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How to Bypass Facebook Login Notification

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Apr 14, 2021 05:13 pm

Does Facebook notify you when you login from a different device? The answer is yes. Facebook will send you a login notification if you log in or try to log in from other devices. The notification says something like, “We noticed an unusual login from a device or location you don't usually use. was this you?”. This is to ensure the security of your account. Of course, it can be irritating sometimes if you have a habit of logging in every time. So, we will see the three Facebook notification bypass methods. You can use any of them to stop the notification.

facebook login notification

Way 1: Get Devices Where Someone Has Logged Their Facebook Before


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Facebook only sends the notification when someone logs in from a new device. In simpler words, if someone is using their computer to use Facebook and you open their Facebook account on the same computer, they won’t get the notification. Facebook will detect them as the same user. Hence, you can bypass the notification with ease.

Further, if the person has not logged out from their Facebook account, you will also bypass the Facebook password. Fortunately, if they have already logged out from their account, you can still bypass the Facebook email. By default, the browser will save their email address until the user clears the history. So, you will surely know the email address. Our main goal will still be successful as the user won’t get the notification when you log in from a known device.

It’s surely hard to get the same device. Even if you get it, you will still need the password unless it is logged in. So, this is one of the simplest yet a harder way to bypass Facebook login notification. We will now see some of the pros and cons of the same method.

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facebook login on device


  • Easily do it if you get access to the device. Directly bypass Facebook emails.

  • Bypass the Facebook password and they won’t even get the notification.

  • Not only a Facebook hacker password but a Facebook login notification hack.


  • If they have logged out of the account, you will need the password.

  • It’s easily detectable.

  • If the person has cleared the data, they will get the notification.

Way 2: Close Options for "Get Alerts About Unrecognized Logins"


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“Get Alerts about Unrecognized logins” is a feature offered by Facebook to improve security. In most cases, it will be turned on by default.

If you turn it on, it will send you a notification about all the unrecognized logins. Whenever someone logs in to your account from a different device, you will get a notification saying “We noticed an unusual login from a device or location you don't usually use. was this you?”. It will also show you the address of the device and the time of login.

Now, if you want to know, “how to bypass Facebook login notifications?”, you just need to turn this off. To do it, you just need to head over to “Security and login settings” from your Facebook account. You can scroll down and see an option for “Get alerts about unrecognized logins”. You can just turn it off. That’s it. Now, you will no longer get the notification. Of course, you will need access to the device if you want to turn it off. So, that’s a major inconvenience.

You can use this method along with the above one. When you access the account using the same device, if the person has not logged out, you can turn off the notification. Thereafter, you can use different devices and there won’t be any notification.

get alerts about unrecognized logins


  • You can use any device now. The person won’t get the notification.

  • Works perfectly well with the first one.


  • You still need their Facebook ID and password.

  • The person can turn the notification on and you might not even know about it. As a result, you will be caught.

Way 3: Use a Facebook Tracker to Bypass Login Notification or Password


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"Can someone see if you log into their Facebook?" Yes, the person can see the complete details of your computer/mobile device and also know your location. So, what’s the ultimate solution to spy on someone’s Facebook account without letting them know? Well, you can use a third-party Facebook tracker. Some people even refer to it as a Facebook spy app. The tool will allow you to access someone’s Facebook account without letting them know about it. The person won’t even get the notification and they can’t even know that you are accessing their account.

The best tool you can use here is KidsGuard Pro. It’s an awesome tool that will allow you to access someone's Facebook account without their password and login to facebook without others knowing. Yes, you read it right, you don’t even need their password. Neither you need to turn off the "Get Alerts About Unrecognized Logins" option nor you need the same device.

Monitor NowView Demo

With this tool, you can monitor the person’s Facebook activity in real-time. In simpler words, if they are talking to someone, you will see the complete conversation for the same. There is no way that they will come to know about your spying/monitoring on them. It’s like you have the master Facebook hacker password using which you can spy on their account. There is a lot more you can do with this tool such as spy on other social accounts, spy on their phone’s camera, capture screenshots, etc. but that’s a topic of another day. Right now, let’s concentrate on How to Bypass Facebook Login Notification.

Enough with the saying, you surely might be wondering about the exact steps you need to follow, right? So, here we are with the same thing.

How to Bypass Facebook Login Notification with KidsGuard Pro?

At first, you will have to set up the tool before you move on to access the Facebook account. Don’t worry, there is nothing technical about it and almost anyone can do it.

Step 1. Create an account

You will need to create an account at KidsGuard Pro. You can head over to ClevGuard to do that.

sign up an account

Step 2. Install the app on the target phone

Now, you will have to install the app on the target’s android phone (this is the only hard thing). Thereafter, you will have to enter the details to complete the setup. Don’t worry, it will hardly take 3 to 5 minutes. The app will disappear from the menu after you install it. KidsGuard Pro will run on stealth mode. So, it’s undetectable.

download kidsguard pro from

complete installation

Step 3. Go to your dashboard

Once you are into the account, you can follow the next steps to bypass Facebook login. (You will also get the answer to “How to bypass the Facebook password?”).

  • Login to your account at KidsGuard Pro.

  • Head over to Social Apps > Facebook from the menu.

  • You will directly see real-time usage and activity.

  • If you want to see other messages, you can also head over to Social apps > Messenger to see the complete messages.

  • There is a search and filtering option to help you see the exact message that you want.


The app has various other features that you can use. You can check a complete demo here to learn more.


  • Get complete access to someone’s Facebook account and they will never know.

  • Bypass Facebook login notification, email, and password.

  • Not just Facebook tracking/spying app, but a complete phone monitoring app.


  • Not a free solution, but just $8.32 for one month.

  • Need physical access to the phone for a couple of minutes. Once you setup the account, you are all set to spy on the account remotely. Thereafter, you will never need access to the person’s phone.

Monitor NowView Demo

Extra Tips: How Can I Stop Others From Logging into My Facebook Account?

1. Set or Change into a Strong Password

A strong password is at least 8 characters long and contains capital letters, small letters, numbers, and a special character. Also, you need to double check whether there are some people know your password, if so, you must change it immediately!

2. Open 2-Factor Authentication

You can turn it on by going to Security and Login. Facebook will ask for an OTP every time you log in. Whenever you log into your account from a new device, it will ask you to verify that device via a text message sent to your phone.

3. Add Email Verification Tokens Using a PGP Key

You can see the documentation of respective email provider. This encrypts your emails so that even if someone gains access to your account, they can't change the email and own it since they need to decrypt it with your key.

4. Click the "Log out Everywhere" Button

Go to Security and Login > Where you’ve logged in. You can log out from everywhere with one click. You should pretty much guarantee that if you did accidently log into your account somewhere, it will be signed out next time this person tries to access it.


To conclude, these are the three ultimate ways to bypass Facebook login notification. The best method you can use would be KidsGuard Pro. This is because once you do the setup, you can monitor every activity on someone's mobile phone. Lastly, make sure you secure your account with the given tips.


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