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Top 3 Ways to Get iCloud Notes on Your Android

author_icon Megan Evans time_icon Last updated Feb 21, 2020 05:23 pm tips_icon iPhone Monitoring

"Notes" is a significant app used in iPhones where people record thousands of multiple things at the same time. However, have you been using iPhone and now switching to the Android operating system, or would you want to know what are saving in someone's Apple notes? Well, you may know the fact that iPhone and Android are two completely different platforms and don't support the direct transfer of data. That's where the question arises, how to get notes from iCloud on your Android phone?

Luckily, this is the perfect post you have landed on. Read the below article to get a detailed answer on how to access iCloud notes on Android.

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Part 1: How to access someone's iCloud Notes on Android?

Why you should access someone's iCloud Notes on Android? - For parental monitoring

Although you provide iPhone to your children, you should be checking your children's mobile activities secretly or remotely to ensure that they are not making misuse of it. However, your adolescents may not share their iPhones with you and it is pretty cumbersome to steal their phones to check manually. Hence, you can definitely keep an eye on them by third-party tools to spy on their recent schedules and upcoming events added in Notes and it will help you to know about their activities, secrets, and feelings  in an accurate manner.

Besides this, there are many other aspects where spying apps can be worthy. Those apps are basically software that helps us to remotely track all the activities performed on a target device. If you search the best spying application on the Internet, there are a bunch of apps claiming that they are the best. At this point, how to make a right choice will be tough. So we test most of them and recommend KidsGuard Pro to you.

KidsGuard Pro, An Ultimate Choice to Access iCould Notes on Android

It is absolutely an exceptional spying application that does not require any kind of installation. It is a long time solution for you to check remotely as Notes is enabled in iCloud. The best part is that there is no need to root the target iPhone to access a lot of activities that happen on the target iOS device, and you don't even have to touch it, then you can access an online dashboard on your Android or any other devices. Let's see what you can get with its Notes feature:

  • You are able to view every note that records on the target iOS device, and more details are showed like photos, videos, documents, drawings, PDF, etc attached in the notes.

  • All notes are come with their timestamps and you can search an exact note by keywords for your convenience.

  • Data updates in real time. You can view the previous notes synced to iCloud and the latest ones created later.

  • You can export notes or download attachments in notes on your own device.

  • This app supports all Apple device running iOS 9.0 - 13 and higher versions.

  • Moreover, KidsGuard Pro is trusted and supported by top tech sites and millions of users around the world.

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How to access someone's icloud notes on Android devices via KidsGuard Pro?

KidsGuard Pro makes it quite easy to access someone's iCloud notes on Android devices. Here is a detailed guide on how to access iCloud on Android phone within a few steps.

Step 1: Create a KidsGuard Pro account with a valid Email address. After that, choose a subscription plan according to your needs. Then, select the system that your target device is using.

sign up for  kidsguard pro

Step 2: Enter the valid iCloud ID and Password. If the two-factor identification is disabled, you will be directly loaded to the KidsGuard Pro Monitor section where you can see everything that's happening on the target device.

verify icloud account credentials

Step 3: Congratulations! You are successfully taken to the KidsGuard Pro dashboard. It will automatically start updating data to the dashboard from the target device without them knowing.

kidsguard pro ios dashboard

Now you have learned how to get notes from iCloud to Android.

More features you can get using KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro does not limit your access only up to the Notes, there are plenty of features that you can enjoy while using the KidsGuard Pro spying app.

  • The Real-time location feature helps you to track the exact and precise location of the device. KidsGuard even allows you to find out previous location records of the target device.

  • You can view media items like photos and videos to make sure your children are not doing unethical activities. You are also allowed to view deleted images and videos.

  • You can definitely check the contacts, calendar, and reminders in the target device. Also, you can search the records by keyword.

  • KidsGuard Pro allows its users to access all files that are backed up into the iCloud drive.

  • And it has an Android version if you're interested.

How to access your own iCloud notes on Android?

If you decide to switch from an iPhone to an Android phone and want to copy notes together. Here are two significant methods to access your iCloud notes on Android. Let's see how do they work.

Way 1: View iCloud Notes on Android using browser

Step 1: If you directly open iCloud official website on your browser, it notifies that your browser is not supported. Then you should go to your browser settings.

browser settings

Step 2: Scroll down to find the Browser Identification (UA) option.

browser settings UA

Step 3: Click this option and choose PC version.

browser settings UA

Step 4: Finally, you can go back to your browser and open . You will find that you can sign in with your iCloud credentials now.

icloud login

Way 2: View iCloud Notes on Android in Gmail

Gmail is a platform that everyone uses either you are an iPhone user or Android user. So, accessing your iCloud notes through logging in to an Android phone might be another way that you can adopt to access iCloud notes on Android. Also, Google provides Google Sync, a freeware that can help you to access your iPhone notes on Android device. Once the connection is established, you will be able to sync your iPhone with Gmail.

There are chances that you would already be using a Gmail account on your iPhone but that's not necessary. Hence, if you are not logged in through your Gmail account, the very first step is to add your Gmail account on your iPhone mobile. If you already have signed in through Gmail, navigate directly towards the last step.

Step 1: To do that, navigate to the Settings and look for the Passwords & Accounts option.

icloud login

Step 2:Here, you will see Add Account option. Tap on it and then choose the Google account among all.

icloud login

Step 3: Enter your Google account credentials and follow the instructions to set up the Gmail account on your device. A shortcut of the Gmail account will be added into the Passwords & Accounts window.

icloud login

Step 4: Tap on the Gmail account shortcut and toggle on the Notes feature.

icloud login

Step 5: Here, you just enabled the "Notes" feature into the Gmail account. So, ahead toward the notes application. You will see a Notes folder is created under the Gmail account. Tap on it, click on the Add icon and start saving your notes on Gmail.

icloud login

Step 6: Here we come to the last step to view your iCloud Notes on your Android. Open Gmail and log in with your iCloud account email. A list of actions will appear in front of you. Choose the Notes option among all those and it will be attached to your phone. But you can only read notes after you add your Gmail account on your iPhone. If you want to view previous ones, you should learn how to copy notes from iPhone to Android .

icloud login

The Comparison of 3 Ways to Access iCloud Notes on Android

KidsGuard Pro View iCloud notes on Android using browser View iCloud notes on Android in Gmail
Technical Difficulty Easy Easy A little bit tedious
Suitable Users For users who want to remotely view someone's iCloud Notes without them knowing on Android or other devices For users who want to view their own iCloud Notes on Android For users who want to view their own iCloud Notes on Android
Requirements Target users' iCloud credentials Your iCloud credentials Your iCloud credentials
Physical access to target device No. You can check remotely without installation or touching target iOS device. No. Yes. You have to enable the "Notes" feature into the Gmail account on target iPhone.
Advantages Previous notes and latest notes as Notes is enabled in iCloud. You can track real time location and view location history of target user. More activities like photos, videos, contacts, calendars, reminders, files in iCloud Drive are monitored on target iOS device. It is invisible. No jailbreak. Data including notes, photos, videos, etc syced in iCloud can be accessed. Get new notes after you enable the "Notes" feature into the Gmail account.
Disadvantages Don't provide a free trial. You can't view other person's Notes. You can't track location or view location history of iOS device. You can't view other person's Notes. You have to set up "Notes" feature on target iPhone. If you want to view the previous notes, you have to copy them in iCloud.


We just saw different ways of viewing Apple notes on Android. I will highly recommend KidsGuard Pro if you are looking for how to get someone's iCloud notes on your Android. The reason why I have made this decision is it is a very reliable application that works in every case and always provides ultimate results. No technical skills required to operate the app even you just have to provide an iCloud ID and password and it will manage everything on its own. If you want to view your own iCloud notes on Android, entering iCloud official website by browser is easier than Gmail. I hope the top 3 ways to get iCloud notes on your Android has truly helped you. If you face any kind of difficulty or have any comments regarding this post, please do let us know and we will definitely try to sort it out as soon as we can.

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