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How to Get WhatsApp Chat History of Others Remotely Online

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Feb 21, 2020 05:23 pm tips_icon Device Monitoring

As one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, WhatsApp has close to a billion users and more than a million people use it on regular basis. But, there are always some essential reasons as to why you want to monitor WhatsApp chat history. For one, if you have a kid, you will be able to track how much time they are spending on their cellphones chatting on Whatsapp and act accordingly. On the other hand, you may have a small business which requires a productivity boost and an extra layer of security while dealing with employees, information leaking and their Whatsapp whereabouts. So, in this article you will get to know everything about how to get WhatsApp chat history of others online. So, let's get started.

How Does WhatsApp Chat Monitoring Work

It is actually not easy to view WhatsApp chat history online but there are certain methods that can really help users to get to know about the process. And frankly, not all of them are recommended.

1. The first method includes a very invasive and risky method called jailbreaking or rooting the mobile device. Implementing such procedure will give the user Administrator access but this is a very volatile procedure. It is very rare to get the procedure done successfully and most of the time the end result is very unsatisfactory. But it can provide the user with the most accurate data.

root android device

2. Another method is analysing the backup file which includes the WhatsApp chat data. Unfortunately, if you want to know how to get WhatsApp chat history of other mobile, this way is not very effective. Mostly there are too many unknown variables, even the particular WhatsApp chat data you are looking for may not be available in that specific backup file, and there is no way to be sure.

restore WhatsApp backup

3. Finally, we are talking about the safest and most effective way on how to see WhatsApp chat history. It is very simple, use a keylogger program and collect all the notification data. This method does not have the negative effect on the device such as jailbreaking or rooting but it is also possible that you may miss a few conversations, depending on the program you are using.

However, considering its effectiveness and safety of the device this is the recommended way to view WhatsApp chat history online. You can use KidsGuard Pro app, it is capable of monitoring WhatsApp chats and the probability of missing any conversation is extremely low. It is extremely result oriented and efficient!

How to Read WhatsApp Messages of Others without Jailbreak/Root

KidsGuard Pro is one of the most effective apps that provides the user with the power to monitor WhatsApp messages very easily. Installing and setting up the app is very easy, even people who are not used to the intricate methods of Android device will be able to install and operate the app. So, here's how to read WhatsApp messages of other number using KidsGuard Pro;

Step 1: You need to get hold of the target device and visit from its browser to download KidsGuard Pro assistant.

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download kidsguard pro assistant

Step 2: Now, install and setup KidsGuard Pro assistant. The wizard will provide with all the instructions to install the app on the target device. After the installation is successful the app will be launched and the app icon will not be visible on the Home page anymore.

install the app

Step 3: After the installation is finished you will be redirected to a web-control panel where you will be able to view all the collected data.

Now, you have to sync your mobile device with the app. The first time sync will last longer than usual but from the next times it will be much quicker.

view whatsapp data

Basically, you are now connected to the dashboard of the app and from here you will get access to all the WhatsApp messages and view WhatsApp activity. The option is visible on the left side of the dashboard.

What Else Can You Expect from KidsGuard Pro App

The best answer towards how to view WhatsApp chat history online are already provided to you above - KidsGuard Pro. You can easily judge from the procedure above that it is a very simple program and easy to use that monitors WhatsApp conversations effectively.

But KidsGuard Pro wasn't actually designed only for monitoring WhatsApp chats, the app is designed with a different directive and one of its features happens to be monitoring WhatsApp messages. So, if you have decided on using KidsGuard Pro as your go-to WhatsApp monitoring program then you can also expect additional support and features which are not available with other WhatsApp monitoring apps out there.

Here are some of KidsGuard Pro's additional features;

  • The app has state of the art location tracking capabilities; you will get real time GPS location of the target device.

  • The app comes with a 3-day trial period, with all the features available. It is very useful for the new users, they can get used to the app without spending any money.

  • It can record keystrokes.

  • You can also monitor browser history, videos, calendar, notes etc. using this app.

  • You can also monitor other independent messaging apps like Kik, WeChat, Line or QQ.

  • The iconic screenshot feature makes this app really different.

  • Most importantly, the app works in a stealth mode after you have installed it into the target device.

These are all the additional features that will be available to you if you are using KidsGuard Pro to monitor WhatsApp messages.

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Therefore, there are 3 available methods to view WhatsApp messages of another number, but the Jailbreak method is just too risky to implement, even though it provides more than satisfactory results. The backup analysing method is not very effective; so, we have concluded that using an app to monitor the WhatsApp activity is the best suited and safest option. Our recommended app is KidsGuard Pro which comes with 3-day free trial for the user to get to know the app better.


By Cody Walsh

Posted on Apr 26, 2019 ( Updated: Feb 21, 2020 )

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