut down the console. Tell him this agreement but if he is not listening to you, activate Nintendo switch parental controls. After a certain time, the device will shut down automatically or a pop-up notification will appear on the screen. So, the article below will focus on why you need to set the parental control and how to set parental control on Nintendo Switch.

Part 1: When you Need to Set Parental Control on Nintendo Switch

kid are playing Nintendo

I'm sure that this is not the first time you have heard of kids spending too much time on gaming. This is a very natural phenomenon and it happens to a lot of kids. The games on the Nintendo Switch are so entertaining that kids are spending more and more time on them.

They definitely like it but it is not good for them. Too much gaming will not only hurt their gentle eyes but it will also drop bar on their character development. They will not be able to focus on their studies which will show up on their grades. There are also some games that are full of blood and violence. So, these type of games are definitely not suited for kids, if they accidentally get access to such stuff it will affect their potential growth and mental health.

So, basically what we are saying is that gaming is obviously needed for them to unwind but only a limited time of gaming is preferable. Too long and it will disrupt their performance on the exams and other activities that are equally important. So, in order to stop them, you can employ a parental control app. Using such programs you will be able to monitor their play time and it will notify them when the time is up.

Part 2: What can Nintendo Switch Parental Controls Do

Nintendo  parental control app

The app for Nintendo Switch Parental Control is very effective and available for free. This app will help you to engage with your family regarding all the activities for Nintendo Switch. Al the modern Nintendo device comes with this app; so, if you enable the Nintendo parental controlsvia this app then you will be able to monitor the usage of the console; also it will help you create a safe and educational upbringing for your kid. Here are things you can do if you activate the Nintendo Switch Parental Control;

You can monitor their play time

Well, one of the main intentions of enabling the parental control is that your kid is playing non-stop with the console and you are unable to stop them. So, with the parental control feature, you will be able to set a time limit for how long the device can be used each day. When and if the time limit is finished a notification will pop-up on the screen.

You will get an alert if the console stays on after the time limit, if you see fit then you can also set up the Nintendo to shut down when the time is up. And if you want your kid to have a free day then you can disable all the alarms and game interruptions with the PIN provided to you.

Select which games they are fit to play

So, when you are setting up the Nintendo, you can also choose from a category that was preset. You will be able to select which games they are allowed to play, and it will be based on their age. You can also see which games they are fond of, and base the restriction with that information.

Online features

Every Nintendo game comes with different online features and some of them might not be appropriate for your kids.

You can easily limit the in-game text and image sharing. You will also have the ability to stop them from posting any screenshots on the social media.

Part 3: How to Set up Parental Controls on Nintendo Switch

If your kid is spending too much time on their Nintendo Switch and it is affecting their studies and mental growth then you need to stop them from doing this, for the sake of their bright future. Just don't stop from playing with the Nintendo all together but you can set up the Nintendo switch parental control to limit their time of entertainment.

Approaching the situation like this will help them to unwind with the Nintendo, also they will not be able to waste too much of their time playing games on the console. Here's how to enable parental control Nintendo switch:

Step 1: Open the Nintendo Switch Console and go to the System Settings from the Home Screen.

Step 2: Now, scroll down and find the "Parental Controls".

parental  controls

Step 3: There you need to select "Parental Controls Settings" from the top.

Step 4: Then, "Use your Smart Device".

from  settings choose the option

Step 5: Now, you need to download the Nintendo parental control app form Google Play or App store and sign into the same Nintendo account.

sign  in nintendo account

Step 6: Now, go to the console and enter the code provided by the app, the console will be linked.

enter the code

Step 7: Now, the app is connected and you will be able to place restrictions. to Social Media postings, and communications etc. You can also set time limits for playing games for your kids. You will have options from "No Limit" to "15 interval" to "6 hours interval".

select thenintendo level restriction

So, if your kid is spending too much time on Nintendo Switch or playing some inappropriate games, just activate parental control from the settings and you will be able to control the hours they spend on their console. It is very simple and efficient!

Bonus Tip: How to Put Parental Control on Child's Phone

If you are worried about your kid's activities outside their time on Nintendo, KidsGuard Pro is a very simple yet effective parental control app for your kids. The app is very easy to operate, just install the app on your kid's mobile and you will be able to monitor their movements remotely. You will be able to understand their behavior and most of alland you will know that they are safe all the times. Here are some much-appreciated features of KidsGuard Pro app:

  • You can check their location through GPS tracking and Wi-Fi logger analyzing.

  • You can check if there is any bad presence in their lives by checking text messages, WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Viber and QQ etc.

  • You can also view their online activities by checking the call logs, photos, videos and most importantly browser history.

  • You can also get real time screenshots as well.

Try It NowView Demo

kidsguard pro parental control dashboard

The software is available with a 3-day free trial and we highly recommend using the sign up account to start the free trial now.


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