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How to Detect Keyloggers and Prevent Monitoring

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Keyloggers are software or hardware tools that can record keystrokes input from a keyboard on any device from computer or smartphones. These keystrokes are logged and then send to the person who planted the keylogger. Moreover, it can be difficult to detect keylogger, especially if it is software keylogger and most keyloggers nowadays are software keyloggers.

Once the keylogger is installed, and most of the private information typed through the keyboard like bank account credentials, credit card details, user accounts username and passwords can be easily intercepted. It can also be used to record your web browsing history and messages sent. That's why keyloggers are considered a threat in most cases. So in this article, we will tell you how to check and how to protect against keyloggers.

record each keystroke

Are Keyloggers Legal?

Since you know what keyloggers are capable of, you would be thinking "are keyloggers legal?" The answer to this is both yes and no! Keylogger can record all kinds of information typed on the target device, the legality of its usage depend on whom and where you are using it. In most cases, the use of keylogger to get someone's private and sensitive information, invading people's privacy, and using keylogger for a criminal purpose is definitely illegal. Though, in some cases, like parental control for kids and employee monitoring, use of Keylogger is legal. Even then, the person should know they are being monitored and give their consent to such monitoring if you are using keylogger for legitimate purposes.

How to Check for Keylogger?

Since keylogger can be used illegally, it is very important to know how to detect keyloggers and how to stop keyloggers once detected. If you have no idea, then, below we will tell you some ways to detect and protect against keyloggers -

Check running process - Every software or program that run in the foreground or even background has a running process in the Windows system. So, you can open the task manager and check all the windows process to check for keylogger process. Though identifying it won't be easy as it won't simply be named as keylogger.exe, but something else. It is also possible that keylogger may copy the name of some other windows process, so check for any duplicate process.

check  running processes

Check installed programs - You can also check the installed programs to detect keylogger. Go to Start > Control > Programs and Features/Uninstall a program and check whether you find any program that you didn't install. If yes, then remove the program as it could definitely be the keylogger.

Using keylogger detectors - You could also use keylogger detectors or anti-keyloggers to get the keyloggers installed on your system. These are programs that are specifically designed to detect keyloggers and will compare files on the system against a keylogger database and programs that may exhibit keylogger-like behavior will be reported.

anti-keylogger  program

How to Remove Keylogger?

Now, that you know how to detect keyloggers, in this section, we will tell you how to prevent keylogging and remove them from your computer. Below, we have given some solution you can use to remove keylogger from your computer -

Solution 1: Removing keylogger manually

If you find that your system has been compromised by a keylogger, then you could go to installed programs to remove the keylogger. To remove keylogger manually,

Step 1: Go to Control Panel > Programs (Programs and Features) > Uninstall a program to view all programs installed on the computer.

installed programs

Step 2: Locate the Keylogger program and right click on it.

Step 3: Click Uninstall to remove the keylogger.

uninstall keylogger

Solution 2: Removing keylogger using anti-spyware tools

Anti-spyware and anti-virus software can also be used to get keyloggers and remove them from your system. First, install an anti-spyware software on your computer and then, scan the computer using the anti-spyware tool. If the keylogger is found, the program will automatically remove it or remove it after confirming with you.

removing keylogger using antispyware

Solution 3: Reset computer

If you are unable to detect the keylogger using the above means, then, you can factory reset your computer to remove the keylogger. Resetting the computer reverts it back to its newly installed state, and removes all programs installed on it including a keylogger. Reinstalling the Windows or OS will also have the same effect as resetting, though; there is a chance of losing data if you haven't made a backup of the data.

However, Keylogger can also be Used to Protect Your Family

Though unauthorized monitoring using Keylogger is illegal, parents can use keyloggers for child monitoring and parental control. In these cases, keyloggers can be very useful for protecting your family. Parents can know what their kids view on their smartphone. If they find any unusual or explicit behavior, then they can take suitable action as quick as possible to correct that behavior. For this purpose, parents don't need to buy a keylogger specifically as many parental control tools come with an in-built keylogger.

If you are also looking for a parental control tool with Keylogger, then KidsGuard Pro is the obvious choice. It is one of the world's best parental control apps that allows parents to monitor the activities of their kids on their Android smartphone. KidsGuard Pro also comes with an in-built keylogger that can log all keystrokes typed on the child's smartphone. Parents can view the logged details along with other details through their online web portal remotely.

kidsguard pro keylogger feature

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Why Choose KidsGuard Pro?

  • Logged data can only be accessed by the target's parents only through the online web portal.

  • Username's and passwords aren't logged. And even the KidsGuard Pro support team can't access the private data.

  • Parents can use the Keylogger function of KidsGuard Pro to track text and social media platform messages on the kid's phone. It helps protect them against possible dangers.

  • Parents can also view the websites visited from the recorded keystrokes regardless of the browser used.

  • KidsGuard Pro also has other parental control feature like tracking call logs, text messages, contacts, notes, calendar etc.

  • Parents can also capture a screenshot of their kid's device.


Keylogger can be both harmful and useful according to the purpose of their usage and the person using them. Criminals can use it to get someone's bank or credit card details or other sensitive data to extort money or other illegal purposes. On the other hand, it is quite useful for parents to monitor their kids. So, in this article, we have shown you how to check for keyloggers and protect yourself from illegal use of keylogging as well as how parents can use keylogging for monitoring their kids.


By Cody Walsh

Posted on Apr 16, 2019 ( Updated: Apr 16, 2019 )

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