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[Solved] How Can I View iPhone Backup Files on PC

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Aug 05, 2020 08:10 pm

Most of the iPhone users would know where the iTunes backup files are saved on the computer. However, viewing all the data stored in the backup file is not an easy task. The best in which you can do this would be using iPhone backup viewer software. And for this purpose, KidsGuard Pro is definitely the first choice. Unlike traditional "restore" ways, this program allows you to access and view iPhone backup files without deleting everything. So, if you are curious about how to view iPhone backup files on PC, don't miss it.

how to view iPhone  backup files on pc

Quick summary

What you will need: A computer with KidsGuard Pro and iTunes software installed; a readily available iPhone backup file.

How many steps involved: 3 steps only. Select the backup file -> start scanning -> view backup files.

How long will it take: It can take about ten minutes to half an hour, depending on the size of the backup file.

Now, let's get started.

Instructions to use KidsGuard Pro to view iPhone backup files

If you want to know how to view backups on iTunes using KidsGuard Pro, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: From the official website, use a valid email address to create an account and purchase a license to activate the software.

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register for  kidsguard pro app

Step 2: Then download KidsGuard Pro for iOS by visiting It's compatible with both Windows and Mac computer.

download kidsguard pro backup viewer

Step 3: The program will automatically detect and display the iPhone backup file, so you just need to confirm your selection and start scanning.

scan iTunes backup  to view iPhone files

Step 4: This process won't take long. When it completes, you will be able to view iPhone backup files on PC. You can switch between different file types and view details.

view iPhone backup files on pc

Using these simple and easy steps you can easily know how to find and view iPhone backup files on PC with the help of KidsGuard Pro.

What files can you see using KidsGuard Pro iPhone backup viewer

KidsGuard Pro (iOS version) can definitely fulfill your need on how to see backup on iTunes. It allows you to see more than 20 types of backup data, which are listed below.

  • Details of incoming and outgoing calls

  • Details of incoming and outgoing messages

  • Stored contacts

  • History of Safari browser

  • Safari bookmarks

  • Photos, videos (need to export before playing)

  • Chat history over social networking apps like WhatsApp, Viber, QQ, Kik, WeChat, LINE, etc.

  • Activities of apps on the device

  • Calendar entries

  • Notes

  • Voice memos

  • Reminders

  • Both existing and deleted data

More reasons you should choose KidsGuard Pro for iOS

We really hope this software can meet your needs to see iPhone backups on PC. After our repeated verification, we believe this software is an ideal solution in the following points.

  1. No restore. No restore means no data loss.

  2. Automatically detect backup data. More efficient.

  3. Automatically backup iPhone. Whenever the iPhone is connected with the PC, it will make a backup so that you won't miss any important data.

  4. Good compatibility. 20+ files types; all iOS 9 – iOS 14 devices; can be installed on either Windows or Mac PC.

  5. Recover deleted data. Deleted files from iPhone backup files can be detected.

  6. So don't miss this opportunity to view backups on iTunes.

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So don't miss this opportunity to view backups on iTunes.

Extra Tip: How to find iPhone backups on Computer

Now you should have a clear idea about how to view iPhone backup files on Windows 10/8/7 or a Mac. In addition, we added a tip at the end to help you locate iTunes backup on Mac and Windows systems.

Find backups on Mac

Step 1: From the Menu bar, key in the below details in the search bar and press return.

~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

Step 2: To find a specific backup, from Finder, select "Manage Backups".

Step 3: Select the backup which you wish to view and click on "Show in Finder" and then click on "OK".

find iTunes backup on mac

Find backups on Windows PC

Step 1: Enter the following in the search bar and press Enter key.

%appdata% or %USERPROFILE%

Step 2: From here, go to Apple > MobileSync > Backup.

find iTunes backup on windows

Using these steps, you can locate your iPhone backup on Mac and Windows computers.


By Cody Walsh

Posted on Jul 23, 2020 ( Updated: Aug 05, 2020 )

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