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10 Dangerous Apps for Teens that Parents Should Be Aware of

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Feb 21, 2020 05:23 pm

These days we hear and see an alarming rise in the dangerous scenarios lurking everywhere especially online. A surprising fact is that the applications on your kids' phones act as a gateway using which the predators reach your children. Some applications are filled with adult content and other such data which is totally inappropriate for the young minds. Some of the well-known applications which are very popular these days are also dangerous for your kids. The problem is that many parents are not aware about this. So, learn about the top 10 dangerous apps for kids on this article.

1. Kik App

kik app

Teens are constantly seen downloading and using this application as it is one of the most popular apps available. This application has been constantly making headlines for being one of the most dangerous apps for your child.

This is a kind of messaging app which allows the user to send and receive messages. The reason why this is dangerous is that if the privacy settings are not set up properly the information about your teen can be accessed easily by any dangerous person on this app. Also, adding on to this, the details of the sender or receiver is also very difficult to retrieve. If in case, the profile of your child is public, any random stranger can send inappropriate pictures and messages to your child.

This is one of the most dangerous apps for teens through which the predators can reach your child and therefore careful monitoring or deletion of this app is a necessary measure which must be taken by the parents.

2. SnapChat

snapchat app

This a popular photo sharing application which also includes the messaging feature as well. Most of the teenagers and kids get addicted to this application as it has numerous photo filters which are quite interesting and lively.

The problem with this application is that, all the messages, photos and videos shared here can be easily seen by strangers and they may misuse it. As photos/videos get deleted quickly, many users are using it for sexting and share nude photos as well. Also, any random person can send inappropriate snaps to your child which can be harmful for their young mind.

Although it seems like a safe application as the photo or video which you share gets deleted after ten seconds of them being opened, the receiver can still take a screenshot of the image which your child posted. SnapChat does alert the user when a screenshot is taken but there is no way you can retrieve the screenshot.

3. Yik Yak

yik yak app

This is a dangerous social media app which offers a portal for anonymous users. Using this app your kid can create any kind of post and put it up on the portal anonymously. The other users who are within a radius of about 1.5 miles can view and comment on the post.

Every user of this app will have the authority to anonymously post, comment, upvote and stream content throughout the apps portal. It is basically intended for users who are above the age of 18 years.

Since it is an anonymous app, several kids, especially the teenagers are accessing this application. As nobody would get to know who comments and posts, it becomes a dangerous site for cyber bullying and anonymous harassing.

4. Instagram

instagram app

Instagram is an app with multiple users who can share their photos and network with friends and other users. With this popular application, your child can click pictures and share it on several social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr.

It is very important that the privacy settings of a child's profile on this application must be set up by the parents as millions of users across this platform can access and view the videos and images which your child shares on this app. Some of these users can be predators who can misuse the pictures of your child in an inappropriate way. There are even many users who post hurtful remarks as comments under photos which can leave a negative impact on your child's mind.

Your child can also access several other posts which are posted by many users over this app. Some of the content and pictures posted on Instagram may not even be suitable for viewing by young kids as it showcases nudity and other inappropriate stuff and hence this dangerous app for tweens must be watched over from your child's phone.

5. App app

This is one of the most dangerous social media apps and has been involved in several controversies throughout several regions of the world. On this app any user can create a profile and other users can post their questions anonymously. These questions can also be answered anonymously.

If you ever find this application installed on your child's phone you must immediately delete it and educate them about not using such applications.

This site is known to possess some of the most malicious and explicit content. There are several posts which is completely inappropriate for the teens and young kids. In US alone, many suicides have been reportedly linked to this application.

6. MeetMe App

meetme app

This application is like social networking site which allows its users to connect over messages and meet personally. As soon as the user logs on, he/she will see a list of users who are online and who are located nearby.

This application uses the GPS feature to locate nearby users. This is a completely inappropriate app for your child as their location will be shared publicly and any potential predator can reach them easily and may cause harm.

Many pictures which the users use are pretty provocative which would not be suitable to be viewed by young children. There is no secure way in which this application verifies the age of its users, which means that a child of any age can easily fake their own age and start using this application without any hindrance.

7. Vine App

vine app

Vine is a video sharing application which is easily available online and can be accessed by kids of all ages. Through this application, your kids can send 6-second long videos to people online.

This application is basically meant to be a normal video sharing application intended to be used for sharing funny and motivational clips but the users have been misusing this application to share inappropriate videos. Several videos unsuitable to be viewed by children are easily accessible by them which make this application very dangerous for the young kids.

8. Whisper App

whisper app

Whisper is another application which has several anonymous users sharing information. Through this application, the users can connect to people who have the same interests as them and interact and tell secrets to them.

This application is meant for users who are above the age of 17 years but several users under the age of 17 years have been seen using this application to connect with various types of people. On this application, the users can either post or comment publicly or even chat with any specific person on a personal chat window.

The anonymous feature of this app along with the public location sharing makes it very easy for the predators to reach and harm your teenager. This app is dangerous for this very reason and must be definitely deleted from your kid's phone.

9. Blendr App

blendr app

Blendr is one of the most dangerous applications wherein the users can message and exchange photos and videos with other users and also rate them based on their "Hotness". The location of the users is also visible to the other users.

Teenagers often fall prey to such applications as they are at an age where they constantly need a boost to their self esteem. The features of this application are absolutely not suitable for your child and it is very dangerous since it even shares the location of your child publicly.

10. WhatsApp Messenger

whatsapp messenger

While WhatsApp Messenger has helped people throughout the globe to stay connected with their friends and families, it can pose a potential threat if used by your child without parental supervision.

On this app, any user can share unlimited amount of videos, photos and messages for free. If left unmonitored, your child may even begin interacting with strangers and start sharing personal information with them making it turn into a very dangerous scenario.

Best Parental Control App To Monitor Child's App Usage

Since many popular apps like the ones listed above are easily available online, teens do tend to download these applications on their phones to keep up with the trend. But, these apps can be very dangerous if proper privacy is not maintained. There are privacy concerns, inappropriate content and a lot of other things. Since your kids are very young and cannot decipher between right and wrong, it is necessary to employ means of parental control. The best way to do this is by downloading the parental control apps which are available online. While you cannot keep an eye on all the social media applications on your child's phone through these apps, at least some of the popular apps can be monitored along with your child's phone activity.

The best parental control application to keep a track of your child's cell phone usage is KidsGuard Pro. Through this application, your child can be kept safe online thanks to its comprehensive parental control features.

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  • Check the chat and contacts on popular social media apps like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Line, Kik and QQ to detect any issues.

  • You can check the incoming and outgoing calls and messages and know who are they talking to

  • You can view the contacts which are stored in the target device.

  • An instant screenshot can also be taken on the target phone.

  • It can quickly locate your kids by either GPS tracking or Wi-Fi logger tracking.

  • Other data stored in the target phone like photos, videos, calendar, notes etc, can also be viewed and checked.

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You can try out this application for free for 3 days after which, if you are satisfied with the results, you can opt for the premium version of this application.


Many social media applications have gained popularity these days and the kids fall prey to the latest trend of communicating through these top 10 dangerous apps. What they don't know is that sharing certain kind of information on such dangerous sites can potentially cause harm. That is where you as a parent come into picture! Using KidsGuard Pro you can watch over your kid's cell phone activity. It offers a secure platform for effective parental controlling which helps you in keeping your kid safe from the potential dangers lurking in the online world.


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