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Best Way to Record and Track Keystroke on Your Kid's Phone

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Apr 11, 2019 08:56 pm tips_icon Keylogger

We all know that usage of Android phone has become really common among all groups of people especially the young teenagers. The children are spending more time on internet and there are potential risks online due to which parents want to know what their children are talking online, what are the activities they are involved so that the parents will have surety their kids are not cyber bullied or not even accessing any impropriate content. In this scenario keyboard recorder will help the parents to keep an eye on their kids each and every activity. Today, we will be discussing the best way on how to record keyboard and track keystrokes on your kid's phone.

record  children's keyboard stroke

Part 1: General Concerns of Using Keystroke Recorder App

There are large numbers of parents who are concerned about their kids activities on their phone because of which they want to track what their kids are actually doing with phone so they get keystroke recorder app. Basically keystroke recorder free app helps the parents to record the activities which their kids are doing online or offline. This app will have the full access to their phone so many parents may worry a lot before using a keylogger. Some of the general concern may include:

Q1: Is installing a keylogger illegal?

We cannot directly conclude whether installing a keylogger is illegal or not. It all depends on the purpose of users. If the user is parents and they want to monitor their children activity using keylogger then it is totally fine and it is also applicable for the employer to monitor employee on their work time but apart from this cases it might be illegal.

Q2: Can a keylogger be detected?

Many of the software runs invisibly on the background of the device and most of these software have adopted delete prevention features due to which the targeted person won't be knowing anything about the keylogger.

Q3: Will a keylogger cause risks to personal information?

Most of the software has their privacy policy where they have mentioned everything regarding the data and information and it has found that they won't disclose the personal information of any users as the information may contain sensitive data.

Keeping all the above things in mind, we have come with one wonderful keystroke recorder app, KidsGuard Pro which is more concern about the valuable data of device. All the data is encrypted and no one can get hands on those data in any circumstances, not even the software support team members. The app runs invisibly in the background.

Part 2: KidsGuard Pro: Best Way for Parents to Capture Keystroke

KidsGuard Pro is an amazing keyboard recorder for android tool that makes the work of every parents so much easier when it comes to keep an eye on their kids. As today's kids are more involved on their Android phone, they might be influenced to wrong path unknowingly and can spoil their childhood. The best option is to take control over their phone using KidsGuard without their knowledge. You can easily view incoming and outgoing text messages, call logs and contacts, calendar and notes, photos and videos on the target phone. Some of other features are shown below.

  • Users' data privacy is highly valued. Users' data is always encrypted on the device, and even the support team cannot have access to users' private data.

  • Its keylogger tracking function also allows parents to view kids' browser history, so that parents can learn what their kids are into.

  • Its keylogger tracking function can help parents check the messages received on kids' phone and social platforms to prevent possible dangers.

  • It allows parents to track the kid's location through GPS tracking.

  • Parents can even capture a real-time screenshot to see how kids use their mobile devices.

  • It run invisibly in the background.

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kidsguard pro keylogger tracking

Part 3: How to Use KidsGuard Pro for Keystroke Tracking

1. First you need to create a KidsGuard Pro account by clicking on Sign Up button and entering the email address.

2. Next proceed to setup wizard to fill the name and age of the child. Also choose "Android" as the operating system on the target Android device and complete the remaining process.

3. Then download KidsGuard Pro Assistant on the target device by visiting the official site ( [Note: You may also delete the browsing history and downloaded APK files from the targeted phone once the installation is completed.]

download kidsguard pro

4. Now complete the other remaining setting on the target device, like enabling the "Unknown Sources", disabling "Scan device for security threats", etc.

5. Now click on download file and install the KidsGuard Pro Assistant app on the target phone then sign-in your account and complete all the necessary procedure.

login kidsguard pro

6. As soon as the setup is completed, the app will be invisible and start working in the background.

7. Finally, you will be taken to the web control panel of the app to view the data of the target phone and capture keystroke. The sync process may take sometime between target phone and dashboard if the connection is for the first time. From next time onward sync will be smooth and fast.

dashboard kidsguard pro

I hope you have got the clear idea why you should not use the general record keystrokes Android app instead you can try using KidsGuard Pro which value your data privacy and have all sort of protection regarding it. Here, you also knew the amazing way to record and track keystrokes on your kid's phone.

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Let us know in comment section below what do you think about this app? Also feel free to comment if you have any doubt regarding this topics.


By Cody Walsh

Posted on Apr 11, 2019 ( Updated: Apr 11, 2019 )

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