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Top 10 Apps to Turn Your Phone into a Baby Monitor

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Mar 06, 2019 11:57 am tips_icon Device Monitoring

If you have an old cell phone and idle tablet lying around in the house you can start making it useful by turning it into a baby monitor. All you would need is a good app, phone with a good camera and an excellent Wi-Fi connection. All you have to do is download any of these baby monitor apps to get started and enjoy its unique features. These applications use your phone's camera and let you monitor your baby in the other room. You no more need to bother about your toddler being fine in the other room and keep getting up to check on him/her. And in this article, we have rounded up some of the best baby monitor apps which you can choose from.

1. Baby Monitor Annie

This is one of the best baby monitor apps which come with a variety of features. It can work on bWiFi, 3G or LTE on your phone, so you can monitor your baby even when you are not at home.

You can use this app to monitor four children at once by multiple parent units. The video quality of the app is amazingly good. You can make use of the microphone button to talk to your baby and soothe him/her while you are away. The lullabies collection on this app is great and helps in putting your baby to sleep.

The app uses industry standard encryption, which makes the videos and audios of your baby extremely safe. You can even track your baby's sleep habits through this app.

It is available for both Android as well as iOS devices. The initial download is free and after that you will have to buy a one-time license to use this app.

baby monitor annie

2. Baby Monitor 3G

Through this baby monitoring app, you will be able to monitor your child while at home and also while you are away shopping or at the office as it can work on both the home network as well as mobile network. It has a very simple user interface and takes a very few steps to set up the baby monitor on the phone completely.

When using during the night, it uses its night light feature which comes very handy in dark environments. But, the downfall of this feature is that the brightness might wake up your child. Your child's sleep can be easily tracked with the help of this app's activity log. This app also comes with a set of lullabies and talkback options which can help in soothing your baby.

It has no hidden fee charges! An certain amount has to be paid in the beginning after which you are good to go. You can download Android as well as the iOS version of this app.

baby monitor 3g

3. Dormi Baby Monitor

This is one of the most safest baby monitoring apps out there as it uses a very secure connection to perform all the functions. Multiple users can check on their child from different devices. As soon as your baby starts crying, the app detects it and alerts the parents. If you want to listen to the surrounding sounds where your baby is, you can even press the "Listen" button.

This app comes with a talkback function using which you can calm down your baby from anywhere. If you are on call and your baby starts crying, this app will either cause a small beep or will vibrate without abruptly ending your call.

This app works in the background; this is why it doesn't consume much of the phone's battery while monitoring your baby.

You can download the free version of this app which is valid for 4 hours every month or you can even pay to subscribe to the premium version. This app is available on Android devices only.

dormi baby monitor

4. Universal Baby Monitor

Check on your baby from anywhere outside or in any corner of your home, this app can work wonderfully well with both Wi-Fi as well as mobile connections. The setup process is very easy; all you have to do is decide which phone is for monitoring and which is the parent's unit.

This is one of the top rated baby monitors featuring talkback option along with several baby animal pictures useful for your child. The video quality is very good to ensure that you do not miss out on any small movements and shifts. The camera's flashlight can also be used to view your baby in the dark but this may wake up your baby.

All the sleep patterns are recorded on the cloud so that it can be easily accessed and checked later on.

This application is available for both Android as well as iOS and one can even view their baby's activities through Apple Watch or Mac.

universal baby monitor

5. Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

Live audio and video feed can be accessed with the help of this application. It has a talkback option as well for the convenience of the parents to talk to their kids and soothe them. A unique feature which sets this baby monitor apart from the rest is that it can even sense the temperature and humidity.

This application is available only for Android devices. Multiple versions of this application are available for download. In the free version, every 30 minutes the functioning will cut off which is not such an ideal situation. If you want to avoid this, a monthly subscription would have to be taken up.

wi-fi baby monitor app

6. Cloud Baby Monitor

Not only can you monitor your baby through your mobile network and Wi-Fi, but you can even use bluetooth to monitor your baby. In addition to a collection of lullabies, this also has a series of white noises which work effectively in making your baby go to sleep. The brightness of the white light can also be adjusted so as to not wake up the baby while trying to see them in the dark.

You can use this app for a total of two babies and only up to 2 people can monitor their babies separately. Industry standard encryption protection is ensured in this app so you can be sure of the safety and security aspects of this app.

This application is counted among the best baby monitor apps. This is available for download only for the iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, and Mac systems.

cloud baby monitor app

7. Ahgoo Baby Monitor

This is a very clean app which is easy to set up and use. The setup involves just the scanning of the QR code so that you can connect with both the units. Sadly, no recent updates have been seen in this app for over a year. It works on both the Wi-Fi network as well as mobile network so that you have the convenience to monitor your baby from anywhere.

This app does not include the set of lullabies and also it does not even have the talkback version, so if you are using this app and your baby starts crying, you will have to personally go to them to calm them down.

This app is available for both Android as well as iOS devices.

ahgoo baby monitor

8. Baby Monitor & Alarm

This phone monitor does not let you see the live video or hear the live sound of your baby, if your baby makes any sound; it just alerts you by ringing an alarm on your phone. If in case you baby wakes up at night a lullaby set up by you will automatically play no matter what time of the day it is. You even have the choice of downloading the lullaby in your own voice to make the feeling more personalized.

An activity tracker is featured on this app and the everyday it shows the entire activity cycle of the previous day.

This app is only available for the Android phones and involves a one-time payment.

baby monitor alarm

9. Baby Monitor for iPhone

This application has some interesting features such as flashlight option, a set of lullabies and the talkback option. All these features will go a long way in ensuring that your baby calms down during a stressful situations without needing your physical presence.

Only the iOS device users can use this app, the free version has very limited features. If you want the feature of audio and video live stream, you should download the premium version which comes at a monthly subscription.

baby monitor for iphone

10. Hangouts or Facetime

These can nowhere be compared to the other contenders mentioned in this article. Nevertheless, even these apps can be used in states of dire emergency. Apple and Google both have the video calling feature which can be put to good use over here.

If you are using these apps, it is suggested that you dim the light of your screen to the maximum low or even hide it so that your baby does not get distracted with the movement in the phone.

Both the phone units will have to kept connected to the charger and the app has to be on through the entire time. Even though all this is a major hassle, if you need to monitor your baby for free, these apps can be used effectively.

Facetime and Hangouts is available on respective Stores.

facetime app

Best Parental Control Apps to Monitor Your Kids

What if your child is no more an infant but a young kid? Kids grow up in an instant and in this tech-savvy world; they are bound to get introduced to smartphones. When they start using cellphones, you can take help of the various parental control apps to start protecting and monitoring.

If you are looking for the best, KidsGuard Pro is an excellent choice. It can help you in looking at your kid's cell phone to track all the activities.

  • This app comes with real-time location tracking with the help of GPS as well as Wi-Fi logger through which the parents can get to know the current location of their kid every time they go out somewhere.

  • It comes with social media monitoring features for WhatsApp, WeChat, QQ, Viber and Kik etc.

  • It comes with keystroke and real-time screenshot feature so that the parents can keep an eye on every move.

  • Several other features like view messages, view call records, view audio, video and picture files, browser history and so much more!

  • 3 days free trial available instantly.

Try It NowView Demo

kidsguard  parental control app


Overall, here are the 10 best baby monitoring apps for 2019. All these apps have unique features that makes them exciting. They are specifically built for monitoring your toddler and goes a long way in providing the best experience to the parents. Choose the one which suits your exact requirements and start baby monitoring now! In case, you want a stellar parental control application when your kid grows up, KidsGuard Pro is a great choice! You can avail the 3-day free trial and use it right now!


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