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The Most Recommended Network Monitoring Software in 2019

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Mar 28, 2019 02:31 pm tips_icon Device Monitoring

These days all the work places have a computer system which is constantly used by all the employees. They depend on these systems for carrying out the everyday tasks. By keeping a check on these computer networks, any kind of risky or suspicious behavior can be avoided.

At your workplace these network monitoring software are the perfect tools for making sure that all the employees are carrying out their tasks efficiently. These software also measure the network usage and provides an efficient way of managing it. Here are the top 10 network monitoring software in 2019 which work very effectively in monitoring the computer networks.

1. Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor

This free network monitoring software has been specifically designed in order to improve the performance of the computer and reduce the network outages at the same time. It is very easy to set up and does not require any extra tools. It comes with a customizable and a very friendly user interface which can be used by almost anyone.

solarwinds software


  • Network monitoring for multi-vendor

  • Give network insights for the purpose of deeper visibility

  • Features intelligent maps

  • Easy troubleshooting

  • Scalability is pretty good which is perfect for large environments

  • Provides advanced alerting

2. PRTG Network Monitor

With the ever growing IT infrastructure, a good computer network monitoring software has become a necessity. This internet monitoring software has the capability of monitoring every minute aspect of individual IT infrastructures. With the help of this application all the devices and systems in your workforce can be easily monitored. All the features which are required to monitor the network at your workplace are provided by this app with no additional downloads.

prtg software


  • Monitors packets, traffic, bandwidth, apps, databases, cloud services, uptime, virtual environments, hardware, IPs, ports, web services, security, and so much more.

  • Supports almost all technologies.

  • It is readily available for every platform

3. WhatsUp Gold 2018

This network monitoring software was developed by Ipswitch and is considered to be one of the most user-friendly network monitoring software out there. It can be easily configured as well without any hassle. The dashboard featured by this software is visually very appealing and can be customized according to the individual's desires. It also features the attribute of sending advanced alerts whenever anything risky or suspicious is happening with the computer network.

whatsup gold software


  • Discovers all the resources automatically

  • Interactive network interface

  • Makes map overlay possible wirelessly

  • Slack integration

  • Improved traffic analysis of the network

  • Storage monitoring

4. ManageEngine OpManager

This is one of the best network monitoring software which provides affordable network monitoring services. The designers of this software understand the importance of computer network monitoring in the working places which is reflected by the many useful features inbuilt in this software. Almost all the network devices including switches, routers, load balancers, firewalls, LAN controllers etc can be monitored with the help of this software.

manageengine software


  • Real time network monitoring

  • Virtual and physical server monitoring

  • Multi-level thresholds

  • Customizable dashboard

  • Monitoring of WAN link

  • Easy to setup and use

5. Zabbix

With the help of this software, you can regain complete visibility of the computer networks in your workforce. The performance and usability featured by this software is the highlight of this tool. It features a very flexible dashboard setting which confers to individual's specifications.

zabbix software


  • Enhanced visualization

  • Ease of time range selection

  • Kiosk mode for accessing all the data

  • Secure and reliable monitoring which is distributed

  • Fast performance

  • Permissions and maintenance which are tag based

  • Easy accessibility

6. Nagios XI

This software is not just aimed at the IT sector but at a much larger audience including freelancers and small businesses. The pricing model of this software is accordingly generated making it pretty flexible. Users can try out the free version and then decide whether to purchase the full version or not. It features extensive monitoring and alerting functions at a reasonably low rate.

nagios software


  • Monitoring engine is powerful

  • Graphs feature advanced monitoring data

  • Includes capacity planning

  • Features configuration wizards

  • Taking a snapshot of configuration is also possible

  • Infrastructure management is possible

  • Advanced level of user management functions

7. Datadog

Datadog has been specifically designed for the hybrid form of cloud environments. This software can easily monitor the performance of apps, network, services and tools. One of the major highlights of this software is that it has the capability to provide extensibility with decent level of documentation. It can be easily installed and setup for use.

datadog software


  • Monitor apps, services and systems

  • Full visibility of modern apps

  • Explore the log data and analyze it

  • User experience can also be proactively monitored

  • The dashboards can be designed by the user to be more interactive

  • Share and view reviews

  • Get instant alerts on several critical issues

8. Icinga

Icinga is an open source monitoring tool which effectively monitors the services and infrastructure. This software's main focus remains on the monitoring functions. This internet usage monitoring software features excellent threshold analysis along with the efficient functionality of reporting alerts. It also gives out comprehensive reports which go a long way in helping you improve the health of your IT infrastructure.

icinga software


  • Efficient monitoring engine

  • Appealing web user interface

  • Very secure and safe

  • Get alerted immediately

  • Allows configuration, adaptation and scaling to improve your IT infrastructure.

9. Logic Monitor

This software is a SaaS monitoring tool which gives you the total visibility of the health as well as the performance of your computer network. This software detects the IT systems and devices automatically and then starts monitoring them proactively. Apart from the excellent monitoring capabilities, this software also helps you by improving the health and performance of your computer network. It can easily predict any upcoming issues and alert you beforehand.

logic monitor software


  • Gives insights for the daily functioning of your firm

  • Offers critical visibility deep into all the latest developed technologies

  • Customizable dashboard

  • Full data visibility

  • Complete visibility of cloud services

  • Network flow data

  • Measures the website performance

  • Flexible alerting

10. ConnectWise Automate

This is a cloud based computer network managing software which can be used from one single location. With the help of this software you can easily keep a track of your devices in an IT infrastructure. It works by automatically detecting all the devices available in your network and then functions to let you manage them proactively. It interprets the common problems and alerts the user with a proper solution. You can protect all your devices and systems from a centralized managing location.

connectwise software


  • Excellent visibility functions

  • Increase in service without an increase in cost

  • Easy removal of delivery roadblocks

  • Patching functionalities

So, here are the 10 best and highly recommended network tracking software for 2019. All the software are specially picked with respect to unique features and overall usability. You can choose any one of them and they will surely provide you with good results.

KidsGuard Pro:Your Best Cellphone Monitoring App

These days more than the use of computers, people prefer using their cellphones. Due to the extensive features of cellphones these days, they have gained massive popularity as they perform the same functions as that of a computer with added advantages. And with added features there should be a way to track cellphone activity as well. This can go a long way in protecting your kid from online threats, inappropriate content and other related activities.

For monitoring cellphones, one of the highly recommended apps is KidsGuard Pro which effectively helps you in managing, viewing and controlling the activities on the target phone. No activity goes unnoticed when you install this app on the target phone. This application is great for parents as well who want to keep a check on the activities of their children on their phones in order to keep them away from any kind of dangerous scenarios.

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kidsguard pro


  • It can track all the app activities on the target phone and can give you an idea about the time spent on that phone.

  • All the data stored in the target can be viewed with the help of this app including images, videos, call history, messages and so much more.

  • The data in the social media apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Viber etc can also be viewed.

  • With the help of GPS tracking or Wi-Fi logger, the real time location of the target device can be found out.

  • A real time screenshot can also be taken on the target phone.

This app is highly recommended for all the parents whose kids are using an Android device. You can try this app out for free for three days and once you are satisfied with its results you can opt for the full version of the same.


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