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What You Need to Know about Keylogger

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The main function of a keylogger is to detect all the keystrokes on a device and monitor it secretly. There are several keylogging devices as well as software and they both have almost the same function. Keyloggers prove to be useful in several cases like the ones listed below:

  • It supports parental control as parents can get to know if their kid is trying to access any inappropriate sites on the internet.

  • Partners can get to know if their partner is cheating on them.

  • Any kind of non-work related activities can be detected in official organizations and companies.

  • These kind of software can also detect of any worker is trying to give out important info about the company anywhere else which could be potentially dangerous for the company.

  • It is used in many other security related applications as well.

This article highlights the best 10 keyloggers which prove to very effective in all the applications listed above.

How Do Keyloggers Work?

Keyboard keylogger is a program which generally works in the background of a device without the knowledge of the owner. Key logging definition is basically a software or an app which records all the keystrokes used on the device on which it is installed. This log file is then sent by the keylogger to a specified email ID or to a server. With the use of the "Master Key" anybody can access the log file with all the keystrokes. Apart from several illegal practices keylogging does come useful in many applications in a legal way as mentioned above.

Introducing Top 10 Keyloggers in 2020

There are several types of keyloggers available which are meant to be used on certain platforms. Some types of keyloggers are given below.

  1. API based keyloggers

  2. Form grabbing based keyloggers

  3. Kernel based keyloggers

  4. Hardware keyloggers

  5. Acoustic keyloggers

Some of them can be used on your smartphone while the others are meant to be used on Windows laptop or Mac systems. The top 10 keyloggers are given below.

1. KidsGuard Pro

This is one of the best keyloggers which works perfectly with Android devices. It is a high rated parental control app which comes very handy when you want to keep a watch on your kid's activities on their Android phones. It secretly works in the background and records all the keystrokes on your child's phone. This way, if your child is trying to access any inappropriate site on the internet browser you can easily put a stop to that immediately.

kidsguard pro keylogger

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  • The keylogger tracking feature of KidsGuard Pro can help the parents in checking the messages received by their kids on their phones on several apps.

  • It even lets the parents track the social media activities which can help prevent potential dangers.

  • Its keylogger tracking function also allows parents to access the browser history on the browser of their kid's phones and through this they can learn what exactly their kids are upto.

  • A real-time screenshot can also be taken by the parents through this app.

  • Once it is installed on the target device, it runs secretly in the background without letting your kid know about it.

  • Your kid's exact location can be tracked with the help of the GPS tracking or Wifi logger feature.

  • Other files stored on the target device including all the images, videos, call logs etc can be viewed by the parents.

This app is highly recommended for anybody who wants to keep their kids safe and sound. If you are looking out for some parental control app with excellent keylogging functions, you should definitely try out KidsGuard Pro for free for 3 days.

2. Sourceforge Keylogger

This is one of the best key logging software for Windows PC or laptop and is very simple to install and use. It is written in Python which is the most used programming language of high level. It is generally used for general purpose programming and it has a design philosophy which lays emphasis on readability of code.

sourceforge keylogger

3. DanuSoft Free Keylogger

Due to the extremely user-friendly interface, this keylogger has become widely popular. This simple software has been designed specifically for Windows devices. While using this software, you would just have to type a simple keyword to hide and unhide the keylogger. In this case, to show the keylogger, the keyword is "SHOWKEY" and for hiding it is "HIDEKEY". This software also has the capability to run in stealth mode once the system boots up.

danusoft keylogger

4. BlackBox Express

This is a free monitoring software which has been designed for security purposes for the Windows based laptops and PCs. It does not function like the traditional keyloggers, it works by saving the keystrokes in one local C drive and monitors upto 200 devices. This makes it perfect for keylogging in big business enterprises to track the employees and make sure that they are not doing anything else apart from work.

blackbox express

5. Spyrix Keylogger

This keylogger software is perfect for parental control as well as for employees in an organisation. It has been specifically designed for Mac systems and is one of the greatest software for keystroke monitoring. It offers live viewing as well as live webcam which sets it apart from its competitors. You can monitor the system remotely through a secure web account. Through this software you can take screenshots during anytime on any of the target devices.

spyrix keylogger

6. Refog Keylogger

This keylogging software for Mac systems has a very simple base which can be easily installed and used for the monitoring function. After installing this software all you have to do is create a master key and then use this for accessing the keylogs. Some of the advanced features attributed by this software include viewing chat logs, website monitoring, remote monitoring, search using filters and so much more.

refog keylogger

7. Perfect Keylogger

If you are looking for an app or software to monitor the keystrokes real-time on Mac systems, this one is not for you. Despite of missing some of the most significant features, this keylogger is pretty popular among the Mac system users. This is due to the fact that it is extremely user-friendly. It has other attractive features which include conversation recording from both sides on the popular messaging apps, remote monitoring, access browser history, block websites, screenshot capture, and so much more.

perfect keylogger

8. Elite Keylogger

This keyloggers covers all the basic features which are expected out of a keylogging app or software. All you need is the password of the target Mac system and you are good to go. You can either view all the logs or you can even transfer the logs through email to any destination you like. You can even track the usernames and passwords entered on the target device. Along with this there are several other features including view message logs, email logs, browser history, among many others.

elite keylogger

9. iKeyMonitor

This is one of the high priced apps for monitoring the keystrokes on Android phones and tablets. It comes with a 3-day trial which is completely free. This gives the option to the users to try this app out before buying the full version. One of the highlights of this app is that it can help parents to block certain apps which you feel is not suitable for your child. This app has a version which is available for iOS devices as well.

ikeymonitor keylogger

10. Spyzie

This is one of the most well-known names among the parental monitoring apps. It has been known for a very long time and remains popular till date. All you have to do is create a Spyzie account online and through those details install the app on the target phone to get going. Once it gets installed on the Android device, it runs in stealth mode which means that your child would not get to know that their phone activities are being monitored. You can view the keylogs on the dashboard remotely through your Spyzie account.

spyzie keylogger


In the past, there were keylogger software which could be only installed and used on the desktops and PCs, but now with the increasing rage of smartphones and tablets there are several keyloggers available for every kind of device. Above are the top 10 keyloggers which must be tried out if you are looking for efficiently monitoring your child or your employees. The best one among all the apps is undoubtedly KidsGuard Pro which offers excellent keylogger features.


  • Remotely check the keystrokes on child's phone

  • All the uploaded data is encrypted

  • Check the messages, browser history, contacts, calls, apps, etc

  • Track the real time location and view location history


By Cody Walsh

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