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How to Bug a Phone with 2 Effective Ways in 2020

author_icon Megan Evans time_icon Last updated Mar 05, 2020 03:30 pm tips_icon Device Monitoring

There are numerous reasons to bug a cell phone. You may want to know what’s going on with your teenage children who won’t open up to you. Perhaps you suspect your partner of cheating on you and you want to find the truth. While, superficially, this act might seem sneaky or underhanded. With today's technology, how to bug a phone is as easy as a piece of cake, there are two primary ways so you can have the evidence necessary to take action.

record call

Way 1: How to Bug a Phone Without Knowing: KidsGuard Pro

Many people think bugging a phone is complex. It isn't. All you need to do is to choose the right phone bug app. After setup on the target phone, those apps remain hidden and start to record call conversation automatically. Then, you can access an online panel to check the recordings on your own phone.

The Best Phone Bug App of All Time

The market is flooded with phone bug apps. Many of them are scams trying to take your money. It's best if you pick an app that's been vetted by users. Here we've come up with the best application for bugging phones - KidsGuard Pro. It is a well-known hidden call recorder program, used by countless people from all over the world. This app offers 28+ groundbreaking features for an unbeatable price. Moreover, it is compatible with the latest Android versions without rooting.

kidsguard pro record call

Strengths of KidsGuard Pro in Bugging Phone

Real-time bugging:  Kidsguard Pro is capable of recording incoming or outgoing call conversation through the device's mic in real time, along with contact  names, phone number, duration and timestamps. The recordings are then saved in encrypted form and uploaded to your online user account, where you can listen and download remotely at any time.

Hidden phone bugging: KidsGuard Pro's developers have made the app virtually invisible. This tiny software is less than 10MBs in size and app icon vanishes from main screen once the setup is complete. So you don't have to worry about being caught by the target.

Unbeatable price: This program costs $0.27 per day less than a coffee. Most other phone bug apps out there cost at least three to five times as much and have limited features. KidsGuard Pro only has one subscription plan and opens to all users.

As a bonus, KidsGuard Pro is capable of monitoring messages and social media activity, locations, taking surrounding pictures and recording keystrokes on the target. Just check KidsGuard Pro’s free live demo to see how it works.

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How to Bug Someone's Phone with KidsGuard Pro in Less Than 3 Minutes

Step 1: Create your KidsGuard Pro account with a valid email and choose a subscription that fits your need. Then download the app from on the target cell phone.

download kidsguard pro

Step 2: Open the downloaded APK files to initialize installation. Log in your account and follow the easy on-screen instructions to allow all the necessary permissions of the target cell phone.

complete phone settings

Step 3: After the installation is complete, the app icon will disappear from the target device to prevent being caught. Now you can log into KidsGuard Pro's dashboard.

kidsguard pro ios dashboard

Now we've learned how to bug a cell phone to listen in with KidsGuard Pro, just let it alone and wait for the uploaded recordings.

How to Bug a Cell Phone with GSM Interceptor

Another option to how to bug someone's phone would be a GSM interceptor. These small bugs work similarly to those that you might find in the movies.

They are little devices that you can embed in people's homes, cars, or offices. Activate the device and listen to what people are saying by calling the number of the bug. It has a SIM card in it, so it has a phone number. The device picks up automatically and activates the microphone. At that point, you can hear what people are saying near the bug.

kidsguard pro ios dashboard

These devices typically last about a week on "standby mode", which means you can leave the bug and not call into it for about 6-7 days. But due to their small size, they only function for about 2-3 hours in active listening mode. Though it can also be powered through an additional charger.

This solution does have one unique advantage of being able to hear everything in the vicinity of the bug. However, there are a few disadvantages.

  1. If the person is on the phone, you will have no clue to whom they are speaking. With a phone bug app like KidsGuard Pro, you have that information readily available be able to act upon it!

  2. This requires the person of interest to be near the bug at all times. Either you're going to need to buy a lot of GSM interceptors so you can "follow" the conversations, or you're going to have to be content with just hearing what someone says in their room or car. It's not a scalable solution by any means.

  3. You need to be very careful about putting it in an inconspicuous place. However, you would need to do that every 6-7 days or 2-3 hours of listening time. If the bug dies, you need to fetch it and either put a new one or recharge the old one.

The Best Method for Bugging a Phone: Use KidsGuard Pro!

If you wonder how to bug a mobile phone, you should look no further than KidsGuard Pro. It's the most straightforward method, and it returns you the most data overall. It's also the most stealthy method as it won't take the risk of being caught. At $0.27 per day, it is the cheapest and easiest way to listen to conversations, monitor texts, retrieve location data, and more. You can have absolute confidence that your loved ones, or even yourself, will be safe with this advanced. More likely than not, it will suit your needs perfectly! You can also have a try in its demo before making a choice.

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Posted on Feb 28, 2020 ( Updated: Mar 05, 2020 )

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