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How to Monitor Child’s Phone for Free

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Jan 25, 2019 05:59 pm tips_icon Device Monitoring

If you have a child at home with a cell phone, you definitely must be worried about their safety online. There are so many threats including the potential cyber criminals lurking in the virtual world that it becomes all the more necessary for you to look out for your child. You cannot just take the cell phone away from them as a cell phone is the only way you can get notified if they are doing okay or not. So what can you do in such a situation? You needn't worry anymore! This article details all the necessary information required for monitoring your child's activity on their cell phone, like why monitoring your child's cell phone activity is important and how you can do this with the help of third party applications which are meant to help you monitor child's phone.

monitor child's  phone

Part 1: Should You Monitor Your Kid's Phone

There are so many threats online which can easily harm your child. So you are thinking of starting to monitor kid's phone activity, but should you really be doing it? Such questions are bound to arise in your mind when you think about securing your child and keeping them safe. Here are a few pointers which will ease this decision-making process.

1. Before you go ahead and start child phone monitoring, it is always better that you have a talk to them about the potential dangers of living in a digital world. You have to discuss about what kind of content should they be sharing online. Other privacy details would also have to be discussed. After having the talk, you can decide on monitoring their cell phone activity by judging their reaction.

talk to kids  about cell phone usage

2. Irrespective of monitoring your child's cell phone or not, it is very important that you keep the conversation channel going between you and your child. By talking to them and knowing more about their life you will be much more aware of their whereabouts, their friends and other things about them. They feel more free to share details with you and if at any point you feel they are heading towards the wrong direction, you can always stop them. You should keep a check on your child's behavior if they can be trusted with the internet.

3. There are different levels of monitoring your child's activities. You will have to decide on that and draw a line when necessary to give your child that personal space.

4. Lastly, you should decide whether you want to go for the parental control applications or would you rather ask your child's phone physically. Through the third party applications, your child would not get to know that their activity is being monitored and it won't seem as invasive as physically asking for their phone.

It is always important for you to know that you are monitoring your child's cell phone activity to just keep a check on any online predators, prevent over sharing of personal data, limiting exposure to inappropriate content and keeping them away from dangerous applications.

Part 2: Best Parental Control App to Help Monitor Child's Phone

You might be wondering how to monitor my child's phone. One of the best solutions is using KidsGuard Pro which is an excellent parental control app to monitor your child's activity on a digital platform. Any parents from any part of the world can download this application and use it. By using this application, you can make the internet a safe space with interesting experiences for you as well as your kids. Some of the key features of this highly recommended application are listed below.

  • Online dashboard which allows phone monitoring remotely.

  • You can monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls and messages.

  • All phone contacts can be checked.

  • Gives out real time location of the target phone.

  • The entire browser history will be displayed on the dashboard.

  • Photos and videos can also be checked.

  • You can take screenshots of the activity on the target phone.

  • Information on Calendar and Notes can also be accessed by you.

  • Social media applications like WhatsApp, Viber, LINE etc can be kept a check on.

  • The setup and installation is easy and straightforward and the app can run invisibly on your kid's phone.

kidguard pro  features

All these features and advantages of using KidsGuard Pro make it the best parental control application. The trial version of this application for child phone monitoring is free for 3 days.

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Part 3: Easy Way to Monitor Child's Phone

You can use KidsGuard Pro to monitor child's phone activities by following the steps mentioned in the guide below.

Step 1: Sign up for a free KidsGuard Pro account using your email. Or preferably, purchase the license to get full protection for your kids.

Step 2: Take out the target phone, go to and slide to download KidsGuard Pro Assistant on it. Once you finish installing the application, make sure that you clear out the browser history if you don't want your child to know that their phone is being monitored.

download  parental control app

Step 3: Go to "Settings", and turn on "Unknown sources" option to allow installing KidsGuard Pro.

allow download 3rd party apps

Step 4: Now tap the APK file and install the app. Sign in your username and password then finish the setup wizard. After setup, the app icon will disappear from the main menu.

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Now from the dashboard you can sync the target device and start checking your child's phone. The sync for the first time might take a longer duration but after that the data sync will not take much time.


When it comes to young children it is always better to keep them safe than be sorry later on. Their young minds are not mature enough to handle certain situations and scenarios and it is the duty of the parents to keep them safe and protected. Since cell phones are a basic necessity in every person's life, you cannot take it away to protect your children. Instead, you can try installing this KidsGuard Pro application on their phones which is an excellent parental control app which makes it possible for you to keep a check on your child's activity.

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Posted on Jan 25, 2019 ( Updated: Jan 25, 2019 )

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