How to See Someone's Archived Emails on Gmail? App and Computer

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Jul 28, 2022 09:32 am

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Most times, our email folder is easily filled up with lots of emails daily. This is a combination of promotional, social, and primary emails.

When you log in to Gmail, there is an Archived folder that allows you to save up important messages and documents without cluttering your inbox. Archived messages are easily accessed; simply go to your archived folder and retrieve them.

But what if you intend to see someone's archived emails on Gmail without anyone knowing? Yes, it is possible to see someone's archived Gmail with the right tools.

In this article, we will discuss the right ways to easily see someone's archived emails without raising suspicions. But first, what does archived mean?

What Does Archived Email Mean?

Archived emails are referred to as marked messages which are usually sent to Gmail service folder files.

When emails are archived, retrieving them does not require any rigorous process. A simple tap on the 'All Mail' option. After this, you can go ahead to check out the particular archived message in the folder.

Archived messages are easily found by imputing the sender's subject line, date of delivery, and other important details. If you are looking to hack through someone's archived Gmail folder then you need the right tools to achieve that.

How to See Archived Emails on Gmail?

Emails are usually stored in the archive folder till you decide to take them into our inbox, or delete them.

see archived emails on gmail

Perhaps, you lost access to your archived emails, and you intend to see them, here are steps to do that;

Login to your account

To get started, use your email password to log in to your Gmail accountIt is either you log in with the Gmail app or through your mobile browser. After a successful login, na. vigate through the options to the menu at the top of the screen.

Go through the email password

Next, look through the folders for the all mail option. It is usually found on the left part of the screen. Maybe the All mail is not readily visible, simply tap on the 'More' option at the lower part of the screen.

Go ahead to click on the All Mail option, and this reveals all email messages available both those in the trash and archived messages. If you are on the Gmail app, go all the way down and tap on the 'All Mail' option.

Locate Archived emails

Now, it is time to retrieve all archived emails in your message folder. Press the 'All Mail' option, and scroll down to the messages until you locate the exact archived email you are looking for.

Otherwise, you can easily search for a particular message on the search bar. To help you find the right message faster. You can type in details like;

  • -Email subject
  • -File size
  • -Message attachment (If any)
  • -Date received or sent
  • -The recipient

If you lack the right answers to these, you can simply type in any keyword related to the email you are looking for. It is advisable to type in as many related words as possible as this helps to narrow down the search results.

Transfer all archived emails to your email box

To do this, simply click on the 'Move to inbox' found on the dashboard. Now, you can easily see the archived email in your inbox. If you are using the Gmail app, you can tap on 'Archived' to get rid of its label. Next, click on the archived message and select the 'Move to inbox' option.

Can I See Someone's Archived Emails in Gmail without Knowing?

Yes, you can! Seeing someone's archived emails is quite simple to achieve, and you only need the right tools.

There are several monitoring apps out there on the internet that claims to allow users to navigate through the process of seeing someone's archived emails.

But before you hop on these, you should consider how safe they are, and the possibility of accessing these archived emails without notice. You sure would not want your partner to discover you were going through their emails, would you?

How to See Archived Mail in Gmail App?

How then can you safely see someone's archived emails without notice? If you are out to look through someone's archived emails without notice, then you should use the KidsGuard Pro for Android.

Use KidsGuard Pro for Android

The KidsGuard Pro for Android features a variety of tools that allows users to easily access all archived emails on the target device.

It is one safe monitoring app that helps you keep an eye on your friends and loved ones. Amongst other monitoring apps, KidsGuard Pro is 100% safe and undetectable. In other words, you can easily navigate through your partner or kids' archived emails without anyone knowing.

A simple guide for using KidsGuard Pro-Android

Step 1. Choose a suitable plan

A valid email address and password are required to choose a suitable plan. Ensure you complete all purchase processes so it becomes easy to activate the product.

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Step 2. Download the app on target Android

Next, download the KidsGuard Pro for Android on your target device.

download on android

Step 3. Check emails on Gmail

After successfully downloading the KidsGuard Pro on your target device, you are ready to start seeing all archive emails of your target.

see emails on gmail

What more can KidsGuard Pro for Android see?

1.Take screenshots. Take screenshots of your monitoring activities or your screen for future purposes.

2.Listen in on the phone surrounding. Easily record sounds on a phone and listen to them.

3.Monitor discreet words. Monitor discreet or sensitive words set on the target device. KidsGuard Pro keeps you updated when these words are discovered.

4.Record ongoing calls. Take record of all calls both incoming and outgoing on the target device.

5.Secretly capture pictures. KidsGuard allows you to turn on the camera of your target device to secretly take pictures.

6.Take screen records. With KidsGuard Pro, you can remotely take screen records of the target device.

7.View browser history. By using KidsGuard Pro, you get to see the browser history of your target device.

8.Access all videos and photos. All videos and photos stored on your target device can be seen by simply using KidsGuard.

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How to See Gmail Archived Mail on the Computer?

If you are using your computer, you can also see archived emails on the target device.

Follow these steps;

  • Open your computer and go to your Gmail
  • Tap on the 'More' option on the top left corner of your screen
  • Press on 'All Mail'

MoniVisor for Win

The MoniVisor monitoring app is designed to help employers monitor their employees and their activities within the company. With more than 20 monitoring features, MoniVisor allows you to remotely see all archived emails of your employers. In addition, it is 100% invisible and sync data in real-time.

Steps to use MoniVisor for Win

Sign up for an account

Register on MoniVisor and proceed to buy a plan for the product.

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Download the app

Next, download MoniVisor on the target device, and complete all configuration details.

Install Movinisor browser extension

Download and install the chrome extension so the software can easily monitor all emails.

download monivisor

Start tracking

Proceed to log in to your account on your device to get access to the Movinisor monitoring dashboard to start monitoring.

find archived emails on gmail

How to Archive Emails on Gmail

Archiving emails is easier than you thought. Here are the basic easy for archiving your desired emails on Gmail;

  • Click on Gmail
  • Go to the email
  • Tap on the archive option


Archived emails are marked messages usually sent to the Gmail service folder file. Most people use this feature to save up important and confidential documents for future use.

Monitoring your partner's or employees' archived emails can give you access to these documents and email messages saved up in the archive folder.

It's easier to see someone's archived emails with the right tools. The KidsGuard Pro for Android is the most suitable monitoring app that allows you to remotely monitor your employees' archived emails.

It is 100% safe and undetectable. The only requirement is to set up an account, download on the target device, and start monitoring.

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